Syria: Syrian Air defense has downed Turkish fighter jet

Posted: June 23, 2012 in International
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According to Syrian authorities and Syrian media reports, the Syrian air defense has downed a Phantom F-4 which was converted into a reconnaissance jet and thus also equipped with reconnaissance -cameras.

According to the reports, two jet fighters of the same type came from the Turkish city of Malatya, from the Turkish Air Force Base Erhach, flew over the Mediterranean and later, the jet fighters invaded the Syrian airspace.

One of the two jet fighters was downed at about 10 o`clock CEST near the Syrian city of Ras al-Baseet. The Pilot and the navigator were able to escape by parachute and were later fished from the sea and captured by the Syrian navy.

Then two more Turkish fighter jets flew at low altitude and very slow over the area, apparently in search of the wreckage and survivors. As it was later mentioned, the Turkish side had the allowance by the Syrian authorities to search for the pilots and fighter jets. This version of events was reported by Syrian media.

First Turkish media reports spoke of a fighter aircraft of the Turkish Air Force that has disappeared from the radar screens during a flight over the Mediterranean. The Turkish pilots had to eventually give up the fighter jets, because of technical or other, yet unexplained, reasons. The Turkish General Staff said that the fighter jets were last located southeast of the province of Hatay adjoining to Syria.

The news that the Syrian air defenses had shot down (downed) the fighter plane, was first reported by Al-Mayadeen, a new TV station (Arabic language) in Lebanon, which recently went on air this month, as a voice against the biased Arab TV stations from the Gulf, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya.

Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya are funded by the Sheikhs of the Gulf States and report only report in favor of the Western-backed terrorists in Syria and also one-sided against the government of Syria and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

If the message about the downing of a Turkish jet fighter is true, what it finally is, and then this is a sign. The Syrian Air defense system is very efficient; the Turkish jet fighter was downed probably with the help of a Russian S-300 missile.

F-4 Phantom Jet Fighter

F-4 Phantom Jet Fighter

This could cause some headaches for the warmonger states of NATO; the attack strategy of NATO is always and mainly based on air superiority. Libya can tell you a thing or two about it. Without air superiority, they are helpless. One needs to only shot down a few machines from the sky, and no more jet fighters will follow, because of fear of loss.

Ever since the war against Serbia, and after the war with Iraq anyway, every country which is in the crosshairs of NATO, should already know that the best defense is a massive Air defense, which brings down everything that moves in the air.

This is the only language that the aggressors are willing to understand and will consider an attack, at least, two times then. On the ground, they cannot be really good, when even the ragged bunches of Taliban are able to resist against the NATO soldiers for over 10 years.

Meanwhile its official: Ankara confirmed that Syria has downed a Turkish fighter jet over the Mediterranean. The office of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced this after an emergency meeting of the Security Cabinet in the late evening hours yesterday.

On Friday evening, the Syrian news agency Sana has reported that the Syrian Air  defense has noticed an “unidentified aerial target”, which has flown very low and at high speed. “The Syrian air defenses responded by flak and hit it directly”, Sana reported. “The Syrian air defenses responded by flak and hit it directly”, Sana reported.

The Syrian anti-air defenses has counteracted with anti-aircraft artillery, hitting the “unidentified aerial target” directly as it was 1 kilometer away from the land. The “unidentified aerial target” was forced to crash into Syrian territorial waters, in the West of the Syrian village Om al-Tuyour in the province of Latakia. The Turkish military plane has entered the Syrian airspace and was dealt with the laws according to such a violation.

The F-4 Phantom jet fighter is a very old jet, which completed its first flight in 1958 and was built until 1981. The F-4 Phantom jet fighter (McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II) is a very old jet, which completed its first flight in 1958 and was built until 1981. That such old machines are still used by NATO is just amazing. To get spare parts for such old F-4 jet fighters must be difficult, but needed so that they stay usable at all. Turkey has a fleet of these old jet fighters (F-4), because they have 279 (correction, now 278) of these old mills.

Thus, Erdogan has taken a bloody nose and get a receipt for his criminal support for terrorists which are raging in Syria. That’s what happens when one violates the border of a sovereign state. The guy is just a cowardly loudmouth and sure runs now to his mommy in Brussels and calls for help.

Of course, it is clear that Turkey and the West will present this transgression of the border in a different light in order to sell the Syrian government in Damascus and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad again as a villain. It’s also a “huge atrocity” that Syria protects itself against the penetration by NATO fighter jets. Absolutely!

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  1. kaumi
    23, Juni15:09

    “Update: While Turkish PM Erdogan declined to answer questions on why the Turkish fighter broke into Syrian airspace Turkish President Gul came up with a bad joke: he went on the record telling that these F-4 Phantoms fly so fast that Tukish pilots can’t control them and therefore often violate the airspace of other sovereign countries. Well, if that’s the case Turkey should immediately replace it’s jet fighter squadron completely with military planes more reasonable for Turkish pilots. The Cessna 208 Caravan coulld be a suitable model, so that in the future Turkish pilots won’t risk to inadvertently pull off a war anymore just because their military fighter plane is too fast. Let’s wait to see whether Turkey is willing give a more serious answer to the question why the Turkish jet broke into Syrian airspace than that bad presidential joke.”

  2. Why NATO Won’t Go To War Over Syria Shooting Down Turkish Jet

  3. Souri says:

    “The critical legal point that could be used to activate a NATO response is “hit 13 miles off the Syrian coast, in international air space”. That does not fit with this amateur video taken on a Syrian beach and uploaded shortly after the incident. It seems to shows anti air gun artillery shooting at the alleged plane. There is no way that any AA artillery Syria has could hit a plane 13 miles out.”

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