Syria, Turkey and Russia: The Phantom of the Stealth Fleet

Posted: June 29, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Turkish newspaper Hurriyet Daily News wrote on 26 June:

“There are currently two Russian ships and a Russian frigate was in Latakia harbor,” Masum Turker, leader of the Democratic Left Party (DSP) said today in an interview with TV8. “One of them, Admiral Chabanenko, has the technology to detect th e slightest action in the air.”

Masum Türker said that the Russian warship Admiral Chabanenko (Udaloy class destroyer) hit the Turkish jet that went down on June 22nd.

Mr. Türker said thereby, not the Syrians, but the Russians had downed the Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter jet. So the Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter jet was not brought down by the shore with an antiaircraft gun, but by a ship. Masum Türker for his part refers to his well-known diplomats and employees of foreign intelligence.

This is getting more interesting.

Would this information come from a joke figure of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), the Syrian “opposition”, including Ghalioun and Sieda, this information would not be worth a damn.

But Masum Türker is a slightly different size. He is regarded as a disciple and heir of Mustafa Bülent Ecevit. Against the background of several electoral defeats of the CHP (Republican People’s Party /  Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi – ie, the Kemalists), on whose course this party remained in a kind of rigidity, the DSP of Masum Türker meanwhile claim the role of a platform for all political forces in Turkey, who take position against a “Neo-Ottomanism” (“Yeni Osmanlıcılık” – The so-called “Neo-Ottomanism” is a national Turkish political ideology that in its broadest sense, promotes greater engagement with areas formerly under the known Ottoman Empire; the recollection of Ottoman values.)

In contrast to the pro-American tandem Erdogan-Gül, Masum Türker has a fairly tepid relationship to the Americans, instead, orients even more towards the European Union (EU). And unlike the neo-Ottoman forces, he could be more successful to achieve this goal even better than these, should his party at some point play a major role in the Turkish government,

In other words, the source is already quite serious, there is no muckraker, no scandal, and there are no extremist spinners, but a politician who has some ambitions, and a person who usually takes care about his reputation.

If he has something to announce, he first looks into the direction of Brussels.

From what he says, this would be the conclusion:

  1. Russia has already brought itself in the conflict and Moscow has committed an “unfriendly”, if not even hostile action, against Turkey.
  2. So… thus, Russia has dulled the NATO.

    However, Erdogan, and so that official Washington, hides this fact from the public, and this after the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

  3. Syria laminated the Russian “sin”

  4. The United States render with their tacit approval their part of the support for this concealment.

Whether this information complies with the facts, is in the current situation in and around Syria, not even superficial.  It is more important, that it does exist.

So, how can one rate the aggressiveness of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan against Syria?

Supported by the NATO allies, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned the Syrian armed forces on Tuesday that they should not occupy the border area with Turkey, because they would otherwise have to expect a military response from Turkey, against any identifiable threat.

As expected, the above statement by Masum Türker (no matter how accurate the information was, that were communicated to him) is a message from the remaining anonymous, but with emphasis mentioned “high-level military personnel (brass)” to the Premier.

That means, this is a message from the Turkish army, which had to bear the  inappropriate antics of Mr. Erdogan with moans and groans on the backs of their castes- and clan ethics; right up to the abolition of the Turkish constitutional-clause on the “special role of the armed forces in life of society”, descending from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk – in anticipation of the fact, that Erdogan will give Turkey finally the opportunity to exercise a special influence in the region of Southern Caucasus to Egypt, just as in former times the Sublime Porte (Ottoman Porte).

Considering the aggressive statements by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, he has understood this message.

In fact, he calls on Syria, to relinquish the control over the border area, and thus to allow the mass invasion of the Ankara-trained paramilitaries in a “buffer zone”.

Otherwise … “Tremble before the wrath of the Turks!” (Quote)



  1. Souri says:

    ‎”Syria urges all countries to cooperate in order to implement the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, and calls for taking the necessary measures to prevent and stop the financing of any terror acts against Syria launched from lands of neighboring countries and not to provide a safe haven to those who plot for the terrorist acts,”

    Bashar al-Jaafari

  2. antifo says:

    US, Russia discuss Syria ahead of Geneva talks

    Lavrov issued a more hopeful statement after the meeting.
    “I have felt a change in my colleague Hillary Clinton’s position in a way that I heard no ultimatums, nothing was said about that paper (the Annan plan) being absolutely unchangeable,” Lavrov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying.

  3. Souri says:

    In Turkish media it is leaked that the U.S. Secret Service has apparently tracked the downing of the Turkish fighter jet in the Syrian air space.

  4. antifo says:

    Doubts Cast on Turkish Account of Jet Incident

    The U.S. intelligence seconds the Syrian version of the incident.

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