Syria: The thoughts of a Syrian woman

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Sideviews
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An internal-Syrian look at the situation. Many reports on Syria. The Syrians, however, are not asked, unless one needs them as willing Claqueur for the U.S. / Saudi aggression against the Syrian nation.

First, I want to state: I am Syrian. Further, I support the process of reforms in my country, and abhor the terror of the Muslim Brotherhood (Syrian National Council, Free Syrian Army) and the terror of foreign insurgents against my people.

In this war, we Syrians were never asked until now, at least, not by those who constantly talk about “human rights as the basis of politics.”

Secondly, I would like to adhere at the beginning: I am not a paid agent of any government or government-related institutions, organizations and ‘think tanks’ and so on (which is indeed imputed, when there are no more arguments), but I am a freelancer and a free spirit.

Third, I am FOR the reform process of the President Bashar al-Assad and AGAINST the murderous terror of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (what a travesty) against my people. So I am also against the “regime change”-attempts of the United States, Turkey, Germany and the dictators of the Gulf States against my country.

This reform process transforms the once people’s democratic-socialist authoritarian Syria step by step towards a social market economy (governmental mandate since 2007), guaranteed civil liberties and civic participation (2011 local elections, 2011/12 Admission of new Parties, 2012 New Constitution: Break of the leading role of the Baath party, limiting the re-election of the President, civil rights …., 2012 general election, continuing the reform process).

If you now want to put on your ideological blinders: I wish you from my heart that it will never happen to you, what is currently being done against my people. Thank you and goodbye. May it never happen to you, what is happening in Syria:

Schools are bombarded by the “Free Syrian Army” with mortars, stormed and looted hospitals, people shot in front of their families, children abducted, raped, mutilated and are thrown somewhere.

Cowardly attacks with delayed-action bombs rip entire houses down, and bury dozens of people among themselves; cowardly suicide bombers are demanding the Blood Price of hundreds, as in Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib (Idleb). Weapons and killers are smuggled from Turkey, Iraq, and recently also smuggled by sea, to Syria, in order to give the murder-plans against the people more supplies.

Syria Unity

Syrian Unity

The “political head” of this bloody coup attempt is the “National Council” in Istanbul, among are convicted criminals, as well as representatives of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. The National Council, as it is wanted by your German government, in loyal following of the United States, shall overthrow the government in Syria and should even make itself to the new government.

So, your government wants that murderers, human traffickers, fraudsters, thieves and Islamists should be the new government in Syria? Thank you very much! It is claimed, that there is a “civil war” in Syria.

This notion is false. I have experienced the Lebanese Civil War 1975-1990. There, militias of various parties were fighting against each other and they have killed people.

In Syria, there is a war of domestic terrorists (that is how I call politically motivated murderers) of the Muslim Brotherhood, of infiltrated al-Qaeda fighters and foreign agents against the government and against the Syrian people. This is a subtle but important difference.

If it is claimed: “In Syria, the people are against Assad”, so I’m wondering which calculation skills are taught in your schools. Even if we extrapolate the number of inner-Syrian opposition, as they identify themselves through demonstrations, activities, internet propaganda, etc., to perhaps 100,000 people, so this is, confronting with a population of over 21 million, the minority.

I respect a political opposition to the president or the government. But it must be noted: the absolute majority of the Syrians is NOT behind the murderers – but wants reform and change on PEACEFUL ways.

And another thing: opposition is not legitimized by terror. There is a legitimate Syrian opposition, people who are committed to ensuring that policy is made in their favor. These people do not throw bombs, they don’t kill people, and they don`t pillage.

If we’re talking about Syria, we must have this in mind: the government, the president talks to the people, even with those that do not agree, but the government, the president stands up with all his might against the from the outside infiltrated terrorism against our people and their representatives. I think this is the chiefly duty of a government: to protect the citizens, the country, from violence.

I am very puzzled by the logic of many Germans: On one hand they distrust Islam, and condemn Islamist radicals, rightly so. On the other hand, they wish Syria, the ONLY Arab country with a secular order and a recognized religious freedom, the bloody overthrow and the rule by brutal Islamist ideologues…

This logic is adventurous and it’s bad, because the consequences of this policy by the German Federal Government, the Germans do not have to bear this, but for example, my family.

On the one hand, they think, they are enlightened liberal people; on the other hand, they believe blindly the easy to see through propaganda with fake pictures (e.g. pictures from Libya are sold as pictures from Syria, atrocities by al-Qaeda thugs are sold as atrocities of the Syrian army in order to disparage them, and so on…).

On the one hand, they support human rights, on the other hand, they judge, free of background information about Syria, its history and society, about people, which they do not know, and whose fate doesn`t concern them.

All this happens out of the safe and comfortable German television-chair (recliner). I don`t perceive this as neither enlightened nor as tolerant, and certainly not as intelligent. What keeps you and the United States away from the meddling in the affairs of other states, just as you would expect it for Germany?

Is the sovereignty of nations, which is enshrined in the UN Charter, not for Syria? One thing is certain, and that I address to the German Foreign Minister: Who pays and applauds assassins should certainly not judge others.


  1. antifo says:

    The general chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Badi’ Moussa:

    he is the one who said killing Alawite women and children was “allowed”

  2. Buck O'Fama says:

    Why is Syria waging war on America?
    Syria assisted Iran with it’s attack on the US Marines in 1983. That was an act of war. So when the USA starts bombing, you will know why.

    • Dear Buck,

      that`s just the half truth. First, Syria never took credit for it. Second, the U.S. has started it by invading Lebanon and killing Syrian soldiers. That was an act of war first and should be mentioned 🙂

    • antifo says:

      Buck, I understand you confess the U.S. is waging war against Syria.

      What do you think about the murder of three journalists and the bombing of al-Ikhbaryia TV station in Damascus by armed terrorist groups? Are you glad to see such heinous crimes being perpetrated?

      • Buck O'Fama says:

        You misunderstand. America IS NOT waging war against Islam. I’m saying we need to. It doesn’t matter where we start. Syria would do. Pakistan would be better. Iran best of all. America will eventually wage war on Islam. Muslims will leave us no choice. The sooner we start, the sooner we finish.

      • Souri says:

        But your Administration is meanwhile supporting Islamists; how do you explain this, Buck?

      • antifo says:

        I understand you’d like to see the U.S. join those, who fight against the political Islam, such as the muslim brotherhood. If the Obama administration would do this, it would not support the FSA-bandits. The U.S. would instead send military advisers to help Syria with fighting the terrorists.

  3. Souri says:

    Or here, I am sure American people dont want to support such thugs.

    Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches

    NATO-backed thugs desecrate places of worship

  4. Souri says:

    Syria: Attack on TV staff ‘worst massacre against journalism’ (PHOTOS)

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