Syria: Kofi Annan wants a transitional government for Syria

Posted: June 30, 2012 in International
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Last Wednesday, gunmen in Damascus perpetrated an attack on the Syrian TV station al-Ikhbariya (al-Ekhbariya). Thereby, three journalists and four technicians were killed, the Syrian TV station, the office, was destroyed.

The assassination of the Syrian journalists and the attack on the Syrian TV channel has triggered outrage in Syria. But as mentioned here, the reaction (no reaction) of international media was not only a shame, but also a unique sign for the one-sided values in the West. Syrian journalists and the government condemned the attack quite rightly. But as mentioned, almost nothing was heard, nothing really reported in the NATO countries about the horrible attack on journalists in Syria.

While one still can remember the outcries in the world as foreign journalists became the victims of the situation, Western media not even took the time to mention the names of the murdered journalists, who were killed by the Western-backed radicals and religious fanatics.

These assassinated Syrian journalists tried to provide a counterweight to the Gulf States propaganda by al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera. A lot of Syrians would say that these killed journalists delivered the truth, although the truth is always the first victim in times like these. But as the German Middle East expert Mr. Günter Meyer has mentioned in his recent interview, the truth is also already a huge victim in the Western media coverage about the situation in Syria. Sure, not really surprising.

NATO tries everything to spread the desired representation about the situation in Syria, just as it is already known from NATO – remember and think of Kosovo, Iraq, and Libya as examples. One of the steps was to exclude the Syrian channel from Arabsat and Nilesat.

One can read about these steps for a successful “regime change” in another country in the so-called  “unconventional warfare” manual of the United States, in which one can also read how important it is to silence the media of the enemy. The attack on the Syrian channel in the capital Damascus was just another step along the way, to silence the voices from Syria, which do are representing the interests of NATO.

The goal is clear: They want to remove the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Nothing has really changed. Therefore, the West and especially the so-called “Syrian opposition” outside the country, which differs a lot from the internal Syrian opposition, is searching for ways and means to present Bashar al-Assad as an awful monster which immolates his own people, in order to save himself.

Who puts up some resistance against this one-sided representation, which is sure false, because the situation within Syria is not just black and white, must be cleared away. Who puts up some resistance and shows how aggressive and devious these brutal armed men, these Islamists, Salafists, criminals and Western-backed mercenaries are, must be cleared away. Finally, one does not want to risk that a critical reflection and rethinking will occur.

In the war against adversary, NATO or their vassals again and again resort to violence against journalists and pro-government TV / media stations, as the recent history of the last 20 years has confirmed this awful strategy already.

One just wants to reach by all means, that the truth does not penetrate to the outside. Rather than to condemn the death of these Syrian journalists, the European Union (EU) had nothing else to do than to enforce their hypocritical sanctions against, among others, this Syrian TV station. Long live the freedom of opinion and the press freedom, which is entered by the NATO countries with feet.

After the attack on the Syrian TV channel al-Ikhbariya on Wednesday, a bomb exploded again in the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday, near the Palais de Justice. Three people were injured, many cars wrecked. The violence on the part of the armed gangs, the so-called “Syrian rebels”, continues to increase.

The armed gangs, whose brutal actions normally will not be criticized by the West, still receive a huge financial support by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Among other things, these gangs of religious fanatics, jihadists, criminals and mercenaries are also still upgraded with the most modern weapons and Turkey is far away to be an innocent lamb.

Not to mention parts of the Lebanese government, Jordan, the West in general, the United States and even Georgia. As mentioned, there are rumors that the US ships weapons to the armed insurgents in Syria (CIA is in South Turkey) over “middlemen” in Georgia. All cruel and horrible attacks, which these armed Islamists and criminals commit for NATO in Syria, are mainly turned upside down and the Syrian government gets held responsible for these crimes. Of course, the government in Damascus is not to absolve from its guilt.

But presenting the leadership in Damascus as the only evil is definitely wrong and leads to the expansion of the chaos and violence in Syria. However, that’s what one wants to reach, because they want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from his “throne” – with the help of any means.

That Russia is again and again stressing, that the Syrians within Syria have to decide about their fate themselves, is simply ignored or gladly overlooked. These statements by Moscow do not receive the necessary importance from the allegedly democratic West.

While in Syria, the violence continues to rise and the armed jihadists, religious fanatics and different militias even use hostages as human shields (e.g. Homs / Agenzia Fides), the politicians and slaves of the United States and of imperialism, try by every means to walk their way further and to find a hypocritical solution from the outside, which they want to impose on Syria.

