Syria: Geneva Conference and a Transitional Government in Syria

Posted: July 1, 2012 in International
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On Saturday (06/30/2012), the “new” Syrian contact group has debated for several hours about Syria, again without the participation of Syrians.

This Syrian “contact group” has debated in Geneva in order to submit a final document at the end, that likely does not pleases all participants, but that is nevertheless supported in its main elements and statements, more or less, by all the participating great powers, including Turkey, and by the present representatives of the Arab League (AL), which is no real surprise.

Of course, it is questionable, how intensively they will try to implement the agreed goals. By the end of the year, a way for a political transition in Syria should be implemented. How the participants have agreed in Geneva, an interim government for Syria should be created in the capital Damascus, and an unity government with parts of the government and the opposition. It was not clearly formulated which parts of the Syrian “opposition” should be involved in the “new” Syrian government.

After long negotiations in Geneva by the new Syrian “contact group”, which is only a new version of the “Friends of Enemy” (Enemies of Syria), all passages in the plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan were deleted which requested the immediately withdrawal of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as well as passages that would have justified an externally forced transitional government.

Russia remained at its stance and insisted that the Syrian people have to decide for themselves who should finally be able to decide over the fate of the country and its people in this unity government. The passages, which should exclude the persons, who allegedly do not work in favor of a credible transition process, were also deleted. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains at his post, if that gets confirmed by the Syrians.

To get to know the will of the Syrian people, Russia has again reiterated the importance of free and fair elections, during which the Syrians are able to decide their own future and the future of Syria.

U.S. Secretary of State and AIPAC-favorite, Hillary Clinton, has foamed with rage once again about the attitude of Russia and Russia’s insistence on the deletion of the passages that have requested the withdrawal of the Syrian President al-Assad. After all, it is her stated goal to overthrow Assad as quickly as possible.

In Geneva, Hillary Clinton has missed another opportunity to finally succeed in her intentions and interests. Afterwards, at a press conference, Hillary Clinton stated accordingly provocative and offended, that these deletions of the passages in the new Annan Plan do not matter. Very “democratic”, Mrs. Clinton. Situation normal, all fucked up! Clinton has spoken.

Finally, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also explained that the Syrian President would disappear one way or another, because he has blood on his hands and would therefore not be accepted by the population. That is again another lie by Hillary Clinton. The majority in Syria still backs the President and his finally started reform process.

It is interesting how such persons, considering she is the U.S. Secretary of State, are able to lie so cheeky while the world knows that it is a lie. It is not the situation that the German, French, British, and American administrations would not know what is the truth, they know it, but the truth does not work in favor for their questionable goals and dubious intentions.

A Counter question to Mrs. Clinton: How much blood do you have on your hands? A lot in the eyes of many; thus we urge you to step down, and urge of the allegedly democratic leaders of the Western governments, that your deeds will be judged by a general independent court, by the help of all disclosed documents of the U.S. administration about the last 20 years.

We guess that the U.S. population would be really shocked, when they hear about the results of this investigation. When the assessment of who has blood on his hands would actually decide about the positions of government leaders, Hillary Clinton would be history, in addition to the most of her colleagues.

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a cold angel of death, full of lies, who openly admits the support of Syrian terrorists and Islamists in collaboration with Saudi Arabia and Qatar in front of the cameras, to ensure that Syria continues to sink further in chaos and blood. After the recent years, one could state, that this seems to express the course of foreign policy of the United States.

Where do the weapons, finances and military resources such as satellite phones and other spy- and war devices come from? All these things that help these armed militias and religious fanatics in their armed guerrilla struggle against the Syrian army?

U.S. General Secretary of Lies, Hillary Clinton, haunts further poison, and has announced once again, that she wants to boost a decision about the avocation of Chapter VII (Article 7) at the UN Security Council (UNSC), which finally serves the implementation of “peace” in Syria at all costs.

This Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter sets out the UN Security Council’s powers to maintain peace. This Article / Chapter VII allows the UN Security Council (UNSC) to “determine the existence of any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression” and to take military and nonmilitary action to “restore international peace and security”. Of course, this Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter was and is very helpful for the intentions of the United States and can, considering some events, easily be misused for these aims.

But in all her snarl and snort, Hillary Clinton, AIPAC`s favorite, has faded out the position of Russia and China in her hypocritical announcement. Both states, Russia and China, are totally against an external interference in Syria, and this for good reasons. One had enough opportunities in the past few years to see and to notice, what becomes of countries in which the U.S. has put one foot in in order to deliver their aims, opinions, goods and democracy to the population of these countries.

Sadly, only death, chaos and more destabilization, the destruction of the country, had arrived together with the United States – as it can be seen in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and many more countries, in relation to the last 50 – 60 years.

Mr. Kofi Annan said in the press conference that he hopes that there are not only people in Syria, who have blood on their hands. He assessed the meeting in Geneva about Syria as positive and productive and is now hoping for their success, although he really should know better. In order to grant the success it is necessary, according to his statement, to have a contact group, which drives the political process, in and for Syria. It is questionable whether the conference of this new Syrian “contact group” in Geneva can really get rated as a positive step.

It showed once more the opposing views of Russia and the United States about Syria, and not only about this sovereign and secular state in the Middle East. America is committed to pull Moscow to the sides of the United States, but it does not seem that the United States will succeed in this aim. If the United States would succeed in this, the future of Syria would be sealed. Then, there would be no uniform Syria anymore, but a region, divided into different zones, similar to the constellation in the Balkans.

The foreign “opposition” for Syria, this means, the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, Turkey, said (as always) before the start of these negotiations in Geneva about Syria, that there is no place for people in the Syrian government who have blood on their hands (that means, that there is also no space for the “SNC” in the Syrian government, because it supports the violent struggle within Syria and thus, has blood, a lot of blood, on its hands), and the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) also said, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad must be punished, let alone that he should be allowed to retain a post in the Syrian government, leadership.

