Syria: Shot down F-4 Phantom – Turkish media distorts Facts

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Sideviews
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The mass media of the NATO countries spread distorted reports in the public about the shot down Turkish fighter jet F-4 Phantom which was downed by Syrian air defenses on Friday. The distortion of the facts takes place in a manner that is likely to produce more anti-Syrian war-sentiment in the Western population of NATO countries.

Like many events that have to do with Syria, there are two different stories about the shot down Turkish fighter jet. The story of the Syrian news agency SANA (state media), that was published in the night from Friday to Saturday, is the following:

“A military spokesman issued the following statement: At 11:40 AM on 22/6/2012, an unidentified aerial target violated Syrian airspace, coming from the west at a very low altitude and at high speed over territorial waters, so the Syrian anti-air defenses counteracted with anti-aircraft artillery, hitting it directly as it was 1 kilometer away from land, causing it to crash into Syrian territorial waters west of Om al-Tuyour village in Lattakia province, 10 kilometers from the beach.

The spokesman added that the target turned out to be a Turkish military plane that entered Syrian airspace and was dealt with according to laws observed in such cases.

The spokesman also said that the two countries’ naval forces’ commands have established contact, and Syrian naval ships along with the Turkish side are searching for the two missing pilots.” (Source: SANA)

The report by SANA was illustrated by the following map representation of the trajectory of the downed flying object:


Representation of the trajectory of the downed flying object by SANA – 06/23/2012

According to this schematic drawing, the flying object came from the north west of the Mediterranean at 11:12 o`clock, has then turned over the Turkish province of Hatay (hairpin) in order to fly in the direction of south west of the Mediterranean, then another hairpin turn, so that it came from south-westerly direction from the Mediterranean close to the Syrian coast, directly in direction to Syria, where the flying object then was shot down by the Syrian Air defense.

In the Syrian state television news on Saturday, the image of the airplane, which is shown above in the map, was a bit animated, so that the alleged route of the presentation by the Syrian side was a bit clearer to follow.

The private news agency ANNA-News, which is active in Syria, has reported that the flying object had violated the Syrian airspace several times before it was shot down.

Syria remained at this account of the facts. Accordingly to the Russian agency RIA Novosti, the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdisi has added in the Turkish television on Saturday, that the shot down of the jet fighter should not be considered in any way as a hostile action against Turkey, it was the defense of the sovereignty of Syria and in no way an attack; he further stated that it is very important that the naval forces of both countries search together for the missing pilots and that he hoped that they will soon be found and that the incident soon belongs to the past.

The story which is spread by the Turkish side about the incident is in several important details different. Especially in the important question of where the Turkish jet fighter was shot down by the Syrian Air defense differs in the Turkish narrative from the Syrian narrative.

The British channel BBC reported on Friday evening, that the Turkish military said, that it has lost the radio contact with the F-4 jet fighter at 11:58 o`clock on Friday, while it flew over Hatay, after the machine has started about 90 minutes earlier in the Erhac Airbase in the Turkish province of Malatya.

The French agency AFP reported on Friday afternoon, that the Turkish military has indicated in a bulletin, that it had lost the contact with a Turkish jet around 11:58 o`clock, while the jet fighter was at the Turkish province of Hatay, which is located at the south-east border of Syria; the search and rescue efforts have immediately started.

AFP went on and stated that the private NTV news channel has reported, citing unnamed military officials that the Turkish jet has crashed in Syrian territorial waters, but a violation of the Syrian border have not given it.

Reuters has reported on Friday from Istanbul that the channel CNN Turk has reported, that the jet fighter has crashed in Syria.

The pro-government Turkish daily Today’s Zaman reported on Friday afternoon, citing a statement by the journalist Altayli from Haber Türk TV, that the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told journalists on the flight home from Brazil, that the Syrian side had said that the incident was a mistake, and that Turkey has received a “serious apology” by Syria.

Erdogan himself told after his arrival in Turkey, accordingly to RT, however, that he did not know whether the jet fighter was shot down and that he was not able to confirm an excuse by Syria.

After a Turkish security meeting chaired by Erdogan, the Today’s Zaman has reported on Friday evening, that a statement was issued that stated, that the Turkish jet was shot down, and that Recep Tayyip Erdogan had declared, that the crash site would be 13km away from Latakia, a city coast town, which is approximately 45 km far away from the Syrian border with Turkey.

Today`s Zaman has made no statement on whether the Turkish machine was in the Syrian airspace. After this report has appeared at “Today`s Zaman”, the Syrian state media SANA reported, that Syria, which had been silent publicly about the event, officially confirms, that they have shot down the Turkish jet fighter.

On Saturday morning, the British Telegraph reported, that the Turkish President Abdullah Gul (Abdullah Gül) has said to the Anatolia news agency, that it is possible that the Turkish jet fighter was in the Syrian airspace, but that this is a routine which is happening more often, because the control of the jet fighters is difficult when they are at high speed, and it was no bad intent.

The British Telegraph added, that the Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Arinc had said, that the downed Turkish F-4 jet fighter was, contrary to earlier reports, not a military jet fighter, but a reconnaissance plane.

The Turkish newspaper “Radikal” has announced on Saturday afternoon, like many other Turkish media, relying on known unofficial military circles, that the two pilots which were missing after the downing of the machine, were Captain Huseyin Aksoy and Lieutenant Ertan Gökhan.

On Sunday, according Reuters, the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has told in the Turkish state television TNT that the Turkish jet fighter was on a mission in order to test the Turkish radar systems “13 nautical miles from the Syrian border” and that it was hit without a warning by the Syrian Air defense.

The plane was clearly noticeable as a Turkish machine; the Syrian side knew that it was a Turkish jet plane. Radar images suggest that the pilot could have lost the control of the aircraft because of the hits and had then crashed after “abnormal movements” in the Mediterranean within Syrian territory.

Reuters reported further, that just some 50 km away from the crash site, at the Turkish south-eastern border with Syria, Turkey offers a hiding place to the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and refugees, but it denied, however, that they would supply weapons to the insurgents.

According to a Blog post by “Moon of Alabama“, which includes the Tweets of the Turkish journalist Mahir Zeynalov, who is working for Today`s Zaman, it is said that Reuters has distorted the statements by Davutoglu at a crucial point and also embezzled at another important point. (SN: typical Reuters)

Reuters has distorted reproduced the place, where the Turkish jet was hit. Reuters reported that it would have been “13 miles from the Syrian border”. According to the Tweets of Zeynalov, Davutoglu has said, however, that the jet fighter was 13 nautical miles away from the Syrian coast, when the machine was hit.

The maritime border of Syria is, however, as the maritime boundary of any other State, twelve nautical miles off the coast line. The alleged location of the hit, accordingly to the statements of Davutoglu, is thereby much closer to the Syrian border than Reuters has reported. Namely, a nautical mile away from the Syrian border – and not “13 nautical miles (away) from the Syrian border” as Reuters has claimed it.

Reuters has also embezzled, according to the Tweets that Davutoglu has admitted in his speech that the downed jet has entered Syrian territory 15 minutes before the jet fighter was hit.

An article by “Hurriyet Daily News” describes the alleged flight path from the Turkish side of the Turkish jets closer. It says that the Turkish F4 Phantom jet fighter, according to radar logs, which had been provided by the Turkish General Staff, has entered the Syrian Airspace at 11:42 o`clock for five minutes.

At 11:44 o`clock, the Turkish radar operators have informed the pilot of the jet fighter that he had entered Syrian territory, and they asked him to leave it as quickly as possible.

The radio contact with the control center of the Turkish jet was been lost 16 minutes after the start of this five-minute “intrusion”, which means, after Adam Riese, therefore 11:58 o`clock. The Hurriyet Daily News also claims in this article, that the Turkish intelligence had intercepted radio communications of Syrian military and that there are “serious indicators” that the order for the “shot down” came from Damascus, the source for this claim by the Hürriyet Daily News, however, remains obscure.

Hurriyet Daily News further reported, that a high-level official from Turkey has said, that the Syrian government should “pay” for the downing of the Turkish F-4 Phantom. Consistent with the world press, the Hurriyet reported here, that Turkey has scheduled consultations with all NATO countries under Article 4 of the NATO treaty for Monday.

In the private Turkish TV channel NTVMSNBC Turkish television, it was provided to the viewers with more detail by the help of three sketch maps, based on the claims of the Turkish army leadership.

Here is the first sketch map, which was presented to the audience of the Turkish TV NTVMSNBC:

Screenshot Turkish Media

First screenshot by NTVMSNBC about the F4-Phantom incident from 22.06.2012

According to the representation, the Turkish jet fighter was at 11:08 o`clock about 22 000 feet (6706 meters) high, and was located at the north of Cyprus, while flying towards Hatay.

At 11:23 o`clock, the jet was in 7500 feet above Hatay and made a hairpin turn, it then flew south-west in direction to the open Mediterranean Sea, where the jet fighter had at 11:37 o`clock a height of 2000 feet (610 meters).

