Syria: NATO has journalists on its conscience

War in the country and in the ether

The hot war is always prepared with a war against the heads. Also the war against Iran and Syria.

On June 2, the Arab League has closed Arabsat and Nilesat satellites for the Syrian state television, in order that the NATO propaganda of the Qatari ruler channel Al Jazeera and also Al Arabiya are not exposed by the facts of the Syrian side.

War against Journalists

Yesterday morning on 27 June 2012, the Syrian TV station al-Ikhbaryia was attacked.

Security forces, technicians, and three journalists from the television station, near the capital Damascus, were killed. The installation was completely destroyed by explosives. This approach bears the hallmarks of the work of NATO and its mercenaries.  It has, under an overall view of the situation, clear parallels to the war in Libya.

The Libya-Scenario

On 30 July 2011, NATO has among other things bombed the Libyan TV channel Al-Jamahiriyar (Al-Jamahiriya), and killed the present journalists.

NATO said at the time blatantly, that they had to bomb the TV station, because it had broadcasted “terrorist programs”. UNESCO complained to the NATO about the attack on the TV station.

The German journalists from the German state media ARD and ZDF concealed the international reaction to the murder of their Libyan counterparts, although Reuters also reported about it. ARD and ZDF journalists concealed the international reaction to the murder of their Libyan counterparts, even though Reuters reported.

The Director-General of UNESCO had sharply criticized the air strikes against the station Al-Jamahiriyar (Al-Jamahiriya):

“The Resolution 1738 (2006) of the UN Security Council condemns violence against journalists and media personnel. The air attacks do violate the principles of the Geneva Convention. To bring the media into silence is never a solution.” UNESCO, 2011

The attack on Libyan television, of course, did not happen due to an imaginary “terrorism programs” – one of the most grotesque propaganda terms which are invented by NATO to color their aggression.

Such actions are an integral part of psychological warfare and military preparations for an attack by NATO. Just 3 weeks after the bombing of the Libyan TV station, the invasion of Tripoli took place at night. It was a strategic advantage to the aggressor, that the state media was not able to inform the public about the specific location.

In addition, the people of Tripoli were misinformed about the situation by SMS (Short Message Service). (The background how the “psychological warfare” of NATO was able to get all the complete telephone numbers, will be disclosed later by the German blog)

One should also remember the details of the faked live coverage of the alleged conquest of the Green Square in Tripoli by Al Jazeera and Al Arabia, which was reproduced with poor extras, and which was rejected by the Trolls on duty.

Blasted & bombed Syrian TV station Ikhbaryia (Ekhbariya)
Blasted & bombed Syrian TV station Ikhbaryia (Ekhbariya)

Syrians, protect your equipment

The Syrian government has done its homework, as the downing of the Turkish fighter jet in Syrian airspace has shown.

It has ensured with foresight, that the airspace is defended safely. Now it is important to protect the strategic important radio and TV stations on the ground. They are important for times of war. The war takes place on the battlefield and also in the ether.

The Immorality of the phrase-mongers

The irresponsible mass of German corporate and government journalists doesn`t discuss about the death of their Syrian counterparts, they lower their heads, and further put the phrases from the NATO-lottery wheel together into unreadable texts. (In ever-changing sequence: a dictator, a rebel stronghold, own people, a tyrant, the Syrian massacre… – the Syrian report is finished, Google News happy.)

The attack on the Syrian counterparts of the German journalists, who work for the German state media ARD and ZDF, is not even worth to get reported. Of course, the semifinals of the European Football Championship between Germany and Italy are more important, as are the more propaganda against Syria, based on false information and lying.

Only over her dead body

Remember the uproar over the murder of the journalist and agent, Gilles Jacquier? Do you remember the feigned dismay over the death of the (FSA) embedded journalists Ochlik Remi and Marie Colvin, the woman with the eye patch, which were illegally operation in Syria?

Do you remember Paul Conroy and all the sentimal robber-pistols which were spread about him, about the friend of the Al Qaeda-torturer and killer of Tripoli, Belhadj?

Of course. Do you know the name of the Libyan and Syrian journalists? No?! Of course, you are not able to. Only what is swimming with the mainstream of NATO is vowed, broadcasted, regretted and decorated.

All that, what does not eat the food of the hand of NATO, has an unprotected game, is fair game. This is the Western expression and press freedom. They will stop at nothing.

The murder of the Syrian journalists of Al-Ikhbaryia is also the fault of the journalists in the West, who made themselves guilty by the spreading of the NATO propaganda, they are complicit.



4 thoughts on “Syria: NATO has journalists on its conscience

  1. The major powers – the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia, a key Assad ally – generally back the plan that will be discussed at a meeting of foreign ministers Annan has convened in Geneva on Saturday, they said.

    Annan’s blueprint says the interim government could include members of Assad’s government and opposition groups, but not officials “whose presence could harm the transition and jeopardise the credibility of the government or undermine efforts to bring reconciliation,” according to a summary given by one UN diplomat.

    “The language of Annan’s plan suggests that Assad could be excluded but also that certain opposition figures could be ruled out,” said a second UN diplomat.

    The diplomat stressed, however, that there was nothing in Annan’s document which automatically excluded Assad, who has been battling a 15-month-old uprising that activists say has left more than 15,000 dead.

    The plan is contained in a set of “Guidelines and Principles of a Syrian-led Transition” that Annan sent out to ministers who will be at Saturday’s meeting, diplomats said.

    1. MFA Russia ‏@MFA_Russia
      Sergey #Lavrov: Any leaks to the press from the draft report on the Annan plan are evidence of unscrupulous diplomatic practices

  2. The sources said that al-Nusra, which has recently carried out major bombings in Syrian cities, has been dealt painful blows by the Syrian intelligence agencies, reducing the strength and influence of the organization. In its place the Abdullah Azzam Brigades are growing.

    Al-Akhbar has learned that the Syrian intelligence services managed to infiltrate al-Nusra Front after the bombing of the intelligence headquarters in Deir Ezzor on 19 May 2012. The infiltrator helped the security forces to uncover several al-Nusra cells and identify a number of suicide attackers.

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