Syria: CIA coordinates Supply of Arms to militias in Southern Turkey

Posted: June 23, 2012 in International
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After the re-election of Vladimir Putin, he met with the U.S. President Barack Obama for the first time again at the sidelines of the G20 summit. Although Putin had announced that they would continue the talks to resolve the problem in Syria, but there should remain significant concerns.

Barack Obama said after the meeting with Vladimir Putin that he also has an interest in a political solution in Syria and opposes a military intervention from outside, but he also wants to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but he was not able to persuade neither Russia nor China until now.

That the statements by U.S. President Barack Obama, that he wants to solve the crisis in Syria without a military intervention by foreign powers, are just a lie, was not only to expect, but is also clear if one reads, for example, this article, published by the New York Times on 06/21/2012.

In this article, it is reported what more and more people have already thought. According to officials from the Intelligence Service and further American officials, some CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) officers are already stationed in southern Turkey in order to coordinate locally the smuggling of weapons to the armed militias in Syria, which are mainly played down in Western media as “Syrian rebels”.

These C.I.A. (Central Intelligence Agency) officers should also ensure that the advanced weapons do not fall into the wrong hands, e.g. in the hands of al-Qaeda (some call it al-CIAda), the construct of the United States, although this seems to be a pretext to somehow justify the deployment of CIA officers in southern Turkey.

It is really questionable how these American CIA officers, agents, are able to assign, which group of these militias belong to al-Qaeda or do not belong to this terrorist organization. It is sure an interesting job for these CIA agents to decide which political and religious ideology some of these divided armed groups follow. In the end, and considering the pictures of UN (United Nations) Observers in Syria, next to al-Qaeda persons, it does not seem to be comprehensible how these CIA agents of the United States are able to ensure this.

It rather sounds more like a pretext to justify the meddling of CIA officers; and finally, it is a violation of the six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. The fact is that America outwardly plays the Mr. Nice Guy and pronounces for a political solution in Syria, while the real politics of the United States and the Obama administration is absolutely contrary to this.

While it may be, perhaps, that were (previously) no weapons supplied by the United States to the militias, which includes groups of Islamists, jihadists, criminals and also mercenaries, although one should doubt that (e.g. there are rumors that the United States also deliver weapons to the “Syrian rebels” by using special contacts in Georgia), but the U.S. military already meddles into the conflict in Syria.

After all, they “monitor” the smuggling of weapons in southern Turkey and are looking at the same time for new recruits and contacts within the ranks of the militias, with whom they can plan new strategies and whom they can train, in order to continue the fight against the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus. Even if it may be that America does not supply weapons to religious fanatics and criminals, they give them already material, which can be far deadlier.

As it was also reported by the New York Times, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) gave satellite imagery of the Syrian army movements to the armed militias, so that the armed radicals and groups of dubious fighters have an advantage and are able to better attack the Syrian government forces – or to avoid them.

The information which was reported in The New York Times, are only the iceberg of what is really happening in the background of the whole political banter. It was already multiple times confirmed that foreign forces are working within Syria and the signs are on war. The “unconventional warfare” of the United States was fully implemented and the “Salvador option” is a nice addition to the points of the new strategy of the United States to implement a “regime change” in another country, in order to install a puppet government and to weaken this “not friendly” country.

The mainstream media of the NATO member states adhere largely to the propaganda against the Syrian government. Again and again the Syrian government is made unilaterally responsible for the violence in Syria, although this is wrong and although the situation in Syria is not “black and white” and much more complicated.

But it is like the use of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) for all mentions of the armed militias and armed opposition forces within Syria. It has a reason why only several media stations have already published articles in which it is explained that there are much more groups active in Syria, beside the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). But to be honest, it is sure counterproductive for the propaganda purposes to explain that there are groups of Islamists, jihadists, foreign Salafists, normal criminals and even some fighters from Europe.

The double standards of NATO media and NATO countries is still so unbelievable that one is hardly able to find the suitable words for it, at least, words which are still polite, somehow. In addition, normally Afghanistan and recently Libya should have again confirmed that such a double standard is the false policy to deliver democracy and peace to another country.

But what to expect when NATO countries, in addition to the big “democratic states” Qatar and Saudi Arabia support armed Islamists, jihadists and other religious fanatics and criminals? Every logically thinking person should raise his eyebrows. It is repeatedly accused that many Syrian civilians get killed by the shelling of the Syrian army, but that is not the case; meanwhile, while many victims are massacred by the Western-backed groups of criminals, Islamists and mercenaries, NATO media stays silent about that.