Noticeable is the white line which was drawn into the map off the coasts of Turkey and Syria; this white line marks the line, twelve nautical miles off the coasts, where the territories of the states begin. In the map display which was used by NTVMSNBC, the twelve nautical miles for Syria (right) are much less than the twelve nautical miles for Turkey (above).

Since this map display is used in order to provide the TV viewers with the story of the NATO state Turkey and when and how the Turkish jet fighter has violated Syrian airspace, the mistake, that the Syrian 12 nautical mile-zone is less than the Turkish nautical mile-zone, is remarkable, and it is hard to imagine that this has happened “by accident”.

This “strange mistake” in the difference in size of the 12-nautical-mile zones is also in the second sketch map which was presented to the Turkish TV audience by NTVMSNBC:

Turkish Media

Second screenshot of the F4 Phantom incident by NTVMSNBC on 06.22.2012

At 11:37 o`clock, according to the map display, the Turkish jet flew, coming from the southwest, in the direction to the Syrian coast. At 11:42 o’clock, the Turkish jet fighter has penetrated into the Syrian 12-mile zone, thus into the Syrian airspace, at an altitude of only 200 feet (61 meters),

With the intrusion into the Syrian airspace, the Turkish fighter jet has changed its flight direction and flew roughly parallel to the Syrian coast, in direction north-north-east. At 11:44 o`clock, the Turkish jet fighter in the Syrian airspace was allegedly advised by the Turkish control center that it is in the Syrian airspace.

We recall: the Turkish military leadership has stated, according to Hürriyet Daily News that the Turkish jet fighter was asked by the Turkish control center to leave the Syrian airspace as soon as possible.

But in the representation by NTVMSNBC, the Turkish jet fighter has contrary to this request, however, made no change of course away from the Syrian coast, but the Turkish machine flew on course north-north-east, until the jet fighter arrived at the northern border of the Syrian airspace into Turkish airspace at 11:47 o`clock.

After the alleged order by the Turkish control center to leave the Syrian airspace as soon as possible, the Turkish jet fighter has reduced its distance to the Syrian coast even more, due to the Syrian headland of Ras Al Basit (Baseet).

Since the map display of NTVMSNBC is only schematically, and particularly the proportion of the Syrian 12-nautical-mile zone in comparison to the Turkish 12-mile zone is false, only the speculation on the question remains of how near the Turkish jet fighter was actually at the Syrian coast.

What is striking and what is certain is, that the story of the Syrian side, that the Turkish jet fighter was flying low with high speed to approximately one kilometer to the Syrian coast, was not contradicted by the Turkish side so far.

At 11:50 o`clock, the Turkish jet fighter has then allegedly made another turn to the west, shortly before the land mass of the Turkish province of Hatay, rose to an altitude of 3,000 feet, according to the sketch map of NTVMSNBC, that is based on the flight progress of the Turkish representation.

On the third sketch map, which is presented to the Turkish TV audience of NTVMSNBC, the downing and crash of the Turkish jet fighter is shown:

Turkish Media

Third screenshot of the F4 Phantom incident on 06.22.2012, by NTVMSNBC

This distorted and rough sketch of the map display, including the included manipulations, reveal that there is a big problem with the Turkish story of the shot down F-4 Phantom jet fighter.

First of all, the outlined content. Accordingly to this representation of NTVMSNBC, the Turkish jet fighter was at 11:50 o`clock no more, as it was shown on the last sketch, at an altitude of 3,000 feet on approach to the Turkish coast, but the jet fighter was already above the land mass of the Turkish province of Hatay and had taken the course southwest.

The jet fighter then continued to flew with the course southwest, according to the representation, passing on the border of the Syrian airspace.

At 11:58 o`click, the Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter was hit by the Syrian air defense in the west and slightly south of the Syrian headland of Ras al Basit (Baseet), at a distance of 13 nautical miles away from the Syrian coast.

After the hit, the jet fighter changed its course by a 90-degree turn towards south-east, i.e. closer to the Syrian coast and crashed, at 12:02 o`clock, eight miles away from the Syrian coast, in Syrian territory, into the sea.

In contrary to the information of the other two sketched, the information about the altitude (at 11:58 o`clock) of the jet fighter was not specified, when the jet fighter was allegedly hit. A striking feature of the sketch is that the crash site, which is said to be eight miles off the coast, is so close to the line of the Syrian 12-nautical-mile zone, that the plotted point touches the drawn line.

The place, where the Turkish jet fighter was allegedly hit at 11:58 o`clock, and which is said to be thirteen nautical miles away from the Syrian coast, is far away from the shown Syrian 12-mile zone in this sketch.

The Turkish information on the incident should have be different: the location of the hit, 13 nautical miles off the Syrian coastline, should have been just outside of the line of the Syrian 12-nautical-mile zone, and the crash site, eight nautical miles off the coast, should be within the Syrian 12-mile zone.

But would that, however, been marked this way and would the Syrian 12-mile zone not distorted in the sketch, then the Turkish jet fighter, when it has flown a straight course in direction Southwest as it is plotted, had just violated the Syrian airspace a few seconds before the jet fighter was hit by the Syrian air defense, exactly there, when the Turkish jet fighter has flown by the Syrian headland of Ras al Basit (Baseet).

If the jet fighter flew around the Syrian headland of Ras al Basit and then got hit in the south of the headland, 13 nautical miles away from the Syrian coast, the jet fighter would have had no course towards the open sea, but it would have had a course in direction to the Syrian coast, thus the Turkish jet fighter was at that time of the hit keen to commit a deliberate and unprovoked violation of the Syrian airspace, and this, although the jet fighter had already violated the Syrian airspace 15 minutes earlier and was informed by the Turkish control center to leave the Syrian airspace as soon as possible.

One can twist and turn this Turkish representation in any direction one wants to, the representations do not fit to a scaled map with precise coordinates. The Turkish information, which already have a big credibility problem due to the fact that the jet fighter crashed deep into Syrian territory, even do not fit to a scaled map and precise coordinates. (SN: Istanbul, we have a problem.)

If the Turkish people would realize that the Turkish representation raises contradictions in logic, then the Turkish government would run even into more risk that the Turkish population will get the “self-blame” opinion:

Considering the fact that Turkey`s NATO ally superpower, the United States, just has announced, hardly ten days ago, to create a detailed plan for a war of aggression against Syria, the adoption of Syria was justified, that NATO is going to violate the Syrian airspace with a jet fighter in order to let the Syrians activate their radar of the Air defense, so that the NATO finds out where the cruise missiles, similar to the NATO attack on Libya, have to strike at the beginning of the war against Syria.

In a non-distorted representation of the incident, this incident could not be used by Turkey and other NATO countries like the U.S., Britain and Italy for an outraged war rhetoric, especially not by the hypocritical United States, which have in the case of the two years ago with lethal force attacked Turkish activist ship Mavi Marmara protected the attacker Israel before any condemnation by the UN Security Council, although the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara clearly and definitely did not take place in an Israeli-Palestinian 12-nautical-mile zone, but whole 72 nautical miles off the coast.

What one has to notice, is the huge effort of the Turkish NATO media, to distort and lie about the incident, to boost the Turkish aggression against Syria, despite the clear piece of evidence that the Turkish jet lies deep in Syrian waters, based on the absurd statements Turkish politicians and the military; by distortions the Turkish media turn the incident upside down into a Syrian Aggression, to bring Israel finally closer to its long-cherished dream of a Turkish-Syrian war.

The Zionist mass media in other NATO countries don`t make these huge efforts with the fueling of the war sentiment against Syria. For example, the German fairy-tale show (German state media), claims just plain and simple falsely, citing unspecified “Turkish reports”, that the Turkish jet fighter would lie in international waters.


  1. Syria Turkey – The aircraft was hit by air defense artillery, not a surface-to-air missile, and this weapon’s maximum range is just 2.5 kilometers, he said in a statement aired on Syrian TV.

  2. antifo says:

    If this accident was a deliberate provocation, then I’d ask how the Turkish pilots could be convinced to fly the jet fighter and let themselfs shoot down? Turkish soldiers are not famous for committing suicide acts. For that reason I’d suppose the pilots left the jet fighter shortly before it entered Syria’s territorial waters. Nobody knows where they are and their names haven’t been published either.

    Making sense?

    • I think it can make sense, at least, the representation of the Turkish media and government is false, there is a huge lack in their story. And this makes it not really credible.. 😉 of course, NATO and US will not care about, the general people are cheated, again and again.

  3. antifo says:

    Makdessi : Turkish Military Aircraft Violated Syria’s Sovereignty, Syrian Response Was Defensive Act

  4. Souri says:

    “Turkish claim that their military jet was shot down in international air space after leaving Syrian territory is false.

    – The aircraft was hit by air defense artillery, not by surface-to-air missile systems, and this weapon’s maximum range is just 1.2 kilometers.
    – The wreckage was found in Syrian territorial waters, what also totally contradicts Turkish (read NATO) allegations.

