Syria / Turkey: Video shows moment when fighter jet was shot down

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Sideviews
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The following video was shot on the beach near the coastal city of Latakia, just in the moment as the Turkish F-4 fighter jet was shot down. One can see people who are at the coast to go swimming.

Then one is able to hear the shots of anti-aircraft guns, which are located in the vicinity, and the noise of a jet fighter / fighter jet in the sky.

The people on the beach then point to the sea and start to cheer, as they could obviously see the crash of the fighter jet.

Here is a close-up of the object just above the sea:

Turkish fighter jet crashed into the water

Turkish fighter jet crashed into the water

The video quality is not as good because it was spontaneously recorded with a cell phone camera. The authenticity of the video was already confirmed by Dr. Ali Mohamed (also a friend), the chief editor of the newspaper Syria Tribune.

He said that the video was leaked to him by a friend, who was in this tourist area in order to swim.  He also said that he knows the crew of the anti-aircraft battery, and they confirmed to him, that the Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter was shot down by flak and not by missile.

The Syrian territory, according to international law, extends 22 km out to sea. When one is able to shoot down the fighter jet with an anti-aircraft cannon from the shore, which only has a reach of more than 2.5 kilometers and when one is able to see from the beach how the downed fighter jet crashed into the water, then it is clear that the Turkish F-4 Phantom (or Q4) was inside the Syrian territory. (See this article)

In addition, Dr. Ali Mohamad has reported something further interesting. He thinks, that there could be a connection between the flight of the Syrian pilots Colonel Hassan al-Mirei Hamadeh to Jordan two days before and the downing of the Turkish F-4 fighter jet.

He thinks that perhaps the Jordanians have, with the help of the Americans, deciphered the friend / foe recognition of the Syrian air force, which could be possible because of the MiG-21, which was available for the analysis and the deserted pilot has even helped them.

The Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter jet had then the order by NATO to test the recognition of the Syrian Air defense, to see if they are able to enter Syrian airspace as a “friend”, without getting attacked by the Syrian Air defense.

That would have been an important test for a planned attack on Syria if they would have been able to deceive the Syrian Air defense system. It has obviously not worked well and the Turkish fighter jet was discovered and show down..

In any case it is at least an interesting view of events.

Here is the related video interview with Dr. Ali Mohamad and the “Syrian Girl”:



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