Syria: The play with fire on the powder keg

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Sideviews
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Somehow, modern wars probably have to start this way. Was really anyone seriously able to imagine in the year 1914, what could be the consequences of the assassination in Sarajevo? Probably not. One has to think about this when he looks at what is happening currently in the Syrian airspace.

It fits marvelously into the conflict situation. The Syrian opposition (at least the militant part of it) is doing everything possible to provoke a military intervention.

Some states demonstratively show their impatience, the Syrian government – largely isolated – responds defiantly. The public opinion gets targeted heated.

The fact is, until now: a – obsolete – Turkish military aircraft has violated Syrian air space and then it (SN: old Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter) flew back into international airspace.

The Syrian air defenses, hyper-nervous (one does not want to assume it different), has pulled through and shot down the jet fighter. They are currently searching together for possible survivors (probably with little success) and officially, they “regret” what has happened.

The tone of international diplomacy is getting sharper, sharper than it was already before. William Hague, Uri Rosenthal and – of course – Hillary Clinton – try to outdo each other in threats. China, Russia, and even the German Foreign Minister (that is the least important) try to contribute to the deliberateness.

What exactly happened, and why it has happened, will not be so quick to clarify. Quite possible that Syrian hardliners, whose heads are well served, when they can cut their hair, just wanted to show the flag. Military thinking makes people stupid, that is work-related.

On the other hand: a training flight with an old machine directly in the border region of Syria, in such a situation, without ulterior motives?

And if so, who had which ulterior motives then? One may well wonder whether the Turkish, and also the Syrian government, have still full control about their respective apparatuses.

Probably not! Without really knowing the background, it smells of provocation. The question is, who would have an interest in it? The Syrian government sure not, what could they win?

The fact is that the military-political offensive in order to topple the Assad regime is deadlocked, and is not able to get further with conventional means. To just blow off everything is also impossible. The targets in the Middle East are of strategic nature.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other reactionary Gulf States, but also the United States (less perhaps Israel, but because of Netanyahu / Lieberman, nobody can be sure), want to quickly change the strategic situation. Assad disturbs, and because of this, the one or the other can happen sometimes.

Gliwice, with best regards. (Gleiwitz incident)


  1. Souri says:

    Clashes at Republican Guards HQ near Damascus, reports of British forces in Syria — RT

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