    There is strong evidence that the aircraft was a QF-4 Phantom, a <> variant.

    So the reason they can’t find the pilots is because there was no pilots…

  5. Souri says:

    Joint Israeli & US military training to against potential rockets fired toward Israel from Iran and Syria.

  6. Souri says:

    Footage Proves Turkish Jet Violated Syrian Airspace

  7. Souri says:

    Syria’s Shooting Down of Turkey’s Fighter Jet

  8. Souri says:

    Erdogan`s further propaganda tour for NATO

    ‎- Erdogan justifies the plane’s penetration of the Syrian airspace, as a normal procedure.

    – Erdogan: Syrian helicopters infiltrated the Turkish airspace 5 times and we did not respond to it..

    – Erdogan: We are continuing our contacts with several international parties on our response to othe dropping of our aircraft.

    – Erdogan: Turkey reserves its right, in accordance with international law, to bringing down of the war jet.

    – Erdogan: Any Syrian troops approach our borders, we will deal with as military target

    – Erdogan: Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine are regions as a one hand …

    – Erdogan: Those who draw the Turkish-Syrian border are unable foment discord between the Turkish and Syrian people.

    – Erdogan: The Syrian government seeking excuses is unacceptable.

    – Erdogan: The plane do not belong to “Justice” party, it belong to the nation of Turkey, and everyone must supports our position.

    – Erdogan: our position from Syria will not spur the government to push the army and the state toward an irresponsible position, and everyone must bare the responsibility.

    – Erdogan: Dropping the plane is an aggressive action

    – Erdogan: If the Turkish plane had any aggressive intention it would’ve concealed its identity..

    – Erdogan:The Turkish plane was in international waters, and as a result of being targeted, the plane flew and landed in the Syrian airspace.

    – Erdogan, Turkey do not seek any lands in any country in the region whether close to or far away.

    • Souri says:

      NAC Statement on the shooting down of a Turkish aircraft by Syria

      The North Atlantic Council has met at Turkey’s request to hold consultations within the framework of Article 4 of the Washington Treaty which states that “the Parties will consult whenever, in the opinion of any of them, the territorial integrity, political independence, or security of any of the Parties is threatened.”

      The North Atlantic Council discussed the shooting down of a Turkish aircraft by Syria. We consider this act to be unacceptable and condemn it in the strongest terms. It is another example of the Syrian authorities’ disregard for international norms, peace and security, and human life.

      Our thoughts at this difficult time are with the missing Turkish aircrew, their families and their loved ones. We continue to follow the situation closely and with great concern, and will remain seized of developments on the South-Eastern border of NATO.

      The security of the Alliance is indivisible. We stand together with Turkey in the spirit of strong solidarity.

  9. antifo says:

    Turkey Threatens Force if Syrian Troops Near Border

    “Every military element that approaches the Turkish border from Syria in a manner that constitutes a security risk or danger would be considered as a threat and would be treated as a military target,” he said in a speech to lawmakers attended by Arab diplomats.

    “From here, we warn the Syrian regime not to make any mistakes, not to test Turkey’s decisiveness and wisdom,” Mr. Erdogan said.

    “If there is anyone who could not understand this up until today, we would and will prove in the most clear and determined way that Turkey cannot be challenged,” he said.
    Almost a declaration of war.

