Syria: Turkey searched downed F-4 Phantom jet fighter at the coast

Posted: June 24, 2012 in International
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The incident between Turkey and Syria on (downed Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter) Friday is as usual a huge topic of the political landscape, especially those of the West and the NATO countries.

The fact is that Syria has downed a Turkish fighter jet (or rather military jet interceptor fighter) of the mark McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II off the coast of the Syrian province of Latakia, in order to protect its airspace and to defend its sovereignty.

As explained by the Syrian side, the “aerial target” could not be clearly identified, and one will not wait a long time in the current situation in order to act. If a Syrian jet fighter would have violated the Turkish airspace, the Turkish Air defense would have acted the same way in the current situation.

The Turkish side has made very vague wording about the incident until now. The new statements that the Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter was in international airspace when it was downed by the Syrian Air defense must be a lie, because the Turkish side has searched the pilots and the downed machine in front of the Syrian coast; witnesses and locals have testified it. And in addition, as already stated, the amateur video of the downed Turkish F-4 Phantom seems to confirm that.

The Turkish President Abdullah Gül asserted that the incident would be investigated and this with the attention on which side of the border the Turkish fighter jets was when it was downed by the Syrian Air defense, before they would consider further steps. He has also assured, however, that this kind of incidents cannot be covered up and also cannot be remain unconsidered.

The Turkish President Gül was so far very hypocritical, gave rather ridiculous statements, such as the assertion that such transgressions of airspaces occurs frequently at high flight speeds of fighter jets over the Mediterranean and that these transgressions of jet fighters are not happening with bad intentions. This might be the situation 16 months ago between Turkey and Syria, but this has clearly changed since then.

Not to mention, that such transgressions of airspaces by jet fighters can be prevented easily and that this statement of President Gül is just a justification – perhaps in order to cover up the real mission of these Turkish jet fighters. In addition, it is clear that Turkey could use this incident, even with false information, for another pretext to demand help of NATO or to boost the decision about a military intervention in Syria. At least, Syria protected its airspace and did nothing wrong after the violation of its airspace by Turkish F-4 jet fighters. Whether the Turkish F-4 jet fighters should “test” the Syrian Air defense is another question. The political statements by the Turkish President Gül are strange.

The behavior of the Turkish leadership under Erdogan is very suspicious, or in the words of the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle, cautious and prudent. Not to mention that the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is on the side of Turkey and the truth is not to expect because both have the aim to topple the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in Damascus. In addition, one has to differ between the Turkish administration and the Turkish people.

As a recent poll in Turkey has made it clear, the most Turkish people reject a foreign intervention in Syria and that more and more Turks are irritated about the behavior of their leadership is also clear.  So, Turkey is cautious and sensible in the eyes of the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle?

What part of reality has Westerwelle missed? It seems likely that Turkey has a reason to wait with final statements, because they have to first investigate within their own ranks who made a mistake and how this incident could happen.

In addition, they sure coordinate the next steps with the administration of the United States. And finally, as stated, Turkey has searched for the downed jet fighter and the pilots in front of the Syrian coast, so they can tell what they want, but that does not change the facts.

It’s been testimony enough that Erdogan needed a longer time after the incident and after the Turkish Foreign Minister and President commented it already, to speak and to announce a meeting of all relevant Turkish authorities about this incident in front of the Syrian province of Latakia. Until now, there is no Turkish statement why the Turkish F-4 Phantom jet fighter has violated Syrian airspace.

Erdogan has not commented on the various media reports that the Syrian side has apologized to Turkey for the downing of one of their older jet fighters. In addition, it seems that there was no real apology by Syria in direction to Turkey.

The spokesman of the Syrian Foreign Ministry, Mr. Makdisi, has unequivocally expressed that Syria has not apologized in direction to Turkey. Syria was defending itself and its sovereignty, and was not able to identify which “flying object” had violated Syrian airspace.

Whether the incident was an actual mistake or whether the Turkish jet was on a reconnaissance tour, on an “espionage mission” above Syrian airspace, is not yet clear and will probably is withheld. Maybe that was the prelude to a NATO campaign in order to trigger the war against Syria or to boost the possibilities for a military intervention in Syria, but then the whole region would be set on fire. Whether NATO will really risk this is debatable, but certainly it cannot be entirely dismissed.

While the usual mainstream reports concentrate on the downing of the Turkish F-4 jet fighter, and it is still not entirely clear that it was really a F-4 jet fighter, and go on with the concentrated demonization of the Syrian government, even with the usual false information and propaganda, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has published the Regulation No. 210, in which the formation of a new Syrian government, headed by Dr. Riad Hijab, is stated.

In the new Syrian government, some old ministers have remained at their posts, but also new persons were added to the government. As it was speculated in advance, at least, also two opposition ministers have joined the new Syrian government. Dr. Qadri Jamil received the post of the Vice Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, and as Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Protection. Dr. Haidar Ali, also from the ranks of the opposition, received the post as Minister of State for matters of national reconciliation.

Thus, at least two opposition politicians of the internal Syrian opposition are now in the new Syrian government. Although it certainly is not the result of what some have hoped for, it is probably a first step in the right direction. Both opposition politicians exert sharp criticism on the legitimate state apparatus, but both distance themselves from the armed militias and the false plays, plans of the West.

