Syria: The rebellion against the UN bureaucracy

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Sideviews
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Bill Richardson, candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party in the 2008 presidential election, demanded on 14 June 2012 at Fox News from all NATO countries to military train and to arm the “rebels” in Syria.

This should be done in order to strengthen the rebels, which are bought from the despotic and murderous regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, so that they allegedly are able to “protect” the “civilians” against all the loyal Syrian reformist government units.

Bill Richardson has taken therewith the usual language rules from the Salafists spokesmen in Lebanon. Whether he was aware of this? If he knew it, it does not matter to him, or he even finds pleasure in it, if the Syrians butchered each other. This incredibly cynical attitude is widespread among supporters of the “democratic” camp and is being promoted openly.

Bill Richardson called as the real reason, however, the widespread lie of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, that Russia currently delivers “attack helicopters to Syria”, which will then be taken against the long term as a “peaceful protesters” played down militant insurgents.

The vast majority of Syria’s population will approach this correctly, because the perceived bandits “rebels” for the vast majority of Syria’s population sees this as correct, because the “rebels”, perceived as bandits, for example, they set hospitals and other public buildings on fire, in order to let sink the country into a maelstrom of violence.

The Syrian civilians, while Richardson and the Salafists pretend to care about them, have no understanding for the statements of Richardson and the Salafis (Salafists). They also do not want that police officers get killed, who are working on the elucidation of the many murders and kidnappings of the bandits, in which many of their relatives and friends were the victims.

Parents, devastated.

Parents, devastated.

In desperation, the Syrian civilians even harass the UN Observers and are willing to dedicate their lives to ensure that the truth is no longer kept hidden before the world public. The historical comparison with the fearless students at Tiananmen Square (Beijing, China), who were prepared to let tanks roll over their bodies, imposes itself on.

Unlike the situation in China at that time, the Syrians do not rebel against their government, but against the ignorance of large parts of the world community, which is managed by the bureaucrats of the United Nations (UN).



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