Although the government in Damascus repeatedly has emphasized to maintain the six-point plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, all other “parties” have apparently deviated from this plan. Not to mention that the so-called armed opposition forces within Syria, partly also motivated by religious misdirection, have never really cared about the ceasefire in Syria.

There was and is a good reason for it, because the ceasefire and the six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan is counterproductive to the real aims of this external opposition, e.g. based in Istanbul, and the armed wing, e.g. the so-called and useful “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

After all, he liked it so especially of the foreign non-Syrian opposition, which emphasizes repeatedly advised not to negotiate or to be temporary solutions, unless clearly required Assad’s resignation will be implemented. Thereby, it is exactly this side that Syria continuously draws into the spiral of violence.

Think of the Syrian city of Homs and the rescue attempts by the International Red Cross and Syrian Red Crescent (also mentioned by Agenzia Fides). NATO media have only reported, that about 1,000 families are trapped in the Syrian city Homs and that they cannot be rescued because the Syrian army would repeatedly reopen the fire on the rescuers. This is not the truth.

Meanwhile, it is silent about the trapped Syrian civilians, sure because the real situation refuses the questionable representation by NATO media and thus, because of some voices (e.g. Agenzia Fides), it is no more useful and easy to use for propaganda purposes against Syria.

It seems the reporting about the trapped civilians in the Syrian city of Homs has stopped in Western media because they cannot admit the real situation. These Western editorial offices cannot report about the fact that the gunmen keep Syrian families as hostages and use them as human shields against the rescue attempts of the Syrian army.

Western mass media refuses the coverage of the real events in Homs, because the armed radical Salafi gangs, religious fanatics and criminals open fire on the helpers of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent. This is truly biased and a significant sign for the duties of propaganda within these editorial offices.

Western media does not report about the failed rescue attempts of the families in Homs, which were made several times with the support of the authorities and the government, but were interrupted again and again, because the Western-backed armed men would kill the hostages otherwise.

The rescue workers were repeatedly fallen into the fire of the armed men. The rescue operations were not successful until now, but this is not really mentioned in the Western mainstream media. Just because of the reason that the Western-backed “Syrian rebels” prevent the rescue of the Syrian civilians in Homs? Why should they report it? After all, it does not answer the purposes of the West, to report about events which are not useful for the overthrow of the Syrian government in Damascus and the Syrian President al-Assad.

Although it was long in question, but this weekend, the meeting of the new “Syrian contact group” about Syria will take place in Geneva. But what is striking is that the supposedly new “Syrian Contact Group” for Syria is just a poor imitation of the so-called “Friends of Syria” group, which was (and is) in reality a group of enemies of Syria. Again, all the parties take part, which have no real interest in a political dialogue, but only ruminate the one and same claim again and again, in the attempt to overthrow Assad.

Even the UN-Arab League (AL) envoy, Kofi Annan, has now quite obviously jumped on this train, because he said, that they wanted to use the meeting in Geneva to establish a transitional government that will take over the command in Syria. What a farce.

And all this, while some UN Observers in Syria speak a different truth in private talks than the UN tries to sell. Of course, the most, let`s say all, are not willing to speak about this in public. It would ruin their lives or even threaten their families. Not to mention that it seems to be the same situation as with the observers of the Arab League. Qatar had ultimately buried the truth.

Thereby, Kofi Annan has also expressed that all the forces, that undermine the credibility of the transition and jeopardize the reconciliation process should be excluded. Very democratic.

Of course, Western media have used this statement like usually. Western media applied this statement by Kofi Annan only on the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, although Kofi Annan in general (and hopefully, although it sounds biased somehow) also has spoken about the Syrian “opposition” side, and above all, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), when he has expressed it.

The Foreign Minister of the United States, France, Britain, China, and Russia but also other counterparts from the EU and Turkey, will meet in Geneva this weekend. Also the UN-Clown, the so-called UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, is not interested to miss the new sharpening of the blades and the saber rattling against Syria and has thus announced his participation at this meeting in Geneva.

Instead of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait will attend the meeting as representatives of the Arab League (AL). Hallelujah! The participation of Iran, which was proposed by Russia, was skillfully prevented mainly by the United States. One does not want to get those at the table, which still strengthen the back of the Syrian President al-Assad and his government in Damascus. Thus, every blind can already see that this new “Syrian Contact Group” is just another version of the “Friends of Syria”, the enemies of Syria.

