Syria: Propaganda by German media is still maintained

Yesterday the German mainstream newspaper “taz” published an article entitled “Escalation of Violence in Syria: Now the Kurds should also join the war“, written by Jasna Zajček.

Of course, this reminds some on the new head of the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, and why this head was finally “elected” to represent the questionable interests of this dubious council.

Jasna Zajček was awarded with the CNN Journalist Award in 2005 and it is almost no question that hardly anybody fevers so violently with the “Syrian rebels” than this so-called journalist with experiences at the front (picture see source).

Jasna Zajček wrote that the German mainstream newspaper “taz” has heard from “fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA)” in North Lebanon, that the Syrian Air Force would fly attacks with Russian aircrafts since some days.

That would be the reason for an call to the “Kurdish brothers” to resort to arms. Again, it seems that Jasna Zajček is a journalist for the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) and its interests. Of course, the whole story by Mrs. Zajček is the typical propaganda with unconfirmed information, but it is useful to influence the opinion of the readers and, in addition, probably also for the careerist Jasna Zajček.

Jasna Zajček also mentioned in her questionable article that “the elite” of the “Syrian Air Force” is still “almost exclusively in Alawite hands”. The typical propaganda and she obviously has missed some evidence or, at least, she has a lack of investigation of the real structure of the Syrian Air Force.

Jasna Zajček has willfully painted a atmospheric picture where the mood is so bad that the so-called journalist, better careerist, is even convinced that she should ask for donations in her article.

It is about the survival of the “people in a peaceful resistance”. Ah, so the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other radical Islamists gangs, religious fanatics, criminals and foreign mercenaries are finally peaceful for the journalist who was once awarded for her propaganda by CNN (no surprise)? Wow.

Somebody should investigate whether Mrs. Zajček has some health problems. But she has not, of course. She is just the typical careerist who sells the willfully propaganda as journalism under the pretext that she would care about the people.

The recipients of the funds (donations) in northern Lebanon were “verified” in Berlin and Beirut. A really interesting statement that finally says all or nothing about the intentions of this author. The reaction of readers shows clearly that they do not like such a cheeky “door-to-door selling”. They recognize it as a psychological warfare in support of terrorists and call it a script for a no-fly zone.

But the readers seem to obviously buy the story of the “Shiite-Alawite regime” in Syria. A journalist, awarded by CNN, wrote this about Syria, just to remind you again. Is this allegation by Jasna Zajček correct and suitable? A “Shiite-Alawite regime” in Syria?

The truth is that Shiites have to fear for their lives if the armed Salafist gangs, which invade Syria from northern Lebanon, when they are able to catch the Shiites. It is said about the Alawites that they were hated because they would fill almost all key positions in Syria (which is not really true).

One thing is certain after the last 16 months, the German mainstream media doesn`t love the Alawites in Syria and that the fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has already before the massacre in al-Houla (al-Hula) asked a “Sunni cleric” whether it would be permissible to also kill the wives and children.

He gave his permission:

In view of this hatred, the West would have (in other cases) already spoken about an impending genocide and the West would have thought about the option to bomb his “own rebels”.

Instead, they want to further arm them and so-called journalists, careerists, like Jasna Zajček support them. In words, the journalist Mrs. Zajček supports the armed religious fanatics, jihadists and the usual criminals, even the nice guys in northern Lebanon and underlines the wish of the Western-backed puppet-council, the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which has a new Kurdish head after the clown Ghalioun has left the stage; but just for the reason to influence the Kurds. That is almost propaganda which has been arranged.

So it is no “genocide” in sight, especially since it is “allowed”? Interesting journalism, isn`t it? In any case, the so-called journalist Jasna Zajček has made a huge mistake to call the Syrian government a “Shiite-Alawite leadership”.

The Syrian Arab Republic is an Arab-socialist country. Gamal Abdel Nasser, the second President of Egypt from 1956 until his death, which is still worshiped mainly by more secular Arabs, spoke about Syria as the heart of Arabia, so the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his speech from the 10th January 2012.

The Syrian President al-Assad also denied the allegations that the members of the Syrian security forces who have committed murders would not be punished. U.S. Secretary of State and AIPAC-Favorite, Hillary Clinton, called the speech a “cold cynicism”, but the majority of the Syrian population calls the statements by Hillary Clinton just a war-propaganda and a bunch of lies.

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