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While NATO supposedly “Downplayed” the F-4 shoot-down provocation on June 26, 2012, NATO strongly condemned SYRIA (!?)! “Downplaying” cannot hide the fact that it was staged as a prelude to the next planned provocation, probably to be staged near the Turkish border, in order to be able to enact Article 5 of the NATO Charter to obtain a NO-FLY ZONE, allowing the USA to go around the normal United Nations Security Council Resolution requirement for a No-Fly Zone, which is a CODEWORD for a Non-Stop Air War by the United States. Article 5 of NATO states: “The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defense recognized by Article 51 of the Charter of United Nations…” (Today geography means less than nothing!) 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The F-4 “reconnaissance” plane was carrying no spy gear BECAUSE ITS PURPOSE WAS NOT RECONNAISSANCE! IT’S PURPOSE WAS PROVOCATION! The pilots of its U.S./Turkish plane, who did not realize their lives were to be sacrificed, were told that they would be “conducting a test of Syrian Air Defenses,” (BBC, June 22, 2012) the very same pretext Richard Nixon apparently used when he spoke to the Pilot of the 1983 Korean Airliner in Anchorage, Alaska the takeoff point for that Provocation, which was designed to discredit domestic Communist Party-led opposition to placement of U.S. First Strike Pershing II nuclear missiles in Europe 10 minutes from Moscow. See below! The “Turkish” F-4 flew under 100 meters for most of its trip into Syrian airspace causing it to suddenly pop up on radar in a move designed to elicit the shoot down. The wreckage of the F-4 was found in Syrian waters! 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But such statements do not seem to prevent the USA and its UN puppets from constantly UPPING THE ANTE ON SYRIA with increased U.S. and EU sanctions, threats, provocations and a media barrage of Big Lies in order to try to “pressure the Russians” to support a UN Security Council vote for UN sanctions and a No fly Zone, while simultaneously trying to build public pressure and stage provocations to go around the Security Council for a NATO No-Fly Zone to be combined with a U.S.-backed or U.S.-sponsored invasion.. And that is the reason the U.S. directed Turkey to send a spy plane into Syria as a provocation to be shot down! The RT (Russian TV) website documents multiple U.S preparations to institute a “No-Fly Zone” and invasion of Syria outside the auspices of the United Nations, both with a “Libya Lite No-Fly Zone” (RT, through Debkafile—see below, Jun 17, 2012) followed by possible direct U.S. invasion and/or by training their Syrian proxy gang-bangers in Turkey and 10,000 “Libyan” U.S. proxies in Jordan. February 29, 2012) However “RT” does not say whether the Russian Federation will intervene militarily to support the Syrian government if Syria is invaded! If Russia does NOT intervene militarily in such a case that is the same thing as directly handing over Syria to the United States. False pronouncements by U.S. puppet Ban Ki-Moon that a “civil war” supposedly already exists in Syria, is just another repetition of the same Big Lie designed to falsely “justify” direct U.S. or USA-backed invasion! When, on or around June 11th the Syrian government discovered that the U.S. was planning yet another large death squad attack this time on the city of Haffa (Haffeh) and simultaneously began its encirclement and broadcast it on Syrian media the U.S.-controlled world media screamed: “Syria is planning another massacre of innocent civilians and won’t allow UN observers!” Meaning those observers from countries which had just expelled Syrian diplomats! Three days later Syrian TV reported that (the U.S.-sponsored death squad forces) were driven out of Haffeh. (RTE News, June 14, 2012) If the Syrian military could have prevented its escape they could have captured a large U.S.-sponsored death squad. As thoroughly documented below, the threat of a civil war does NOT emanate from the Syrian government, which has for generations maintained a remarkably harmonious balance between the multiple religious and ethnic factions in Syria, while the USA has for decades repeatedly tried to overthrow the Syrian government using every conceivable means of Divide and Conquer Strategy and Tactics! (See below.) Putin could have said, “We are seeing an artificial attempt to set religions and ethnic factions against one another in Syria of which the Houla Massacre/Provocation and the subsequent death squad massacres are prime examples!” The June 4th declaration by the so-called “Free Syrian Army” that they had abandoned the ceasefire was totally ignored while U.S. PUPPETS Ban Ki Moon & Kofi Annan standing shoulder to shoulder hypocritically blamed “the violence” on Bashar Al Assad (?!) for not adhering to the ceasefire (!) and refusing to order the Syrian army “to retire to barracks” and turn over Syria to the USA USA USA like a good little boy! The UN “leadership” has lost ALL credibility! Both Putin & Co. and Bashar Al-Assad could have pointed out that John Negroponte’s understudy, John Ford was appointed US Ambassador to Syria less than 2 months before the beginning of the armed coup d’etat/ regime change attempt in Syria in January 2011. U.S. Ambassador to Syria John Ford worked closely with John Negroponte, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq who, beginning in 2004 implemented the so-called “Salvador Option for Iraq,” which was modeled on US covert death squad operations in Central America. The “Salvador Option” is a “terrorist model” of mass killings by US sponsored death squads first applied in El Salvador and resulted in an estimated 75,000 deaths. The “Salvador Option for Syria” began in earnest with the “Houla Massacre!” Ambassador John Ford personally organized the U.S.–NATO sponsored death squads and integrated them into the U.S.-sponsored so-called “Free Syrian Army” opposition forces as documented by the facts on the ground. In Iraq the objective was the same as in Syria: Divide and Conquer where multiple Sunni on Shia and Shia on Sunni bombings and other atrocities were organized by the United States in order to weaken the resistance movement against the United States Invasion of Iraq. See: Global Research, The U.S.-controlled world capitalist media are using the Big Lie technique (see below) to falsely repeat over and over and over again that the death squad attacks are being carried out by the so-called “Shabiha,” Syrian militia made up largely of Alawites, the same as Bashar Al-Assad, and are wantonly with no credible motive supposedly “seeking out Sunnis to massacre.” (BBC, June 8, 2012) This Big Lie is used by the U.S. and its UN puppets AND ALSO THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION to falsely claim that there is a “growing civil war or threat of a civil war in Syria.” The Big Lie technique is on full display in Syria just as it was in Libya! Assad could easily explain that in Syria the U.S.-backed domestic Gang-Banger Proxies/“activisits” are ROUTINELY directed by their USA social networking masters to target “innocent civilians” in mass provocations, for example by herding adults and families with children together as HUMAN SHIELDS into apartment buildings and then firing at Syrian government forces with U.S. anti-tank weapons from those apartment buildings, while threatening tenants not to flee, while THEY LEAVE to avoid the “slaughter of innocent civilians!” The U.S. supplies its Syrian death squad proxies with the most sophisticated anti-tank weapons (9K114-2 Metis-M and Kornet E) according to DEBKAFILE an Israeli online site. Simultaneously Assad could explain that the USA uses its Al Qaeda allies/provocateurs (see below) and/or others to set off HUGE BOMBS in Syrian cities to try to generate chaos and give the false impression that “Syria is losing control of its country.” Assad could point out that on May 28, 2012 the U.S. directed their proxy gang-bangers to dress up as Syrian Army and Militia and commit atrocities by systematically going into houses in Houla, Syria and mass murdering everyone including children. On June 6th the USA gang-banger death squad “activists” directly connected to the U.S.-organized so-called “Local Co-ordination Committees” and the U.S.-organized so-called “Syrian National Council” gave a repeat performance and slaughtered an entire village of 86 people in Hama with knives (!) and then tried to blame Bashar Assad! (BBC) who had no motive whatsoever! These sorts of actions have USA! USA! USA written all over them! And the overwhelming majority of people in the world know it already—SO SAY IT!!! These are typical United States Provocations! In Latin America, the Mideast, Persian Gulf and WORLDWIDE! We are all supposed to believe the United States, which murdered 2 million people in Vietnam and 2 million people in Iraq (see below) and tens of thousand of people in Libya is suddenly the “good guy” as it tries to overthrow yet another country with death squads in multiple mass provocations and now being objectively assisted by the Russian Federation playing stupid and instructing the state leader of the targeted country to also play stupid! Genuine Diplomats know when to change their game when conditions fundamentally change! FAILURE by the Russian Federation to fully expose the “Houla Massacre” of entire families and the Qusair Massacre of 13 factory workers and the massacre of 78 in Hama province and the planned death squad massacres to come as hideous clumsy provocations orchestrated on direct order and detailed instruction of the United States, the only ones with the MOTIVE, the history and the combined means to organize such DEATH SQUAD ATTACKS and FAILURE by the Russian Federation to take a firmer position overall will create a “catastrophic scenario” far greater than a mere nebulous “arc of instability” as alleged by Russia! The actual result will be to: 1.) deliver Syria to the United States, 2.) totally abandon the Hezbollah and Hamas National Liberation Movements (!), and IRAN (!) while 3.) digging the grave of the Russian Federation itself! See below! Assad could also explain that the “Houla Massacre” was also designed to manipulate and instigate violent sectarian division, WHICH DOES NOT EXIST IN SYRIA (THIS POINT MUST BE REPEATED OFTEN WITH COMPLETE EXPLANATION!) But the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people are not allowing themselves to be so manipulated! There is no “civil war” in Syria! The shrieks of Hillary Clinton for Russia to “harden its position on Syria” and not to supply new Mi-25 attack helicopters to Syria was based on another BIG LIE, which the Pentagon admitted was a lie, because the helicopters had been supplied to Syria many years ago in the 1990s right after the 1988 Gorbachev surrender and were simply the return of refurbished Mi-24 helicopters sent to Russia for repairs! (BBC, June 13 and 15, 2012) Clinton’s Big Lie is designed to cover up the fact that the U.S. is escalating the funneling of heavy weapons to their Syrian proxies through Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. That U.S. Big Lie is also to counter growing pressure for Russia to fundamentally REVERSE its opportunist position, which would be in the best interest of Syria, the Mideast, Russia and entire world. The bizarre claim that the majority-supported Bashar government is recruiting 8-yr. old boys for human shields is just one more textbook front page Big Lie. (New York Times, June 13, 2012) The false claim that Russian ships were about to evacuate the port of Tartus was to demoralize Syria as if Russia had already “given up” on Syria. On June 18, 2012 the USA directed the UK to stop the Russian cargo ship MV Alaed on its way to Syria with the refurbished Soviet Mi-24 helipcopters by removing the ship’s insurance coverage (BBC, June 18m 2012) putting the ball squarely in the Russian court. If Russia does not deliver those helicopters by another land route or with the Ruslan, the world’s largest cargo plane that will be the green light for the U.S. to step up its military attack of Syria. Bashar Al-Assad should explain that what we are seeing with the U.S.