Syria: Fear for Christians is more than a Footnote

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Sideviews
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At the beginning of May, 2012, two reporters from USA Today were in the Syrian capital Damascus, in order to gain a picture of the situation in Syria. Towards these two reporters of USA Today, the Christian Hani Sarhan has testified the slogan that could be already heard at the beginning of the uprising within the demonstrations:

“Christians to Beirut, Alawites in the grave!”

He and his relatives are not working for the Syrian government and have nothing else to do with Syrian authorities. After they have learned about this awful slogan within the demonstrations, both began to reflect the real aims of the revolt in Syria.

The Christian Hani Sarhan said that he is afraid for his life and the life of his family and therefore supports the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Would there be such demonstrations with these awful slogans within Germany, the German media, government and even the Germans in general would describe it as hate speech, as demagoguery, and finally condemn it, of course. Such slogans like “Christians to Beirut, Alawites in the grave!” are only to condemn.

The spokespersons would have to appear in a German court and could not rely on free speech. All would urge that such demonstrations are not allowed to take place. If it would not be able to prohibit these of demonstrations against Christians and Alawites, against Minorities, by law, then local alliances would be established in order to arrange counter-demonstrations and to do everything what is possible to block these demonstrations.

Also more alliances against the right-wing scene would be established and in general, the German media would try to do everything to write against these demonstrations which are filled with hatred against other sects and religions. Even investigations under the surface would take place, e.g. by the use of confidential informants.

The fear of the Christians and other minorities before the romanticized denominated “Syrian rebels”, which are in reality armed insurgents, Islamists, and criminals in Syria, is for real and not to underestimate.

Every underestimation in the Western media, which is taking place since months, is just to condemn. Of course, the propaganda purposes prohibit it to write the truth, but this also means, that these kind of so-called journalists have also blood on their hands; at least, they will have it on their hands.


Syria: Orthodox Christians in the Holy Easter Mass (Damascus, 15 April 2012)

Everybody who makes the fear of the minorities like Christians and Alawites in Syria to a footnote of the crisis, have to wonder, where his humanity remains. The armed opposition commits serious human rights violations against Syrian civilians.

The idea, that the armed opposition can be subdivide in a good and an evil part, one side that is only killing Syrian civilians, and the other side which is only fighting against the Syrian government troops, is a theory.

This theory can only become reality when the armed opposition forces would distance themselves from those who are killing Syrian civilians and who commit such horrible crimes, but this will not happen. They don’t do it.

To prevent such crimes, nobody else remains than the Syrian government. Who fights against this state, automatically takes the side of those, who are killing Syrian civilians.

The Syrian government is doing nothing more than their responsibility in order to protect the Syrian civilians. It’s called Responsibility to Protect and it is the duty of every government.

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    “Christians to Beirut, Alawites in the grave!”
    and this was in the first week of ”Peaceful Revulotion”
    This what what so-called ”freedoom” ”Peacefull Activists” shout .

  2. Antifo says:

    I found this USA Today article via

  3. Antifo says:

    Syria has a new government since today:

    Two prominent opposition figures received positions as ministers. There is a new ministry for national reconciliation.

  4. antifo says:

    In Syria there is more than one truth

    The next German journalist with serious doubts about the Houla massacre.

    Alfred Hackensberger wrote also the report from Aleppo recently.

  5. antifo says:

    Hübsch das neue Layout!

    Der Kleriker, der das Töten alawitischer Frauen und Kinder erlaubte, ist nicht irgendein sunnitischer Kleriker, sondern der Vorsitzende der Muslimbrüder:

    “Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Muhammad Badi’” ist der, der bei als “Syrian Cleric Sheikh Muhammad Badi’ Moussa” bezeichnet wird. Warum die ihn als “syrisch” bezeichnen ist mir ein Rätsel. Laut Wikipedia ist er Ägypter und führt er auch den ägyptischen Zeig der Muslimbrüder.

  6. @3arabiSouri
    #FSA terrorist after destroying a church in #Syria taking a photo with a souvenir. They’re supported by #NATO states

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