Syria: CIA helps with the Genocide

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Sideviews
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On 21 June 2012 a report by Karl Schmitt was published in the New York Times, on the participation of officers of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in smuggling arms to Syria.

The author Karl Schmitt has mentioned as source unnamed American officials and also Arabic intelligence officer. The report provides an interesting insight into the problem situation.

According to the report, employees of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) are operating in a covert operation in southern Turkey in order to help the U.S. “allies” in deciding which fighters of operating militias, which mainly operate under the name “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), should receive the weapons for the fight against the Syrian government.

The American officers were already there for some weeks. They should mainly help to prevent, that weapons across the border to Syria flow into the hands of al-Qaida and other terrorist groups. The weapons are transported by a hidden network of “middlemen”, including the participation of the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

At most they knew about this secret mission, as in Turkey intelligence information would be collected. It was hoped to meet with the “rebel groups” in order to get to know them so that they can be “investigated” whether they are “qualified” for receiving weapons.

The reader of this article is thus given the impression that he has to have no fears and doubts because “Our guys of the CIA take care about that only rebels get weapons and that terrorists receive no weapons. Weapons only for the rebels. ” But how are CIA officers, based in Turkey, able to get in contact with the various militias in Syria, and meanwhile also control who really gets the weapons in Syria?

A CIA involvement in the delivery of the weapons was refused in the German newspaper “Die Welt”, the transport is managed by this “hidden network”. Of course, a rejection of the involvement of the C.I.A. in the delivery of the weapons in the newspaper “Die Welt” means nothing.

The German newspaper missed the rumors that the United States delivers weapons to these armed militias in Syria over some contact persons in Georgia. In addition, considering the lack of investigative journalism, even the lack of journalism, why should “Die Welt” check such rumors? Not to mention that considering the recent months, this newspaper has a clear propaganda-duty.

Only in Turkey, the CIA officers are able to get to know the smugglers and to “examine” the “persons”. How to examine a smuggler? A smuggler is then only a good smuggler, when he is able to deliver the reliable contraband across the border. The CIA officers are not even able to not whether the weapons have arrived there. Supervision, control? Not to think of it. The alleged purpose could only then be fulfilled, if at the same time a covert operation would run within Syria.

Is there no covert operation in Syria, then everything depends on the weapons smuggling members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is known about the Muslim Brotherhood, that they control the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC) from Istanbul and that they have a role, beside others, as adviser for the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The Egyptian and General Chairman of the internationally operating Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badi ‘Moussa, has claimed, almost ordered, that it is permissible to kill Alawite women and children.

Here is the wording from the interview with the General Chairman of the internationally operating Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badi ‘Moussa:

Interviewer: “Is the killing of Alawites – their wives and children – allowed in retribution for their actions?”

Mohammed Badi: Yes, my brother. We have sent a communiqué to the Alawites with a warning that should be the last.Our brothers in the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) have sent inquiries to outside scholars in exile, to see if it is allowed to attack Alawite villages like Zahra, Eqrima Nuzha and the suburbs of Homs.”…

The CIA officers in southern Turkey make it sure that the Muslim Brotherhood-led anti-government militias with such orders and “defaults” get weapons in Syria.

These weapons are not only used, contrary to the illustration in The New York Times, in order to fight against the Syrian government, but also for the extinction of entire villages (e.g. Houla massacre?!) – a huge crime against humanity, supported by the CIA.

Robert Stephen Ford

The former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Stephen Ford, spoke about a decision some days ago, this decision should be taken by the officers and soldiers of the regular Syrian army, and compared the “barbaric acts of the Assad regime at the Syrian population” to the massacre of Srebrenica, where the Bosnian-Serb militia leader was convicted in front of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

But if someone has to take such a decision, then those are not the members of the Syrian army, but the leaders and fighters in the gangs of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and their accomplices, of which Robert Ford is certainly one of them.

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  1. antifo says:

    This article (or at a short summary of it) should be available in Russian language. Marat Musin and Olga Kulygina must know about CIA’s involvement in the genocide. Russian diplomats can bring up the issue to the United Nations only if they know about it. A translation can safe lives in Syria.

    • That`s true.. I even guess a lot know about but.. you know yourself how the German policy is and acts.. one has a hard stand when he tries to deliver the truth or knows about the false games behind the curtains.. I will try to mail the ANNA-News team.

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