Syria: UN Observer Mission has suspended patrols

Posted: June 17, 2012 in International
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In recent days and weeks the increase in violence has further continued in Syria. The Observers of the UN mission could do nothing against this, however, quite the contrary. The UN Observers were mainly just able to view the localities of incidents, and to write reports about their impressions afterwards.

During their work, the UN Observers in Syria came again and again even under fire and were attacked by the several armed militias. While it is not entirely comprehensible, who has always attacked the convoys of the UN Observers, but it is to say that the Syrian army was sure not responsible. The reasons why some armed groups and militias even have attacked the convoys of the UN Observers could be interesting.

After asking who benefits from the massacres and the violations of the ceasefire, one could also ask who could take advantage of injuries of the UN Observers or even the dead of one or some UN Observers in Syria. One could come to believe, that the armed militias, the so-called “Syrian rebels”, would take more benefits of this.

The Syrian government in Damascus still tries to stick to the six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, and therefore, the Syrian army is still not largely used with full force. The Syrian army mainly secures areas, protects themselves and as it is currently happening in Qusayr (Qudisyeh), the Syrian army tries to free the locals from the dangerous occupation by armed radical Islamic Salafi groups, although this is not easy because the armed groups of religious fanatics, jihadists and foreign mercenaries are not really interested to let the hostages go.

These are partly used as “human shields” by the armed militias and radical Salafis, thus the contrary to the questionable reports by the allegedly independent human rights organizations Amnesty International (ai) and Human Rights Watch (HRW).

Whether it’s a clever tactic by the Syrian government to still try to stick to the peace plan is sure questionable. As one can see, the rise of violence is obviously in Syria.

After the Norwegian major general Robert Mood gave his assessment of the situation in a press conference in the Syrian capital Damascus on last Friday, he declared on Saturday, that the UN Observers have to stop with their patrols and to wait, till the situation will be better again. This means no end of the UN Observer mission to Syria and partly it is reminiscent to the phase of the Arab League Observers in Syria.

The 300 so-called peacekeepers initially remain in their nice quarters in Damascus, and they will decide every day, whether it is already possible again to resume their duties. How the Norwegian general mayor Robert Mood has said, the level of violence (by both sides) is now so high that the life of the observers is at risk.

As already mentioned the observer came in the line of fire several times or were even directly attacked, and were prevented from fulfilling their duties. Of course, the halt of the observer mission fueled the view that the six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan has failed, or at least, is shortly before the collapse.

As usually, some so-called journalists on the short-message service Twitter have immediately let it be known that the “Annan plan has failed” because the “UN Observer mission was stopped and also was ended”. The typical careerists of BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera.

But even the Norwegian general major Robert Mood, which we would like to meet when we´re in the Syrian capital, has imparted on last Friday, that there is no alternative to the six-point peace plan by Kofi Annan.

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has once again emphasized the importance of an international conference about Syria in a telephone conversation with UN envoy Kofi Annan, in which the settlement of the crisis in Syria should be discussed. This international conference should not only include the so-called “Friends of Syria” (Enemies of the Syrian people), but also other states like Iran this time.

The aim of such a conference must be the stopping the violence and the start of a political debate, a political discussion. Although the Annan plan served the rebels to gain air and equip it again, but despite his ambivalence shines through, there is no alternative to the plan.

The longer one actually delays the genuine overcome to the crisis, the more likely the country will slip into more and more violence. According to Rainer Herrmann and his recent article “Syria under attack from the air” (German: “Syrien unter Beschuss aus der Luft”), the armed radical Salafi groups, jihadists, criminals and foreign mercenaries already control about a quarter of the country.

Whether the region is actually so large, can hardly be verified. But the fact is, that there is a not to be underestimated large territory in the provinces of Idleb (Idlib), Homs, Hama, that the armed militias and Western-backed Islamists have under control and that these areas are no longer under the control of the Syrian government.

Although, there are troops of the Syrian army deployed in these areas, but the armed militias have found a successful tactic for themselves, in order to hold their positions and to offer resistance against the Syrian army.

From these areas in Syria, the armed militias and religious fanatics have created so-called corridors to the neighboring states of Turkey and Lebanon, in order to have a retreat areas and in order to smuggle more and more weapons without huge problems over these borders.

In addition, the armed militias and different groups of religious motivated and payed fighters and criminals will try to conquer more and more parts out of these territories. Some could also say that these occupied areas are already a nice but not complete implementation of “corridors” for the NATO. It is more and more clear that the “operators” behind some armed militias are located abroad.

Although official Syrian authorities said, that especially the (district of the) port city of Latakia is under government control, but it is questionable if this extent can be really fully maintained and whether this information is trustworthy because there are indicators, which could tell a different story.

That the Western-backed militias, which receive a huge support with money, weapons and ammo by the Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia, want to occupy the provinces of Hama, Idleb and Homs, and also to defend these areas now, even on the cost of Syrian civilians, is clear. The latest reports by the Vatican agency Agenzia Fides make it clear, that the so-called “Syrian rebels” use “human shields” and that the two reports by Human Rights Watch (HWR) and Amnesty International (ai) are to put into question, as already stated yesterday.

The main route of the great cities of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Latakia goes through the territory which is partly controlled by the gunmen. Thus, for example, the supplies and ordnance for the Syrian army can be interrupted.

Through control of the area by the armed groups of radical Islamists, criminals and paid mercenaries, businesses and entrepreneurs are no longer able to really supply their goods to all regions of Syria. In addition, the armed militias seem to prefer to attack company buildings, factories, pipelines and even social establishments. Not to mention that they still prefer to occupy churches and mosques for reasons.

Whether the Western- and Gulf-backed “rebels” are able to keep the area and to even conquer more regions, this will be probably seen in the upcoming days and weeks. However, the danger is growing, that the NATO powers then see their ability to intervene in order to support the, already supported, militias in the protection of the occupied territory. This is a part of the “unconventional warfare” by the United States, as it was already mentioned here.

So far, there are still regular Syrian troops in the field, but it is questionable whether the expulsion of the armed radical Islamic groups, the criminals and paid mercenaries will be successful. At least, when the use of full forces is still kept on the backburner by the Syrian army.


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