Syria: Analysis of a Syrian Blogger about NATO media

The Arab Blogger from the Blog “Democratic Syria” has given us this description about the recent defector story in Western media and shared his analysis of this recent event.

Here is his analysis on the defection of the Syrian pilot.

While it is another headline in Western media, the Blogger has given some good points in his analysis about this defected pilot.

Here’s the text of this Syrian blogger:

Yesterday morning a Syrian air-force pilot defected with his plane to neighboring Jordan in the South. The NATO aligned media and warmongers found their opportunity to gloat in this, why and what is the big deal?

Let’s see what they missed:

First of all and from the very early days we were hearing that the Syrian regime is a sectarian regime and we learned, no thanks to Fox News, CNN, BBC and the others that Alawites is an offshoot of Shi’ite and the president is from that sect so the regime is based on that sect and oppressing the vast majority of the Syrian people, especially the Sunnis whom comprise over 70% of the population.

If we start just looking at the Syrian former 2 cabinets and the one being formed now, we can simply say: Syria’s vice president is a Sunni and from Daraa (the cradle of the ‘revolution’ as they like to say), so are some ministers, former Prime Minister of Syria:

Naji Ottri is a Sunni from Homs, Adel Safar the one on his way out right now is a Sunni from Duma in Damascus countryside, the appointed new Prime Minister Riyad Hijab is a Sunni from Der Ezzor! The Foreign Minister of Syria, another Vice President Najah Attar, an adviser to the president Buthaina Shaaban, 2nd person in Foreign Affairs ministry Faisal Miqdad, none of them from the ‘offshoot’ sect, the Minister of Defense Daoud (David) Rajha is a Christian, and so is the majority of Syrian cabinets, Parliament, Army… etc.

The defected pilot yesterday was a colonel in Syrian Air Forces, a Sunni from Idleb..? Remember: Idleb is another cradle or stronghold of the ‘revolution’ of the Sunnis against a sectarian oppressive regime…

Secondly, the entire defection thing with the plane is a mere public stunt meant to add to the propaganda used against Syria in a simple way: The Gaddafi Moment. NATO accused Gaddafi of many things, which we are discovering it were all fabrications and media propaganda, including a ‘turning point’ when they brought a defector who claimed he was given orders to bomb civilians but refused.

If we consider Syria now, only the “Sheeple fools” would believe of the possibility to bomb civilians by air, ground or sea, in a country like Syria where there’s no pure towns based on sectarian or ethnic backgrounds.

Everybody lives next to each other, so bombing, shelling or whatever strikes against such populations would not differentiate between a Sunni, a Shi’ite, a Christian, a Alawite, or a loyal or an opposition.. That’s an exclusive act done only by moron criminals like NATO heads droning villages & towns including NATO Turkey droning Kurdish villages in the south east of Turkey where sectarian lines were promoted by the Muslim Brotherhood government of Erdogan.

Thirdly, the pilot is from Idleb, bordering Turkey where the terrorist organization FSA (the umbrella which Al Qaeda among others fight under, ask Panetta & Dempsey) operates across the borders and where most of the terrorists are brought in Syria with the help of CIA, MI6 and others including French and Turkey’s Intelligence; and many defectors were smuggled out through that route.

So why would an officer from that border city in the North West of Syria, go all the way to the south of Syria and defect to Jordan instead of simply crossing the borders and joining the FSA ranks?

Fourthly, some would say because he needed to take the plane with him, and here I humbly remind you that MiG 21 was first produced in 1959 and retired in 1990s, it’s an over 40 years old plane in the service of Syrian Air Forces for the purpose of training, so it is not used for military actions and considering the ‘rebels’ receiving advanced ground to air missiles from the USA, it’s impossible even to consider using such an old plane in military actions.

Not to mention that per international law and treaties related, the hosting country of a defecting pilot is obliged to return the plane and can keep the pilot in the event it grants him a political asylum status, which by the way includes preventing him from carrying out any political activities. The Jordanian government granted the defecting pilot political asylum status within a couple of hours (the fastest grant of such in the history of asylums, usually takes months).


A public stunt by the CIA to promote a dead plot against a sovereign country just to prolong the crisis there, costing further blood and increasing the bid in the final settlement. Or as an analyst said:

USA usually sells its agents after raising the bids in any settlement to the maximum possible level; sadly this is costing Syrian civilian and military innocent blood, spilled in the names of USA & other NATO member states citizens, with their money, using their children in many cases, and we hold each citizen in the west responsible for spilling the Syrian blood.

Congratulations to the ‘rebels’ a mute traitor, and to the Sheeple of the West another crime in their names, with their money, by their own people against another country that never invaded any of your countries, nor threatened to do so.

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3 thoughts on “Syria: Analysis of a Syrian Blogger about NATO media

  1. political asylum…meanwhile Julian Assange is holed up in Ecuadors London embassy…waiting for his very real need for asylum

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