Syria: Turkey convenes NATO emergency meeting for Tuesday

Posted: June 25, 2012 in International
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After the downing of the Turkish F-4 Phantom fighter jet in Syrian airspace, Turkey has now invoked NATO and asked for a meeting, just like it was to expect by the hypocritical Turkish leadership. On Tuesday, all the NATO representatives will come together and they will discuss the possible courses of action.

Whether the incident on Friday will be used by Turkey to boost the occasion to a war against Syria, or at least want to take steps for setbacks against the neighbor, is yet uncertain. Only certain is that the Turkish media and leadership act similar like the U.S. propaganda or Western media, that means, they are turning facts upside down, forget about important information and indications, and even seem to mask that the Turkish units searched for the downed F-4 jet fighter and the pilots near the Syrian coast.

In the current political utterances there is indication, that the downing of the old Turkish jet fighter could be used as an opportunity for an open aggression against Syria. The downing of the Turkish fighter jets took place at a very inconvenient time.

That the Turkish leadership is so careless, especially in the difficult times and the difficult relations between Turkey and Syria, which have clearly changed into bad relationships after all the support of the Turkish administration for the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the Turkish support for the weapons smuggling into Syria (with the help of the CIA), that Ankara has to allegedly test their Turkish radar system by a Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter over Syrian territory is a clear provocation to the Syrian side.

At the same time, the question arises, why an old Turkish F-4 machine was sent on this mission and why they did not used a newer jet fighter, although Turkey has still a bit over 200 old F-4 jet fighters in stock. The Syrians have perhaps not responded particularly pleasant, but they have demonstrated that the Syrian anti-aircraft bases are working and that Syria is also willing to use them. Not to mention that it was not the first time that a Turkish jet fighter has violated Syrian airspace in the last months.

At previously same violations by the Turkish side, the Syrian side has told them that they violated the Syrian airspace and the Turkish machines have left this airspace without being downed by the Syrian Air defense.

It seems to have happened so often that the Syrian side was no more Mr. Nice Guy. Not to mention that the Syrian side has said that they were not able to identify the object, that has violated Syrian Airspace, although this can be put into question, for reasons. Some say the Turkish side wanted to test the Syrian radar and Air defense by using old Turkish fighter jets. Maybe after an order by the United States and NATO member countries.

Although more and more members of the Turkish army have not only doubts about a possible military intervention in Syria, but also doubts about the stance of the Turkish leadership against the neighboring country Syria.

But the NATO countries try all their efforts to ensure a democratic transition – this means the downfall of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in Damascus – even if it is only possible by force. In addition no one should forget that the wording “democratic transition” is an empty phrase and not the way this “coup” in Syria was prepared and initiated by the West.

Not to mention that a real democratic Syria is not in the intention of the West. Some NATO countries and especially the United States and Israel want a puppet government in Syria. It seems all methods and ways are all right for the allegedly democratic West and its allegedly “Free Press” to initiate and implement their plans for Syria, but nobody should think that all this happens with good will or with the Syrian population in mind.

Looking at the context and above all, at the time in which the violation of the Syrian airspace has occurred, one might speculate that the G20 Summit in Rio was used in order to discuss behind closed doors, how to provoke Syria again, in order to have an occasion to attack, or how to test the Syrian air defense before discussing and preparing any further actions against Syria. But Syria is not Iraq or Libya.

At the weekend, the reaction of the mainstream press was more indignant at the incident than the two states. Of course, the headlines were nice and useful, but a lot of articles, especially in Britain, France, Turkey and Germany were not only based on false information and false conclusions, but also had context which has repeatedly  contradicted itself after some lines.

Iran and other nations demanded of both Turkey and Syria, to continue to act prudent and to not implement rash steps that could involve the entire region then. Of course, the sounds of America sounded different and AIPAC-Darling Hillary Clinton barked again. Hilary Clinton has presented herself once again with foam at the mouth and threatened Syria in her aggressive, contemptuous manner in the behalf of the U.S. government. One might wonder how the U.S. administration would react when a Iranian jet fighter would violate American airspace.

But while forgetting this fact willfully, Hillary Clinton assured their support to Turkey in the ranks of NATO and also in the ranks of the UN Security Council (UNSC), where the AIPAC-Favorite Clinton wants to bring the issue of Syria again on the table. No surprise. This was to expect like it was also to expect that Hillary Clinton keeps silent about some information again – for propaganda purposes.

Hillary Clinton raged and threatened again and again while she accused the Syrian government again with “callous disregard for human life, international standards and peace and security”. One could answer with the saying, “Don’t throw bricks when you live in a glass house”. Hillary Clinton wants to teach about human rights? It sounds like if the Saudi regime wants to teach someone something about the importance of a secular state.