-sponsored death squad attacks is: 1.) an attempt to give the FALSE IMPRESSION that “violent sectarian division” DOES exist in Syria when it most certainly DOES NOT and 2.) is an attempt to generate such violent sectarian division where none has recently existed although the U.S. did instigate it previously! The facts on the ground in Syria indicate that the U.S. is attempting to overthrow Syria, by using death squads to carry out mass provocations by having people posing as Alawites mass murder primarily Sunnis (!) in Houla and elsewhere and is an clear example of DIVIDE AND CONQUER tactics and strategy routinely used by the USA in overthrowing countries! In Syria some U.S.-sponsored death squad attacks have been combined with a sophisticated devious attempt to partially “cover up” the massacres afterward, in order to try to make it appear that the attack was coming from the Syrian government! Immediately following the “Houla Massacre” Provocation the U.S./UK basically bragged in a round about way that the Houla Massacre/Provocation was only a larger example of what they have been doing ever since they began their attempt to overthrow Syria over a year ago! They basically explained how they have made every effort to set Sunnis against Alawites, Shias and Christians so that they could falsely claim “civil war in Syria,” but then were forced to admit that the Syrian Army is majority Sunni!!! Oops! (BBC, May 31, 2012) Sergei Lavrov and Putin and Medvedev all come off as supposedly trying to be so “fair” and even-handed but by so doing in the light of the glaring reality of escalated U.S. provocations and wanton mass murder of civilians in Syria they are all traitors to world peace by refusing to take a much firmer stand which is required at this time. The Russian argument for such “diplomacy” is to do only what appears to be “necessary” at each point in time. But as the USA and its minions continue to organize popular opinion to support another Libya scenario, what happens if the U.S. tries to go around the United Nations? Is it necessary to allow it to go to that point? Is the truth so dangerous? Every action taken by the U.S. and its stooges is based on the opportunist “diplomacy” of the Russian Federation. Further proof that the Russian Federation “diplomacy”—read opportunism—does not work in the present circumstances was the announcement that the U.S.-backed so-called “Free Syrian Army” death squads had formally abandoned any pretense to the UN/Kofi Annan Ceasefire and that an army of 12,000 U.S. paid (mercenary) gang-bangers, the so-called “Syrian Rebels Front” has been organized as an invasion force in Turkey to try to overthrow Syria. (BBC, June 4, 2012) Russia’s failure to thoroughly explain “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion and Provocation by Proxy allows it to continue rather than stopping it in a practical sense by maximally discrediting it and ridiculing it as a weapon of manipulation which is controlled and directed by U.S. imperialism. Russia’s domestic response to the “Facebook”-Assisted attempt to overthrow the Russian Federation has been to crack down on the “leaders” such as Boris Nemtsov, Alexei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov. These people are not “leaders.” They are just USA proxies and supporters in Moscow, where the entire show is being run from the U.S. Embassy by the new U.S. Ambassador, Michael McFaul, just like in Syria! The same exact scenario! Cracking down with no real explanation and without expulsion of. the U.S. Ambassador just builds “opposition!” On May 31, 2012 the BBC and Reuters reported: “Brigadier General Qassem Jamal Suleiman, who headed the Syrian government’s commission of inquiry into the massacre, said hundreds of rebel gunmen carried out the slaughter after 600 to 800 armed men launched a coordinated attack on five security checkpoints, while armed men from outside Houla murdered the families. He said that many of the victims were relatives of a member of parliament. (!) He told a news conference that the aim had been to implicate the government and to ignite sectarian strife in Syria. ‘Government forces did not enter the area where the massacre occurred, not before the massacre and not after it,’ he said. He said the victims had been families ‘who refused to oppose the government and were at odds with the armed groups.’ ‘The aim of these armed groups is to bring foreign military intervention against the country in any form and way,’ he added.” Targeting their own enemies within the Syrian population which support the Bashar Al-Assad government, “enemies” which constitute the majority of the people in Syria, could be interpreted as an attempt to kill 2 birds with the same stone in this USA-directed Houla Massacre provocation. But the USA-backed proxies, so-called “pro-democracy activists”—read mass murderers—had no other choice! They belong to an ever-diminishing minority, not the majority! This report was effectively blipped in the media and the BBC removed it entirely from their website, while it can still be found online under “Syria crisis: Assad denies role in Houla massacre.” This report was also immediately denied by the United States, which intends to carry out many more similar death squad provocations, and no countries intend to cancel expulsion of Syrian diplomats! If the U.S. obtains a “NO-FLY ZONE” Russia must change its position! The Russian Federation should immediately begin to close down the U.S. Regime Change gambit in Syria, Iran and elsewhere, e.g. RUSSIA (!), by stating up front: 1.) That Syria is a popularly supported allied government of the Russian Federation and that the U.S.-backed and U.S.-armed “pro-democracy activists” form a minority and that there has been no proof to the contrary! 2.) That the U.S. is leaving Russia no option and that “all cards are now on the table” in any attempt to overthrow the still OVERWHELMINGLY MAJORITY SUPPORTED Syrian government, exposing in relentless fashion at every opportunity the artificial mechanism of the “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy where a MINORITY is organized to try to overthrow a popularly supported MAJORITY government, pointing out: 3.) that the U.S.-directed coup d’etat/regime change attempt in Syria also targets Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas. Appropriate political defense should be made for all four, drawing attention to the fact that false re-circulated IAEA “WMD” Claims and U.S./“Israeli” threats of bombing of Iran are being used primarily to INTIMIDATE Iran and to try to prevent Iran from coming to Syria’s aid if the U.S./“Israel” or its proxies from Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Qatar launch an invasion, which may be imminent! Russia must send the message that that it is NOT going to happen and be prepared to possibly give up its ill-gotten WTO membership! The Russian attempt to “maneuver” is resulting in DISASTER diplomatically because the United States in accordance with the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism—which operates independently of the will of the individual capitalists—see below—generates the relentless attempt to overthrow the Syrian Government—and eventually the Russian Government while Russia supposedly remains NEUTRAL!? No, the Russian Federation, by refusing to take a firmer stand is objectively supporting the United States Coup D’Etat/regime change attempt in Syria although it avoids a carbon copy Security Council vote which allowed the “No-Fly Zone” in Libya, but which invites disaster upon itself and the entire world! Russian leadership must understand that the “Gorbachev Era” is over! The “Facebook”-Assisted U.S. Proxy Invasions of Libya, Syria, Yemen and other states is a new method of USING A MINORITY TO TRY TO OVERTHROW THE MAJORITY and is part of the new U.S. REGIME CHANGE GAMBIT IN THE MIDEAST AND GULF STATES and WORLDWIDE, which the U.S. capitalist dictatorship has contemptuously designated “The Arab Spring” and “The Quick Fix.” “The Arab Spring” is NOT in the interest of Arabs, but ONLY in the interest of the United States and its imperialist allies. The “Quick Fix” also applies to targeting its very own domestic U.S. population economically for extermination through gradually increasing economic war and then sharply escalating economic impoverishment through imposed austerity after the staged OBAMA RE-ELECTION. Using the false pretext of “economic deficit and budget crisis” the capitalist dictatorship will impose economic SANCTIONS on its own domestic population of INNOCENT CIVILIANS (!) with the so-called “the Budget Deal.” The “budget deficit” was deliberately and artificially created and has NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH “GREED” or any personal foibles of capitalism and is actually a Depression deliberately targeting the Working Class and Poor primarily. Both internationally and domestically the U.S. capitalist dictatorship graphically demonstrates that capitalism has reached its Final Stage of: Permanent War and State Terrorism. The United States has now been FORCED to resort to its new strategy of “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy, not because it is so “clever,” but because the MORALE of its OWN mercenary armies in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere is at an ALL TIME LOW and the MORALE of the entire capitalist dictatorship in Washington, D.C. is at an ALL TIME LOW! Lower even than in Viet Nam! Whereas Invasion by Proxy can be used almost everywhere whenever a direct invasion is not possible and can be used to create mass provocations as in the Russian Federation and elsewhere, and it also costs so very little in comparison with paying for one full-scale invasion after another! The United States is presently using “social networking” websites in virtually every country in the world in order to create division or to fan the flames of division and to create provocations in order to manipulate public opinion and build organized support for U.S. imperialist policies. Courses in “social networking” are now given and REQUIRED in every U.S. Embassy worldwide to help achieve these manipulative objectives! U.S. embassies work closely with the U.S. NGOs, (so-called “Non-Governmental Organizations”) and so-called “human rights groups” in coordinated attempts to overthrow governments. But in order to actually overthrow a government a U.N. Security Council Resolution is normally required and it does not work well once the targeted government is overthrown because there is no reliable occupying army, for example as in Libya! But the U.S. capitalist dictatorship actually prefers the total chaos, which exists now in Libya as a price for the Libyan oil and where there was previously a government opposed to U.S. imperialism! The rock bottom morale of the U.S. military and the widespread radiation poisoning of the environment in Iraq by the U.S. use of DEPLETED URANIUM for munitions and armor shielding has poisoned the environment in Iraq increasing the cancer rate astronomically and made Iraq actually uninhabitable, forcing the U.S. to withdraw most forces from Iraq. The U.S. simultaneously announced that it intends to increase its military presence with its remaining forces in Kuwait and elsewhere in the Gulf and even Australia, to more than 40,000 troops (New York Times, Oct. 30, 2011) as a threat to Liberation Movements fighting U.S. puppet regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan and as a back-up threat to regimes targeted for U.S. “Facebook”-Assisted Proxy Invasion/Provocation and also to threaten the People’s Republic of China—a long-range target for U.S. regime change, where the U.S. is currently involved in DOZENS of different provocations! The U.S.