Syria: Reactions to the assassinations of the Syrian journalists

Yesterday, we have reported about the murder of the Syrian journalists and the parallels to the war of NATO in Libya. How are now the reactions of the “international community journalists”, when people, real colleagues, were blown in a Syrian television station to pieces?

The reactions of those journalists, who report so outraged, that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would allegedly “bombarded his own people”?


The EU is silent about the dead journalists and about the attack on the media. The EU foreign ministers have announced, by your leave, this moronic sentence:

“As long as the violence continues, the EU will continue to impose sanctions against the regime”, said the EU foreign policy-representative Catherine Ashton.


The newspapers are silent. The “human rights activists” stay silent. The German Foreign Minister is silent.


The state media stay silent, also the yellow press, and the press of the big business say nothing. Also the association of writers, the German Association of Journalists, stays silent and says nothing. However, this association had demanded the following in a letter in February 2011 from the Arab States:

“Prevent attacks – no matter if it is committed by a party or group – against correspondents. The government of your country is responsible for the safety of the journalists. Fulfill this responsibility!”

The DJV letter was sent to the ambassadors of Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Kuwait, and Oman.

(Information: The German Journalists Association (DJV) – Union of Journalists is the largest organization of journalists in Europe, with headquarters in Berlin. It has about 38,000 members. National chairman since 2003 is the journalist Michael Konken, Ulrike Kaiser is the deputy national chairman since 2007. Federal Executive is the lawyer Kajo Dohring. From 1989 to 1998, Hermann Meyn was chairman of this German Journalists Association (DJV). The German Journalists Association (DJV) is a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).)

One gets the impression that freedom and human rights only applies to the journalists from the West and not for the Arabic journalists, which are killed by the West or its hangers-on.

Nevertheless, they are annoyed, quite rightly, by the call for murder by Islamists (Salafists) against German journalists. But why the murdered Syrian counterparts are not worth a word, let alone protest, is hard to understand, this might be only explained with political adaptation.


Syrian journalists and the government are outraged. The Syrian journalists of Al-Ikhbariya said that this massacre of their colleagues will not keep them away from reporting of the truth about the events within Syria.

Syrian Information Minister al-Zoubi:

The massacre on journalists and against a free TV channel is a direct application of the decision of the Council of the Arab League, in order to stop the programs of the Syrian TV by force.

The last sanctions against Syria by the EU from Tuesday were immediately implemented at the expense of journalists and civilians.

The EU/UN Security Council, the UN observers, the UN Secretary-General of the UN Human Rights Council, the Secretary General of the Arab League, and the foreign minister, are partners in this crime and they should take responsibility.

The director of the al-Ikhbariya (al-Ekhbariya) TV channel, Imad Sarah said that the massacre was an attack on the entire national media and an attack against another opinion.

The National Media Council of Syria condemned this violence in all forms.  It also denounced the sanctions of the EU countries against the Syrian Television and said that they finalize them by cowardly acts against the Syrian media.

Blameful are the double standards of German journalists, colleagues.



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