Who sends drones over Pakistan and Yemen to hunt down alleged terrorists? Guantanamo? The torture prisons around the globe? The blackmailing of other governments in order that they follow the “policy” of the United States? The “unconventional warfare” in order to implement so-called regime changes and all the more or less violent implementations of coups by the United States? All the meddling of the United States in other states in front and behind the curtains? The terror squads, the support of Islamists and terrorist organizations when they allegedly work in the manner of the United States? The list can be continued endless. The United States repeatedly violates the international law in the effort to expand the influence and continue to conquer new territories for themselves, and to protect and “occupy” resources?

Hillary Clinton has finally announced that the United States want to discuss this topic with the NATO, EU and Security Council. Presumably, these negotiations will be about the topic, whether and how can Syria be attacked “in the best manner”.

That there will be a war against Syria was mentioned and explained in several places already, the only question seems to be, when this attack and war against Syria will begin. Although, considering the current meddling of other states in Syria (weapons smuggling, support for radical forces, foreign mercenaries …), some could say that a war is already on going.

It seems that the meeting at the G20 summit has taken all to the final round, especially after the U.S. President Barack Obama had to notice in his conversation with Vladimir Putin that he is not able to bring Moscow on his dubious side of the history.

This has clarified that there is no unanimity in the Security Council to expect about an attack against Syria. They have to find other ways to attack Syria and the Turkish provocation on Friday with the predictably consequences seems to confirm the fact that they try to act without the UN Security Council (UN). Very democratic…

Also the British Foreign Secretary Hague condemned the Syrian behavior and announced to endorse robust actions. No surprise. Britain is a slave of the U.S. interests, just like Germany. While it is hard to say if the British administration gets blackmailed by the United States, it is already a fact that the German government is blackmailed by the U.S. administration.

Of course, the Turkish government is not interested to act alone against Syria, and thus, they rely on Article 4 of the NATO Charter and called for an urgent meeting after the downing of one of their old F-4 Phantom jet fighters by the Syrian Air defense – although the explanations of the Turkish side are not only strange but also partly just lies. The F-4 jet fighter was downed over Syrian territory and it has violated Syrian Airspace willfully. This could have been normal 16 months ago, but sure not now. It was a provocation.

It could be that Turkey seeks the support and loyalty of the alliance, before the attack of Syria will take place. But again, Syria is not like Libya or Iraq. Of course, this incident about the downed F-4 Phantom jet fighter came in useful because the West, led by the NATO countries, and in collaboration with the very democratic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, consider since a long time how they can overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus in order to install a puppet government, a puppet regime.

The armed militias, including Islamists, mercenaries, criminals and even some foreign fighters, seem to have a progress which is too slow for some foreign powers, although these armed groups and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) are now equipped with modern weapons and enough ammo by – foreign powers.

While the weapons smuggling and the support of the armed militias by the delivery of weapons from foreign countries is no secret anymore, there are increasing rumors that also the United States (beside Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) deliver weapons to the so-called “Syrian rebels”. The rumors say that the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), one could just say the U.S. administration, is using special contacts in Georgia to finally deliver weapons to the armed groups of fighters, groups of Islamists and mercenaries, in Syria.

One can therefore look forward to many days of negotiations and meetings. Today, the hypocritical EU Foreign Ministers make the start of the round. Again, they discuss the situation in Syria and how each time previously, more companies are added on the blacklist in protest against the Syrian government. Again, while the EU Foreign Ministers know the fact that these sanctions and methods directly and indirectly harm the Syrian population.

What is happening at the NATO meeting on Tuesday is still uncertain. Whether there will be also a meeting of the UN Security Council in this week is yet uncertain. Equally uncertain is whether the new “contact group on Syria” will really meet at the end of June, in order to discuss political solutions. The fact is that the U.S. has no interest in a political solution where there is the possibility that Assad will still continue to remain at his post.

The U.S. is planning the fall of the Assad clan for a long time and will certainly not let the current opportunity slip through their hands. The overthrow of Assad is a done deal, the question is, how it goes on then.

There is no doubt that the U.S. and Gulf sponsored puppets, for example, the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), will with certainty not deliver democracy and freedom to Syria, but merely an American shadow government, similar to Afghanistan, that is not able to lead the country out of the disastrous situation into a better future and which will not always decide considering the welfare of the Syrian people.

Not to mention that the majority of Syrians still support the Syrian President al-Assad and reject an intervention in their country. Perhaps one should give the new Syrian parliament with the ministers, who are from the internal Syrian opposition, a chance to actually change something by political means.

  1. Syria will respond with documents within hours on a memorandum accusing it with downing the Turkish jet in the International airspace.

  2. The news agency ANNA-News, which is active in Syria, has reported that the flying object had violated the Syrian airspace several times before it was shot down.

  3. mircea says:

    The problem is the deadline for oil sanctions on Iran. EU and US cannot survive this embargo so they need to act quick. Yes they cannot do without it.

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