-Led Proxy Invasions of Libya, Syria and other countries are carried out under cover of a RELENTLESS FALSE PROPAGANDA DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN consisting of two parts: 1.) THE FALSE PRETEXT OF “PROTECTING INNOCENT CIVILIANS, “STOP THE KILLING” and “PREVENTING A HUMANITARIAN CATASTROPHE” (complete with the clumsily contrived media-hyped Big Lies and preposterous false claims e.g. of Libyan “anti-personnel cluster bombs and rockets” or “Syrian massacres”)! This is combined with RIDICULING, VILIFICATION, EXCORIATION and REVILING of the countries’ leaders in the U.S.-dominated world capitalist media! But even after the U.S. gang-banger “rebel army,” numbering LESS than 10,000 (!) finally entered Tripoli on August 21, 2011 with its U.S./NATO Special forces MINDERS and afterward, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi even in death is still supported by the overwhelming majority of the Libyan population! He will always be popular in Libya! No Wonder! UNDER QADDAFI LIBYA HAD THE HIGHEST LIVING STANDARD IN ALL AFRICA! Libya had the highest per capita income, best health care, education and housing. That has ALL ENDED NOW! At no point was Qaddafi ever regarded as a “hated dictator.” Worldwide Qaddafi was correctly thought to be eccentric. Within Libya and Africa Qaddafi was REVERED but also correctly deemed to be eccentric, but NEVER EVER as a “dictator” or “tyrant” as falsely portrayed by the U.S-dominated world media in a clumsy multipart Big Lie of commission and OMISSION, which continues, to try to justify their bloodthirsty war to steal Libya’s oil! The U.S. Invasion of Libya was carried out with a Bush-style SHOCK AND AWE AIR CAMPAIGN, which lasted for over six months. The “rebel” gang-bangers were finally able to enter Tripoli only after 7,459 U.S./NATO bombing sorties (New York Times, August 22, 2011), or 10,000 bombing sorties according to the BBC (October 20, 2011!), had flattened the ENTIRE country! On August 31st the U.S. capitalist dictatorship and its puppet/proxy so-called: “TNC/rebel army” decided NOT to send UN peacekeepers, etc. at least early on or maybe ever (!), not because the “rebel” gang-bangers were incapable of forming a functioning government, which they most certainly are NOT due to geographic, secular and religious divisions, not to mention incompetence, but because the U.S. has directed those proxies to carry out MASS EXECUTIONS of Qaddafi forces and armed loyalists! They do not want any independent U.N. eyewitnesses to their atrocities, which they freely and falsely attribute to…Qaddafi, who they hypocritically and ridiculously labeled an “international outlaw!” See below. The purpose of this mass murder is to INTIMIDATE the overwhelming majority of Libyans who supported and STILL support Qaddafi! Photographs of executed Qaddafi loyalists, so-labeled, being buried in a mass grave with giant earthmovers appeared in the New York Times, October 27, 2011! On October 20, 2011 Qaddafi was brutally tortured and assassinated on direct U.S. orders with U.S./NATO assistance and guidance, all later absurdly denied. Assassination of world leaders who resist U.S. invasions is the new openly stated U.S. policy! The U.S. proxy Libyan gang-bangers “rebels” over the entire 6 months revealed themselves to be mostly common criminals and began to sack Tripoli after totally sacking virtually every city and town which supported Qaddafi, which was and remains the overwhelming majority of Libya! But shortly after entering Tripoli the U.S.-proxy gang-bangers were quickly redirected to Sirte and Bani Walid, Qaddafi towns which they also sacked totally! The BBC admitted on December 12, 2011 that whole towns in Libya (e.g. Tawergha, etc.) had been emptied out of ALL its inhabitants, almost all of whom supported and still do support Qaddafi even in death (!), preventing their return in the face of the total gang rape of their country by the U.S.-backed heavily armed TINY MINORITY of proxy gang-bangers! Toward the end the (Qaddafi) Libyan government also distributed weapons to as much of the population as possible, something a hated dictator would NEVER have done! If the Libyan people have also received some training in their use the defense of Libya will hopefully continue as a guerilla war, which in that case is almost a forgone conclusion. By January 25, 2012 it was reported that the U.S./U.N.-backed gang-bangers had been “expelled” from Bani Walid while the gang-bangers were holding and systematically torturing 8,500 Qaddafi supporters at “almost 60 centers,” while the UN feigned “concern.” (BBC, January 25, 2012) Three days after the U.S.-directed assassination of Qaddafi Hillary Clinton announced the U.S. had appropriated $40 million to try to buy back the SAM-7 surface to air missiles, which hopefully were taken by Qaddafi supporters, and also to try to bribe those whom Qaddafi had armed into returning their weapons to the U.S. invader and its gang-banger proxy! During the entire 6-month U.S. Proxy Invasion the so-called “rebels”/gang-bangers did virtually nothing except to run in after the bombing, which was called in primarily by U.S., British and French Special Forces “blending in” with the gang-bangers, to take possession of the flattened “targets” and immediately EXECUTE ALL the wounded! (New York Times, August 23, 2011 and BBC, January 18, 2012!)) Few prisoners were taken! In response to Qaddafi’s arming the masses, the “rebel”-gang-bangers in turn systematically tried to round up those civilians in Tripoli with the Qaddafi-distributed weapons (Reuters, August 27, 2011) and then as formally documented in the October 27, 2011 New York Times above, summarily execute them en masse. But then STILL blame Qaddafi!? The Big Lies are as relentless as they are absurd and in Syria even more fantastic as well! The reason Qaddafi is still popular and will continue to remain popular even after his assassination—forever–is because it was Qaddafi who overthrew the truly hated and truly despised U.S. puppet King Idris in 1969 and for the first time united Libya and gave the people of Libya a secure future, which now no longer exists in Libya or in the United States, where the world capitalist dictatorship is now is in the process of waging a war of extermination against its very own people and worldwide to solve the “overpopulation problem.” (See below!) After ordering the assassination of Qaddafi the U.S directed its gang-banger TNC “rebels in Libya set aside a national holiday to honor (!) the hated and despised former U.S. puppet King Idris (!), showing complete and utter contempt for the Libyan people who almost unanimously hated Idris! 2.) In a further open demonstration that Qaddafi was widely supported in Libya is the fact that the U.S. ordered that he be buried in an unmarked grave way out in the desert so that his grave would not become a shrine (!), for the same stated reason that the U.S. dumped Bin Laden’s mutilated body in the ocean! See: Materialist Analysis of the Bin Laden Assassination and Trade Center Attack-Provocation. Militias loyal to Qaddafi were reported still fighting the unanimously hated, newly-installed U.S. Proxy Coup D’etat gang-banger “TNC government” in Ragdalein, Libya! (New York Times April 4, 2012)) As a second part of their disinformation campaign the U.S. attempts to generates MAXIMAL CONFUSION surrounding all aspects of the U.S. role in these Proxy Invasions. That is combined with false DENIAL of the actual U.S. objectives, for example: 1.) STEALING LIBYAN OIL and 2.) Trying to Undermine the Syrian-Iran relationship and the Syrian/Iran-supported national liberation movements of Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon! CONFUSION becomes a prime objective of the capitalists’ media and educational system in order to cover up escalating U.S. political crimes. A confused person cannot act because he or she does know what to think. This helps neutralize opposition to capitalism-imperialism at all levels. Simultaneously the U.S. dictatorship denies that there is any war at all! “War? What War?” “The U.S. only protects innocent civilians!” “What bombing?” “That’s NATO! Not the U.S.!” “The U.S. only protects innocent civilians!” “Declaration of War?!” “What Constitution?” (Article 1, Sec. 8(11)! “This is just a STO (Standard Training Operation)!” Note the so-called “War Powers Act” was simply a previous attempt to supplant the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 8(11)! The U.S. dictatorship’s fake domestic “opposition” (e.g. International Action Center, Ramsey Clark, etc.) goes along with all the lies BIG and small, backing the U.S. “Facebook”-Assisted Proxy Invasion of Yemen and calling the coup d’etats in Egypt and the proxy invasions of Syria & Yemen “revolutions” while pretending the unconstitutional War Powers Act, not the Constitution, defines U.S. war policy! The Obama Regime is thus using the same Orwellian, falsely-designated “Preventive War Doctrine” as George Bush II did in lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and on March 28, 2011, the demagogue Obama sounded just like Bush: “I refused to wait for the images of SLAUGHTER and MASS GRAVES before taking action.” Compare George Bush on October 22, 2002 as part of the deliberate and later proved-false “weapons of mass destruction” propaganda campaign to try to get the U.S. masses to accept the U.S. invasion of Iraq: “Facing clear (DELIBERATELY FAKED) evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof, the smoking gun that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.” Between that date and for months right up to the March 19, 2003 U.S. Invasion of Iraq, the entire Bush Regime pushed the same Big Lie trumpeted in the media, but later exposed in detail as deliberately fraudulent. The media pushed that Big Lie relentlessly precisely the same way it does now with Iran and with the United Nations IAEA having been totally taken over falsely claiming that “Iran is building a nuclear bomb!” Today the Obama Regime uses the Preventive War Doctrine based on multiple Big Lies much more frequently than the Bush Regime ever did as it wages war against one country after using “Facebook” and other so-called “social networking sites” to organize and arm a tiny minority of the population and then direct them to commit provocations by attacking their government. The sticking point is the REQUIRED U.N. Security Council Resolution, which directly or indirectly calls for regime change. If the U.S. fails to obtain a U.N. Security Council Resolution the U.S. can not legally invade using the Libyan model, but must try to go around the United Nations by recruiting, for example, the Arab League, which is COMPLETELY OPPOSED by the Arab Street, to try to organize some sort of armed invasion of Syria while continuing to use its tiny “Facebook”-Organized gang-banger “opposition” to carry out relentless unending provocations in what is actually a U.S.