It is already so obviously that real journalism is dead. Investigative journalism is a fairy tale. In the editorial offices, all is about economic interests and thus, they write what sells; in addition to the information that favor the political stance (foreign policy) of the own country.

The questionable information of so-called activists is published without tangible evidence. These stories get disseminated without investigation, without evidence and without an activated brain of the responsible journalist. The question still remains: why? It is already so obviously, that it is no surprise anymore, that alternative media increases the amount of its readers, while CNN, BBC, ARD (as examples) sure lose “customers”, which are already called “sheeples” by the Arabic Blogger behind the Blog Democratic-Syria.

What is certain is that the armed rebels, the militias of different kinds, have much more benefits of the chaotic situation in Syria than the Syrian government. That the violence often originates from the Western-backed Syrian “rebels” (terrorists, Islamists, use what you want) has turned out more often lately and was no more really able to be denied or to be completely concealed by the “free press” of the West.

Although they do only reluctant and recalcitrant report about the atrocities committed by the Western-backed radicals and rather search new questionable allegations against the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Army, but they report, at least, sometimes about these human rights violations and, yes, massacres, which were committed by the Western-backed “democratic, peaceful rebels”.

The situation in Syria has worsened, although there is a small light on the sky for the majority of Syrians. The Syrian army seems to get the overhand against the terrorism of some armed groups in some regions of Syria. But to be honest, other districts and regions are still filled with armed religious radicals and mercenaries.

To use only one-sided blame is definitely wrong but good for the propaganda purposes of the West. The situation in Syria is, as stated, not black and white. Journalists make it too easy for themselves and discredit the image of journalism, since months, even since years. Not to mention that “free press” should not mean that propaganda is willfully spread, while knowing, that the sources are far away from being credible.

Just yesterday, numbers of deaths were published, simply adopted without evidence. Western media? A farce and a dilemma. Even a huge joke, if the situation and fact would not be so sad.

Again and again, especially in the German mainstream media, the so-called “Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR) gets named as the source, although the journalists should already know that this information is more a joke than reality. This Islamists hotdog stand claims to be informed about the situation in Syria on a regular basis.

This is enough to be used as source, even when a lot of information was already unmasked as false information. The Muslim Brotherhood office in London, the city, which German so-called journalists still mention as location for the dubious two-man show “Observatory for Human Rights in Syria”, is a farce and also a joke. Every journalist which uses this source also discredits himself meanwhile.

On Thursday, allegedly 157 people were killed, including 114 civilians and 54 Syrian soldiers. Again and again, the statement that the army shoots, regardless of the consequences, on civilians. Evidence is not provided, of course. Considering the experiences of friends in Syria and considering our own experiences with the Syrian army, these accusations are far away from the truth.

In addition to the 157 dead from Thursday, at least 25 government supporters were kidnapped in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) on Friday, and later executed by the Western-backed Islamist militias. That is the freedom and democracy, the Western people should and also do support? We doubt it. To kill somebody because he has refused to join the armed groups, because he had “the false stance”, false religion, or because he was on a wrong place at the false time? We doubt that the Western population supports these crimes. We blame the so-called democratic governments. This ain’t democratic, François.

Many Syrian business owners often report about the harassment to which they are exposed by the armed militias. Unfortunately, these voices are lost in the mainstream, and mainly appear in alternative media, but among these alternative media, a lot are presented as conspiracy theorists or political misguided people. Thus, the truth has indeed a hard job.

The situation of some 800 – 1000 trapped people, even families, in the Syrian city of Homs is still precarious. They are trapped in the combat zone between the armed radical Salafists groups (Agencia Fides named them this way) and Syrian soldiers. The Syrian news agency SANA has reported about several unsuccessful attempts by the official agencies and the Red Crescent together with the Red Cross in order to free the trapped people.

In the past two days, all attempts were unsuccessful. On the aid workers and Red Cross Red Crescent has been fired (the “occupiers” have shot), the ceasefire by both sides was not implemented. The armed militias and Islamist occupiers blame the Syrian army for all this. But again, no evidence, just the typical phrases.