With his new post in the Parliament, Mr. Jamil has already pointed out in an interview that he wants to influence the implementation of legislative changes. After formation of the new parliament it seems that the first draft of a new electoral law is already in preparation. The elaboration will sure last its time, but this is clearly another step in the right direction. Whether the parliament will actually implement changes that, more importantly, also have reactions outwardly, remains

After all, the NATO countries have other “plans for Syria” and some countries like France, Germany, Britain, and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not willing to let others meddle into their business and it is clear which plans these sides have.

The NATO countries and the two Gulf States, currently sold as the huge democratic adviser for Syria, have no interest in a real democratic Syria. The “unconventional warfare” by using options like the “Salvador option” is drawn through in order to weaken Syria, to destabilize this country and by this, to also weaken Iran.

After all, Germany even financially supports an office in Berlin with the Emirates. This office in the German capital works in order to provide economic, social and political reconstruction assistance after the downfall of the Syrian leadership. What a farce. Germany`s sham democracy. After 16 months and all indicators, it seems clear that Germany is a subordinate of the wishes of the United States and Israel. Of course, the information of German officials that Germany is blackmailed by the United States to “have this stance about Syria”, comes in addition.

If Germany refuses this, Germany will no more receive information by the Intelligence Agencies of some country, and also the economic situation will change. That is a quote by a person which works for a German authority. But the destruction of Syria is in other hands because Germany also tries to have clean hands outwardly, also concerning its own population. But about 40 Germans were already captured in Syria and have allegedly tried to smuggle weapons and ammo into Syria.

One should follow the Russian example and let the Syrians alone decide about their future, for example, in fair and free elections – maybe observed by international staff. What makes the situation in Syria to such a hopeless situation and what boosts the violence in Syria is the fact that the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other Islamist militias and violent groups are supported by foreign powers with weapons, ammo and money. Although these armed criminals, mercenaries and religious fanatics commit huge violations of human rights. That`s a fact already.

Who does not join the side of the armed militias will be kidnapped, tortured and killed. Or even his family will be tortured and killed after the usual kidnapping. A horrible but good example of this violent and awful behavior was the terrible massacre in al-Houlah (al-Hula), were more than 100 people were targeted killed, but not by the Syrian government forces or the so-called Shabiha (Shabi7a).

According to the report in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ), which has created attention in the NATO countries, another report of a German journalist was published by the Berlin newspaper “Morgenpost”.  The evidence that the massacre was committed by the so-called “Syrian rebels”, are now clear. Unfortunately, some sides still try to conceal this, and to silence the people who talk about the true situation in Syria.

As already explained in this short post, when the NATO countries and media has no good base to blame the Syrian army and government for acts of violence within Syria, as the horrible massacre in al-Houlah (al-Hula), they fall back to use the mythic Shabiha militias as the perpetrators. These mythic Shabihas are an useful method for the Western editorial offices. But when CNN or BBC drops some lines in statements of allegedly witnesses like the line about the “men with bald heads and long beards”, one knows that something stinks. Not to mention that “men with long beards and bald heads” rather are to find among the armed militias and not among the government forces or the Shabiha militia.

Who exactly are these Shabiha (Shabi7a) militias? No one knows this for sure; at least, not what is their role in the current crisis. The origin of the Shabiha militia is in the 70s, where they appeared the first time as a gang of smugglers, enjoyed the protection by the Syrian leadership because of the grounds of ethnic closeness to them. It is said that today about 10,000 men belong to the so-called Shabiha, primary young, poor men from the mountains around the Syrian city of Latakia.

But when one tracks the media and especially the channels of the questionable opposition, one is quickly able to realize that all are named “Shabiha” who are not against the Syrian President al-Assad.

Thus, they become victims of the so-called “Syrian rebels”; they are kidnapped, tortured and massacred. Just like Christians, Alawites and some other minorities or even Sunni Muslims who do not join the ranks of the armed militias and the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). A false sect, a false religion, and even a false opinion or stance can already mean the kidnapping, torture and even the death. That is the “democratic, peacefully” opposition force within Syria?

By the way, on the Blog, one can notice very quickly that many prisoners who are presented by the so-called “Syrian rebels” as Shabiha (Shabi7a) are in reality just normal Syrian civilians.

The behavior, the support and the arming of these armed Islamist militias and groups of criminals, religious fanatics and mercenaries by the West and the Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia is only to condemn in the highest level. This has nothing to do with democratic core values. Shame on Germany, France, Britain, Sweden, and some other allegedly democratic and peaceful governments.

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  1. BREAKING: Turkish rescue teams found F4 jet Wreckage 1300mt away from Syrian coast, state media said. #Turkey #NATO #Syria — ZNN (@ZNN3)

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    Members of the UN observers in Syria met under the leadership of the Norwegian Major Andrew Steinberg with the three civilians who were injured in an accident in the province of Lattakia by a UN vehicle.

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    And, end of esed…. 🙂 already congrats with new goverment ! My syrian brothers.. hi from Turkey

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