-organized COUP D’ETAT attempt—NOT A “CIVIL WAR” and NOT AN “UPRISING”! Russia’s Sergei Lavrov finally stated that the U.S./NATO’s “ultimatums will not work” in trying to ram through Security Council demands for regime change in Syria and neither will waging economic war through sanctions, or encouraging (the U.S. backed gang-bangers) to continue to attack Syrian forces “instead of promoting dialogue” or calling for armed foreign invasion of Syria, calling it “geopolitical engineering, which will spread conflict.” Lavrov further stated: “Change in the Arab world must not be achieved by misleading the international community or manipulating the Security Council.” (Wall Street Journal, March 13, 2012) The Definition of The Big Lie and Class Analysis of the Media First, it is crucial to define and explain the Big Lie Technique which is used on virtually all topics by the capitalist media and educational system and most of the Internet, now almost entirely controlled, monitored and censored by “Facebook” and other “social networking” websites, WHICH CAN REMOVE ANY POST to which they have access!! (BBC, January 26, 2012) There are 2 parts to the Big Lie: 1.) The first part of the Big Lie is that the lie must be BIG, because most people only tell little lies and are entirely unprepared for a Big Lie. 2.) The second part of the Big Lie Technique is to repeat that lie over and over again relentlessly from every media source and “educational” source including textbooks, films and Internet until it is accepted as truth or accepted at least as partly true, when it is most invariably entirely false. In addition, lies may be lies of commission or important lies of omission. Both are unacceptable. The MEDIA, including the medical and science media is simply a privatized arm of the U.S. dictatorship’s “intelligence community,” an actual army of legions of tens of thousands of professional liars which controls every point on the political spectrum and every academic discipline as a special type of political propaganda police agency, and includes even so-called “comedians” working in service to the capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. The U.S. media is very similar to Blackwater, Dyncorp, Custer Battles, Aegis and Triple Canopy, etc., the armed military contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan, except that the media has ALWAYS been privatized. “Protecting Innocent Civilians” and “Preventing a Humanitarian Disaster” are the kind of FALSE PROPAGANDA and Big Lies straight out of the George Orwell novel: “1984” where there was a new language called Newspeak! Inscribed on the central pyramid in the main square in the book were 3 slogans for the new society: “War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength.” The novel “1984” was written in 1948, which was the original title, but the publisher required that Orwell change the date to the “future” date of 1984 so people would not think that world had already arrived! But it had arrived and here is Obama still telling us that WAR IS PEACE! This is also known as BRAINWASHING by use of the BIG LIE TECHNIQUE. The daily U.S./NATO air strikes against Libya with Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and fighter jet bombing attacks actually KILLED HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT LIBYANS EVERY DAY and there were hundreds of air strikes DAILY by the U.S./NATO! The U.S. dictatorship brazenly denies virtually all “collateral damage” and printed their false reports and false reports of the proxy “rebels” instead. U.S. media “reported” bizarrely false claims that Qaddafi was “just taking already dead bodies out of morgues and placing them around (!)” to make it “appear as if (their Proxy) Rebels killed them!” (New York Times, March 23, 2011) The capitalists do manipulate Fundamentalist Islam for their own purposes whenever possible, which is most of the time, but also want to block and head off the growing Islamic Fundamentalist movement and actual independent Islamic political control in their effort to try to overthrow the governments of as many countries as possible in the Mideast, Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. For example in Egypt the U.S. has taken over the top leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood from within so that it can be integrated into a phony “electoral democracy,” but even the Brotherhood objected to the total takeover and change of the constitution by the military (BBC, November 17, 2011) forcing the U.S. dictatorship to use their “Facebook” weapon once again to organize more protests to force the Egyptian military to stage the phony, sham “elections” of capitalism. (BBC, November 27, 2011) In enacting their long-planned multi-country Regime Change and Proxy Invasion Gambit the U.S. capitalist dictatorship and its media use the Big Lie Technique in every conceivable way. Be advised that “democracy” under capitalism is nothing but a codeword and euphemism for capitalist dictatorship and enslavement. “Elections” are the Number One Primary Weapon of Deception of the U.S.-led world capitalist dictatorship of millionaires and billionaires. “Freedom” under capitalism only means freedom for the capitalists to exploit and super-exploit the Working Class in their system of WAGE SLAVERY where all surplus value and profits are STOLEN from the Workers! (See below.) Voting in any capitalist election means that you believe in the Number One Big Lie of Capitalism—that capitalism can be reformed. But capitalism CANNOT be reformed because of its Blind (now) One-Way Dynamic, which is completely independent of the WILLS of the capitalists and their politicians. That dynamic, or development sequence, leads to Fascism, barbarism and finally the end of civilization, and now with the advent of the Runaway Greenhouse Effect, ALL LIFE ON EARTH! Even a Second Russian Surrender (see below) will not prevent this—ONLY a Socialist Revolution in the U.S.! That is why whoever “wins” in a capitalist “election,” you and I lose! CAPITALISM OFFERS A WORLD WITH NO FUTURE FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN! The U.S./”NATO” Goal Was to Take Over Libya, Steal its Oil and Try to Subjugate Its People with Phony Staged Sham “Elections” like in Iraq and the United States! Note that if Russia Genuinely Abandons Syria AT ANY POINT Now or in the Future That Means Russia is Abandoning Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah and also RUSSIA! Despite the fact that Qaddafi agreed to give up his nuclear weapons program in the fall of 2003 and then did so to remove economic sanctions that was not enough for the U.S. and NATO Principals who wanted to steal Libyan oil! Their formula is to vilify and excoriate their enemies relentlessly and try to build popular support for their mass murders, atrocities and non-stop invasions, coup d’etats and provocations around the world which are increasing logarithmically with the help of their new Internet organizing weapons, “Facebook” and the other “social networking” websites. The U.S. imperialists state openly that they fully intend to continue to do the very same thing with Syria that they did with Libya! The economic sanctions of war imposed on Syria by the U.S.-puppet Arab League, Turkey, and the U.S.-puppet “Gulf Corporation Council” do not represent the will of the Arab people, the overwhelming majority of which in ALL Arab countries OPPOSE the U.S.-backed “Facebook”-Assisted Coup D’etats and Invasions by Proxy and OPPOSE ALL POLICIES OF THEIR U.S.-OPERATED PUPPET REGIMES including the withdrawal of all ambassadors to Syria and expulsion of all Syrian Ambassadors from these U.S. comprador/puppet Arab regimes. The U.S., totally drunk with its Russian Federation Quid Pro Quo SUCCESS in overthrowing the overwhelmingly popularly supported Qaddafi Libyan Government with a TEENY WEENY minority of less than 10,000 gang-bangers (!) backed by U.S. air supremacy, is trying to sell 4 Big Lies, while hypocritically arming its Syrian Proxy Gang-Bangers in the attempted overthrow of the Syrian Government: 1.) The overthrow of the Syrian Government is “Inevitable (!),” which it is NOT, not by a long shot! 2.) That the daily death tolls are to be attributed PRIMARILY to the Syrian Assad Government, when the body count is actually due to U.S. ORDERS for its Syrian proxies to mount as many open military confrontations as possible as a CONTINUOUS PROVOCATION in order to maximally increase the “martyr” body count and is another example of BLAME THE VICTIM. 3.) Big Lie No.3—That there is a supposed “Civil War” in Syria, which is a TOTAL Big Lie! It is an attempted coup d’etat of the Syrian government, NOT a “popular uprising!” 4.) The Syrian government is “losing control of its country,” which is not true at all! The U.S. began to set off huge bombs as provocations in central Syrian cities and blamed its Al Qaeda assistants (exactly as in Libya—see below!) to try to sell that Big Lie! The U.S. is once again trying to use a minority to overthrow a majority-supported government, but it is not going to work this time! But the Russian Federation STILL REFUSES TO EXPOSE WHAT IS HAPPENING, opportunistically eager now to retain its new World Trade Organization Member status and looking for other Quid Pro Quos (!), while possibly digging its own grave! The U.S will not EVER stop its Syria adventure unless the Russian Federation takes a genuinely firm stand. And it appears that it will NOT! This is because of the One-Way Dynamic of Capitalism over which the U.S. capitalist leadership itself has NO control whatsoever! The U.S. is also specifically driven in this case by the fact that Syria supports Hamas and Hezbollah and is aligned with Iran, which also supports BOTH! Hamas won the January 26, 2006 election in Occupied Palestine with 57% of the vote and is no “terrorist” organization. Hezbollah, which is SUPPORTED by ALL 17 factions in Lebanon is also NOT a “terrorist organization” but IS the only force which defended Lebanon from the 2006 U.S./“Israeli” War Against Lebanon and defeated the U.S./“Israeli” army on the ground when it invaded Lebanon. Hezbollah, with money from Iran and Syria, largely rebuilt Lebanon from virtual totally destruction after the 2006 War! The U.S. dictatorship is now making the same sort of pronouncements against Syria and Iran, which were made by the Bush Regime about Lebanon as they discussed “the Birth Pangs of a New Middle East” when Kindasleezy Rice and others spoke of using their “Israeli” Proxy to bomb Lebanon “back to the Stone Age” in the 2006 War! In that war the United States/“Israel” used MILLIONS (!) of anti-personnel cluster bomblets in Lebanon and GAZA and also white phosphorus bombs in GAZA, which are now causing an astronomical increase in birth defects there. On July 15, 2011, as an admission of U.S. failure up to that point to overthrow Qaddafi because of his overwhelming majority popular support, and after it became clear that the tiny U.S.