Syria should remain silent and simply die

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Sideviews
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Today, a serious attack against a TV station in Syria took place. The Arab League (AL) kills the freedom of information; its armed wing kills the people of Syria.

The attacks by the terrorists of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and al-Qaeda against the Syria`s media is the command execution of the decision by the Arab League to silence Syria.

The Arab League (ALI) had decided to stop the broadcasting of the Syrian channels on Arabsat and Nilesat – the murderer wants to silence his victims.

It must be too embarrassing for the warmongers, the king of Saudi Arabia, Qatar`s Emir, and the Turkish prime minister, that the majority in Syria still does not accept the desired foreign Wahhabi dictatorship, but, on the contrary, the majority of the Syrians still stand to their secular, religious tolerant republic, that stands with law and justice on its foots.

How much must the warmongers, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Westerwelle, suffer, that this rebellious Syrian people – after 16 months of war against children, women, men, after thousands of deaths, bombings, tattered oil pipelines, blown up houses, brutal massacres (al-Houla was only one peak), cowardly murders – still says NO in the majority against the plan, to make Syria to an enslaved backyard colony of the Saudis.  The pressure on decision makers to finally make Syria flat must be huge.

First, Syria is silenced, then the Syrians will be killed – that’s the plan for the benefit of al Qaeda-purchaser Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Three journalists and workers in the Syrian al-Ikhbaryia Satellite Channel were martyred Wednesday morning in a brutal terrorist attack by an armed terrorist group targeting the headquarters of al-Ikhbaryia.

The martyrs who were killed in the terrorist attack against al-Ikhbariya Channel are: Sami Abu Amin, Zaid Kahl and Mohammad Shamma.

The terrorists planted explosive devices in the headquarters of al-Ikhbaryia following their ransacking and destroying of the Satellite Channel studios, including the newsroom studio which was entirely destroyed.

al-Ikhbaryia Satellite Channel, an active Syrian media means in confronting misleading and misinformation campaigns, continued, however, its transmission regardless of the brutal terrorist attack. (Source: SANA)

The attack on the freedom of the media should be considered in the EU as actually very sensitive – but what happened? Nothing.

On the contrary, the EU uses sanctions against the Syrian media, in order to silence the Syrian media; very obedient to the line of the Arab terror states.

Only if no one can tell anymore the truth about the events in Syria, about the attacks by Turkey, the Americans and the despots of the Gulf, and only then, the final massacre will be committed, hidden before the eyes of the world.

That those, who always demand human rights, restrict their citizens’ right to freedom of information, and boost the war against Syria, including figures such as Westerwelle, Cameron and Clinton, is just a tasteless, bitter side product of the war against the Syrian people.


  1. helene matz says:

    i agree with this article different sets of rulles and moving the goalposts total opportunism and moronic warmongering for own gains

  2. Souri says:

    First video showing the explosions in Damascus today.

    الصور الاولية لتفجير مرآب القصر العدلي- المرجة – 28-06-2012

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