The counter-question is whether the rebels may have greater benefit to continue occupy the areas and to keep the locals as hostages. Maybe another attempt of a false-flag massacre will follow. At least, it would not be a surprise. Unfortunately, it is that neither side shies away from violence. The regular army has to accept exactly the same allegations as the Western-backed fighters, but one should always pay attention to the question, which side has the benefits actually from all the violence and chaos.

Currently, the benefits of these “events” are sure not on the side of regular Syrian army. The Syrian Arab army defends its position and tries to fight back against the armed militias as much as it is possible. In addition, the Syrian army tries to protect the people and to free zones which were occupied by armed groups of Islamists and criminals.

The Syrian government adheres to the Annan plan, but until now, this plan was not able to guarantee less violence in this country of the Middle East. For the armed militias, the so-called “Syrian rebels”, this six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan was always counterproductive for their real aims. In addition, this plan by Kofi Annan was also counterproductive for the Islamists council, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey.

As long as the armed fighters receive new weapons, ammo and support by Western powers and the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, nothing will change. The mills of war turn more and more. How critical is the situation is gets confirmed by an incident on last Friday.

A Turkish fighter jet (F-4, although some said a F-16) has disappeared from the Turkish radar around noon. The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II fighter jet appeared in the Syrian airspace without permission and was therefore downed by the Syrian Air defense. After a security conference in Turkey, Erdogan has acknowledged the downing of the Turkish fighter jet and also announced necessary steps after the completion of investigations into the incident.

Erdogan said nothing about the reason why this Turkish jet fighter has violated Syrian airspace. Turkey, at least, the Turkish leaders in Ankara, has taken the side of the armed “rebellion” in Syria since the beginning, and even hosts a lot of armed Islamists and criminals on Turkish soil. Not to mention the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Also the weapons smuggling is tolerated and coordinated (in addition to the CIA agents) by Turkey. We doubt that a lot of Turks enjoy the fact that CIA officers are located on Turkish soil. In addition, the Turkish territory is willfully provided as a sanctuary for the gunmen by the Turkish leadership.

The violation of Syrian airspace by a Turkish fighter jet was a provocation, but Syria has answered with a good point. Of course, the West tries to provoke a false reaction of the Syrian side in order to have another pretext for a military intervention in Syria – with the help of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The three nations are just waiting for an opportunity to get the green light for war against Syria. Within the Arab League (AL), Saudi Arabia and Qatar are the spokesman for a war against Syria, but they are on their own. Sadly, both Gulf States have a lot of money and thus the power to influence a lot. All other Arab countries are not really interested in a military intervention in Syria, but some just have no balls.

Whether Turkey will use yesterday’s incident as a NATO partner in order to attack Syria is difficult to say. But at least, considering Erdogan, all is possible. There are reasons for this opinion, but there are also good reasons which speak against an attack by Turkey.

Russia remains on the side of Syria and on the side of the international law and fights that this view is finally borne by other states, too. Putin gets not too tired to repeatedly request that the Syrians within Syria should decide about their future on their own. Perhaps by the implementation of free and fair elections, which will be monitored by “international observes” in which the Syrian population are able to decide for or against the Baath party and al-Assad. But the fact is that the gunmen have to stop the radical violent struggle and that the support of these religious fanatics and criminal strangers has to end.

The Special Envoy of the United Nations and Arab League Secretary, Kofi Annan, is currently working on the preparation of the meeting of a new contact group on Syria on 30.06.2012 in Geneva. Despite the objections of Western countries, especially by the United States, he also wants to bring Iran to the negotiating table. The Iranian president guaranteed in a talk with the clown, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, that Iran will do everything possible to support a political solution in Syria and to stop the violence, but the Iranian president also speaks clearly against military intervention from outside.

As Kofi Annan has said on Friday at a news conference in Geneva, he fears an escalation of the situation in Syria and sees the political settlement of the conflict steadily decreasing. That his fears might become reality is mainly due to the double standards of the NATO countries that are meddling in Syria for a long time and who do support armed Islamists and criminals – like it has already happened in Libya and other earlier situations. Meanwhile, these NATO countries are even not too good to put Russia and Iran in the pillory – for (allegedly) weapons deliveries to Syria.

Whether the planned conference so can actually bring a solution to Syria, beyond a possible war and the violent overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is questionable. One can only hope that the violence in Syria is coming to an end, too many innocent victims already died because of the blind forces in the battle of the superpowers.


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