-backed, so-called “Rebel” TNC proxy gang-banger army in Libya was blocked on all fronts, the U.S. and their NATO imperialist bootlickers officially “recognized” their tiny proxy army of 10,000 murderers, lumpenized Islamic Fundamentalist gang-bangers and its supposed leadership of usurper wannabes, the so-called “transitional national council (TNC),” as the supposed “legitimate authority” of Libya (!) and even agreed in principle to hand over $30 Billion of the $180 Billion, which the U.S. straight out STOLE from Libya (See below!) to these mostly-to-be-discarded (!) proxies! The U.S. backed gang-bangers were still blocked at this point despite 7,459-plus U.S./NATO bombing runs as of August 22, 2011, or according to the BBC, October 30, 2011, it was 10,000 air sorties!, which were to continue until October 31, 2011, and which destroyed virtually ALL Libyan infrastructure worth hundreds of $ billions. To make it look acceptable the U.S. had the so-called “United Nations,” now a virtual U.S. puppet, with the exception of the Security Council, turn over a tiny amount of that stolen money to their vicious proxies! Note: the Russian Federation hypocritically “refused” to recognize the TNC Rebels then 1.) in order to falsely disassociate Russia from its Quid Pro Quo betrayal of Libya in the U.N., which KNOWINGLY gave the Green Light for the U.S. Proxy Invasion and to further speed Qaddafi’s overthrow in order to give the Americans the Libyan OIL, absurdly claimed: “Russia does not want to take sides in a ‘Civil War’”(Huh!), which the U.S./NATO Invasion by Proxy and Coup D’etat in Libya most certainly WAS NOT, in order to at least try to give credibility to that Big Lie! Opportunist lies have now come back to bite the Russian Federation as the U.S. launched a full-scale “Facebook”-Assisted Provocation Against United Russia and Putin in December 2011 in order to destabilize and soften it up in order to try to force a Second Russian Surrender! This U.S. provocation (See below) will not stop without a fundamental change in the position of the Russian Federation! Supposed Russian “Foreign Minister,” Sergei Lavrov has now taken to falsely labeling the U.S. “Facebook”-Assisted Proxy Invasion of Syria “a civil war.” As an additional reason given by the Russian Federation for vetoing the U.S.-written U.N. “Arab League” February 4, 2012 Resolution calling for direct regime change in Syria Lavrov stated that Russia “will not take sides in a civil war,” which could directly lead to abandoning Syria…and Iran…and finally the Russian Federation itself. Such treacherous “diplomatic” pronouncements simply ENCOURAGE the US! See below! Such a false pretext could be the basis for Russia abandoning arms shipments to Syria for purposes of self-defense from the U.S.-backed and led attempted overthrow of that country. The consequences of such opportunism—not “diplomacy”—led to Libya! The Chicken Comes Home to Roost as the U.S. Uses its “Facebook” Weapon to Organize Fascist-Led, Pro-Khodorkovskyite Demonstrations Throughout Russia! Russian Prime Minister, now President, Putin’s whereabouts are monitored 24-7 by U.S. capitalism-imperialism. When Putin showed up at a mixed martial arts bout in Moscow on November 21, 2011 and very stupidly congratulated the Russian winner (!) in a genuinely unsportsmanlike gesture the U.S. “Facebook,” which is now attached to virtually all websites worldwide, immediately organized a booing session of Putin. When the Russian media foolishly and opportunistically tried to falsely claim that the crowd was booing the American loser that made things doubly worse and the tiny minority of “Facebook fans,” (read: a tiny minority of mostly wealthy gang-bangers mostly highly paid Workers actually—not “middle class” as falsely claimed by the capitalist media.) but with no class identity, with mentalities and character no different whatsoever from their Libyan and Syrian counterparts), started screaming for “democracy” and “freedom” and “Revolution” and “Russia without Putin” (meaning a Russia led by a U.S. puppet!) and attacking “Russian corruption,” meaning the restoration of most of the social programs for the Working Class which had been suspended in the first days of the Soviet Surrender (see below). The U.S. is attempting a regime change in the Russian Federation, meaning a counter-revolution led by U.S. stalking horse EX-billionaire Cheney/Bush ally Khodorkovsky and his slimy U.S.-backed, media-hyped Russian Nationalist NAZI-like stooge Aleksei Navalny and fake “leftist” Sergei Udaltsov!? There is never a word from this U.S.-backed and U.S.-led “opposition to Putin/Medvedev” about the U.S. worldwide mass murder/multiple wars and invasions, the U.S. First-Strike so-called “Nuclear Missile Shield,” which the U.S. is placing in Romania and Poland, or the U.S. Program of Domestic Population Reduction/Extermination targeting its own people (innocent civilians!) through escalating economic impoverishment and Biological Warfare! There is never a call from these U.S.-backed stooges in Moscow to the U.S. Working Class to RISE UP AND ORGANIZE A SOCIALIST REVOLUTION in the center of World Capitalism!! Note: “middle class” is restricted to small business owners, doctors, lawyers and the capitalists’ bureaucracy and servants. “Facebook” and other “social networking” websites have been busy for over a year organizing “Regime Change” in the Russian Federation by attacking Putin/Medvedev’s political party, the overwhelmingly supported United Russia. Through unanswered attacks the U.S., using “Facebook,” caused United Russia’s support to drop from 64% to under 50% in the December 2011 Parliamentary Elections (!) despite well-documented ballot box stuffing by United Russia, which would have been entirely unnecessary if the Russian Federation has simply explained “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion and Provocation by Proxy as orchestrated by the USA, as explained herein. In March 4, 2012, after U.S. meddling in Russian elections was finally exposed, the Russian Presidential Election was won by Putin with almost 64% of the vote countrywide, except in the Moscow Region where it was below 50%, in a 100% free and fair election (!) In response to Putins’s installation of 91,700 video cameras (!) at polling places the U.S./Navalny organized what they called “carousel voting,” where THEY—not Putin—paid groups of “young men” (undoubtedly U.S.-backed gang-bangers, some of the same ones attending the anti-Putin demonstrations!) to supposedly vote 4 or more times at different polling spots…but for anti-Putin candidates!!!!! (The strength of that U.S./Navalny organization was the reason why Putin came in below 50% in Moscow!) GOLOS—a U.S.-State Department & USAID/NED funded NGO (with ZERO CREDIBILITY by that fact alone!)—falsely reported “fraud!” (Whaa?) The Russian people simply found out about the USA.-“Fakebook”-Khodorkovsky/Navalny-GOLOS-NGOs’ attempt to take over Russia. But the U.S. will never quit and has tried to organize “anti-Putin candidates” in outlying regions contesting the mayoralties of numerous Russian cities! The Russian Federation Must Expose the U.S. “Facebook” and Other So-called “Social Networking” Websites as U.S. Propaganda Weapons Which Organize a Minority to try to Overthrow the Majority! If the Russian Federation would simply expose the U.S. “Facebook”-Assisted Invasion by Proxy for what it actually is, as done herein, that would help to disarm U.S. imperialism of its most important NEW “FACEBOOK” WEAPON! But forget it! Genuine anti-Communism of the Russian Federation prevents such self-preservation! What happened in Libya and what is happening in Syria despite the diplomacy and elsewhere would also have to be explained! That’s easy, but for Putin too much trouble?! Why be on the defensive when they could easily go on the offensive? U.S. meddling in the Russian elections was explained on multiple basis however and that led to a victory by Putin! Russia, which produces the very best computer hackers and computer security experts in the entire world was for a year unable to control its own Internet or domestic security against this new false propaganda threat, which it could easily have done. BUT IT HAS NOT YET SIMULTANEOUSLY exposed the “Facebook” mechanism completely! Putin, Medvedev and Lavrov have remained silent against their own best interests, the interests of the Russian Federation and the entire world! Just name calling and clumsily blocking so-called “social networking” sites or arresting and fining U.S. stooges just digs the Russian Federation in deeper allowing the U.S. and the U.S.-backed network of genuinely Fascist false propagandists to hypocritically claim the right to “free speech,” while the U.S. blocks this writer and others from getting writings onto the almost totally censored U.S. Internet, where only Twitter-style peanut gallery type comments are permitted. By April 2, 2012 It was Apparent to U.S. Imperialism that Syria Had Turned The Tide Against the U.S.-Backed “Facebook”-Assisted Coup D’Etat Attempt and That an Escalation was Needed in Bomb Provocations and Death Squad Provocations! In a last ditch effort to resolve the issue with diplomacy Russia and China supported the non-binding U.N. Security Council “Presidential Statement” endorsing a ceasefire by both the U.S.-backed and armed gang-banger domestic proxies in Syria and the Syrian Government. But the tiny U.S.-backed proxy invasion force trying to overthrow the majority-supported Syrian Government NEVER agreed to a cease-fire and escalated their armed military attacks. In order to DELIBERATELY UNDERMINE the so-called UN Peace Plan being fronted by U.S. STOOGE Kofi Annan the U.S. backed gang-bangers in Syria have been being promised all sorts of support by who else but the United States, and the allied/proxy so-called “Friends of Syria (FOS).” The FOS promises of military support and invasions of Syria by proxy armies from Turkey and elsewhere are strong encouragement NOT to support any UN peace plan! While this might have provided Syria with the needed time to identify, isolate and crush the U.S.-instigated Coup D’Etat attempt, the U.S. has instead organized its Gang-Banger Proxies to INTENSIFY the military attack against Syria military forces, killing 89 including 57 troops on June 2nd and to carry out MASSIVE BOMB PROVOCATIONS AND MASS MURDER PROVOCATIONS such as the “Houla Massacre/Provocation.” The One–Way Dynamic of Capitalism combined with Russian opportunism prevents the United States from actually reversing course. On the contrary! In order to save face the U.S. and its puppet, the so-called “Syrian National Council (SNC),” which the U.S. ridiculously but officially recognized (!) as the supposed “legitimate representative of Syrians (Huh?),” denounced Syria and promised to pay “salaries” to their mercenary gang-bangers, the so-called “Free Syrian Army (!)” to continue to try to overthrow the Syrian government! While the U.S. and its NATO and FOS allies denounce Syria for not “withdrawing to barracks” (!) in order to let the U.S. Gang-banger MINORITY take over Syria!!!!!!! WE ALL SO STOOOPID!? While 69 of 70 GOVERNMENTS at the Turkish conference s

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