Of course, the Syrian government side is also not invited. In former times, foreign policy was different, but probably only because men of policy had bigger balls and have even talked with enemies. Not that the results were always better but talks are more important than sanctions, which only, in contrast to the propaganda of the EU and UN, do harm the population.

The United Nations (UN) prefers negotiations with the Islamists council in Istanbul, Turkey, the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), and has huge hopes to finally succeed in changing the stance of Russia on this weekend. In order that Moscow changes its stance on Syria and finally takes the side of NATO.

Syria and Iran are not invited, that means that there is only one more meeting in where Syria has no chance to take a position. It is prevented willfully. Nobody can expect solutions which really work. The German expert of Middle Eastern affairs, Mr. Günter Meyer, was correct with his opinion about this meeting.

It now remains to be seen whether Annan will come through with the establishment of a transitional government for Syria, although the majority in Syria will not accept this, they still support the President and the reform process.

Probably not, because in all the debates and negotiations in which Syria is not involved, it always is decided over the heads of the Syrians; who more and more join the side of Assad, at least, since the latest outbreak of violence and hope, that he will somehow lead the country out of the crisis.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said in his recent speech that Syria will not allow that sides from the outside do meddle in internal Syrian affairs. The Syrians within the country must decide about their future. Most crucially is, however, that the support and the upgrade of the militias and groups of Islamists, criminals and mercenaries is abandoned. As long as this does not happen, no new ideas of Annan will have success.

In advance of the negotiations, the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, had again announced that they do not accept a transition, which does not include the resignation of the Syrian President al-Assad. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which has absolutely no majority in Syria, shows its true colors again. These members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists (Salafis), and embittered Exile-Syrians do not care about the Syrian population and are just a useful tool for other intentions.

It is clearly questionable, what the negotiations in Geneva will bring in the end. Some would already call it a further propaganda-meeting. Whether it will be easy to implement and to establish a transitional government and to rule Assad out, is more than just questionable.

If the interim government will be set up, it is also abroad and not in Syria; and also not accepted by the majority of the Syrian people. Another farce. Considering the statements by Hillary “AIPAC” Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, and other war criminals, the aims about Syria are still clear. Of course, Hillary Clinton wants to “influence” Moscow at the meeting in Geneva in order that Russia, Putin, will change its stance.

Even if Russia actually advocates for change in Syria, however, the Russian leadership, however, wants no change from the outside. Sergey Lavrov has emphasized the Russian position once again in Geneva. While the partly questionable democrats will meet in Geneva, Turkey has mobilized troops and tanks on the border with Syria, but Syria did the same meanwhile.

Also villages of Alawis are surrounded by Turkish tanks now, because the Ottoman Erdogan, knows that South Turkey is a difficult area if Turkey starts an intervention, a war against Syria. Not to mention that parts of the Turkish army are not happy about this policy of Erdogan.

It is sure questionable whether Turkey will once again be the trigger for a war in the region, similar to the invasion of America in Iraq. Although the Syrian President Bashar al Assad has said in his last speech that he would not have heard anything that suggested an attack, but he also mentioned that Syria is aware that there are forces who are working in order to achieve an (military) intervention.

Whether intervention or not, it is a fact that there already foreign mercenaries in Syria and that foreign Intelligence support the armed militias in their fight against the Syrian leadership and army. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) again supports Islamists. And so also some Secret Services in Europe, no question. This violent policy of double standards will be counterproductive in some time. Afghanistan has already confirmed this result for such a “policy”.

If Assad will not step down voluntary, the tactics of the West will remain and drive Syria further into an internal war that paralyzes the country and ultimately breaks it.

The future of Syria is unclear. One can only hope that it will not end like Iraq or Libya. The so-called democratic Western governments should finally start to care about the Syrian population and to stop the weapons shipments completely. But it will not happen. Thus, there is still an open end.

  1. Souri says:

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  2. Souri says:

    “The United Nations delay the initiation of Geneva Conference due to disputes among participants”

  3. Souri says:

    The Russian delegation to Geneva has announced meanwhile that Moscow will not change its position to Syria.

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    Annan: Russia, West agree on transition government for Syria — RT

  5. brian says:

    Thierry Meyssan about the destruction of Al-Ikhbariya television June 30, 2012

    Meysaan says US and EYU prevent syrian TV from being transmitted into these regimes…bet you didnt know that!

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