For the representatives of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), in which the most members are also supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis (Salafists), a Syrian government with the “butcher” al-Assad is no choice at all.

The attitude of the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), finally a puppet of the interests of the Gulf States and the West, remains the same. This attitude resulted in Syria only in the fact that the violence increased, and above all, that the ceasefire was never really a solution, because a real ceasefire is no benefit for the aims of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), thus both were and are more interested to continue the armed struggle against the Syrian leadership and the Syrian army. The question who finally benefits, should always lead to the correct results.

If the members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are so insistent, that the people who are guilty to massacre the women and children, are held to account, they explain their own judgment in the same phrase and time.

As it was already proven many times now, many brutal massacres were committed by the hands of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or other armed radical groups, which work as underlings of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), and finally as underlings of Western interests; Not to mention the intentions of the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which have a lot of blood on their hands.

The “Syrian conference” in Geneva showed once again how much the United States is keen to remove the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia remains true to its line, and continues to demand the non-interference in Syrian affairs, while Moscow also repeatedly criticized the Syrian government, because the reforms take too much time in the opinion of Russia.

But reforms are not easy in times like this and especially to implement reforms which are sensed by the majority population, are hard to implement, also considering the hypocritical sanctions of the West, which mainly harm the Syrian population – what was and is known by the Western governments.

Nevertheless, it cannot be decided from the outside, especially not with violence, about the fate of the Syrians, not over their heads. Whether the issue of financing and arming of militias and Islamists within Syria was mentioned at the “Syrian conference” in Geneva is unclear. There are no new statements about this important and awful violation of human rights by some Gulf States, Germany, United States, also Turkey and France as well as Britain. Not to mention parts of Jordan and Lebanon.

Of course, this topic should have been a major issue in the conference of this new “Syrian contact group” in Geneva, because this support with arms and ammo for unknown strangers, militias, religious fanatics and mercenaries in Syria is working totally contrary to the allegedly goals of the West.

This financial support for militias and the support with modern weapons, ammo and other devices threaten the lives of many Syrians. This arms smuggling by the help of foreign governments prevent a return to a safe life for the Syrian people, prevents political steps and also works against to the decrease of the violence in Syria, of course.

After the last years, it is still questionable, where the Western states, led by the United States, take the right to determine the future of a sovereign state and to implement a puppet government, a puppet regime, which is subordinated to the Western interests.

This year, elections have already taken place in Syria. Elections where the first time more registered parties have taken part. Of course, it is questionable if these elections were elections for the democratic understanding of the West, but considering the last sixteen months, the question rises, if these Western states are really that democratically.

Just like the German expert for affairs in the Middle East, Mr. Meyer, has said in a recent interview about the situation in Syria, these elections are a sign for the willingness of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to accept changes in the country and to even boost them further, despite the current horrible situation and the foreign meddling by imperialists. Finally, there is no other word for this.

In the new Syrian government, there are also representatives of the internal Syrian opposition now, and that is exactly where it should be taken up. This new Syrian government should be given time to prove themselves. The negotiations in Geneva shoot the bolt more than they were helpful for a policy development process in Syria, because it is determined from the outside, above the heads of the majority of the Syrian people.

There is even the threat, considering that a “regime change” in Syria was successfully implemented by abroad, Assad is gone or even killed, that a “counter revolution” would take place; this time a possible huge resistance against the puppet regime of West and the Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Thus, the people in Syria should decide about their future and some would say that the majority has already decided about their future in the last elections.

The implementation of the steps, agreed in Geneva, to establish a unity government for Syria is unclear, but not only this. Equally unclear is how they want to enforce it, especially when the gunmen and the armed Islamist militias are never made accountable and still receive weapons and ammo by foreign powers.

In Geneva, there was no word about whether members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) will be involved in this unity government in the Syrian capital Damascus, although it is clear that the Muslim Brothers and Salafists (Salafis) of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) will not really take part in it. To be honest, this construction related to the results of this conference in Geneva about Syria seems to be already doomed to fail.

The positive statements and attitude by the UN-Arab League (AL) envoy Kofi Annan in front of the journalists after the end of this Geneva conference on Syria remain further doubtful. The credibility and independence of Mr. Kofi Annan is to put into question.

Considering the private statements of some UN observers in Syria, not mentioned by name, as already stated yesterday, let conclude, that it is still a dirty game and that the West, including Turkey and the Gulf States, are not really interested in a peaceful solution for the Syrian people.

  1. Hillary Clinton is turning this into a one woman war, just like the one between George Bush and Saddam Hussein. She has ordered the killing of Ghadaffi and Osama Bin Laden and we have seen her watching live footage of their deaths (as we are told). Now she is determined to GET Bashar Al Assad no matter what. Once again she is threatening more violence, if he does not step down, which proves she is behind the violence. This woman is a cold blooded murderer with the blood of every Syrian killed in on her hands.

  2. Souri says:

    Russia possesses “objective observation data” concerning the downing of a Turkish jet off the Syrian coast one week ago and is prepared to present it, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference in Geneva on Saturday.

    “We have our objective observation data and we are prepared to present it,” Lavrov said.

  3. Souri says:

    Proving that the West’s Syrian preoccupations have nothing to do with expressed noble motives of democracy and civilian welfare, the Conference of Friends (sic) of the Syrian People is preparing a plan to pillage the economy upon occupation. In grand colonial tradition, a Working Group, co-presided by the Emirates and Germany, is studying how to share the spoils after Syria is vanquished. NATO and the CCG are “counting their chickens before they’re hatched”.

  4. brian says:

    this whole idea is autocratic not democratic

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