Syria: War Preparations in Full Swing

Posted: June 14, 2012 in International
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What’s going on in Syria? Nobody really knows what is happening in Syria, but the NATO countries are sticking to their stories and put the country, in terms of the media technology and propaganda, already into a war that covers the whole country.

This is as true as the last stories in the German State television, that there is no more bread availed in the Syrian capital Damascus. Or the stories from last year, that the big sports stadiums in Aleppo, Damascus and Latakia are used as collecting place for arrested protester. But it isn`t surprising, when the German editorial offices and state media willfully relies on information which is not confirmed or which was already proven to be false.

Of course, they will further base their coverage on the published information by the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), which is already stamped as Muslim Brotherhood-office and a two-men show for propaganda information, that is never confirmed and often in hindsight marked as false.

The Western and Gulf State media do not care about what is right or wrong, as long as it is useful for propaganda purposes and as eye-catching headlines for Google News & and the readers of the print editions. They make the same as it has already happened before the war of Iraq or the “No-Fly zone” above Libya; which meant nothing different than the war of Libya.

The interests are clearly different than to bring the truth into light. The fact is, that the violence has increased in Syria, also because of the arms smuggling into the country with the help of the Gulf States Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in addition to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Georgia.

It should be logical for everybody that the violence is hard to decrease when weapons and ammo are still smuggled to Syria. Thus, when some Western powers as the United States speak about the ceasefire, the six-point plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan and the violence in Syria, they are hypocritical, because not only that they know it better, but also they are boosting the violence in Syria willfully. It`s a typical used part of the “Salvador option”, of a “regime change” plan for another country.

Not to mention that the willfully boosting of the sectarian fights also belongs to this. Nicaragua, Somalia, El Salvador and some other countries are able to sing a lot of songs about these things. Feltman, Ford and some other guys and even women are nothing else than modern versions of Lawrence of Arabia. Even the last “Feltman leak”, out of Lebanon, has again confirmed this image about Jeffrey D. Feltman.

The so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the other criminal and armed groups try by all means to overdraw the country with violence and chaos. These armed groups, partly religious fanatics, jihadists and foreign mercenaries, are still trying to occupy villages, districts and areas, like they have already tried it before the attempt to implement a ceasefire and while the truce in Syria.

Of course, logically seen, so-called “human shields” are more useful for the occupiers of houses and districts than for a regular army which tries to free these areas. In addition, also other reasons speak for the fact that these rehashed stories are just willfully used for propaganda purposes. Considering the source of these again warmed up articles and headlines, it is really not surprisingly, where they come from.

In contrary to the representation in the NATO media, these armed fighters do not enter Syrian villages and districts in order to protect the Syrian people there, but to occupy these areas, to have “human shields” and also to force the people in these districts to join them. Not to mention the horrible events of rape, torture, kidnapping, massacre and killings by these armed, partly unbridled gangs.

Those, who do refuse to fight on the side of these so-called “rebels”, have to worry about the safety of their family, like it was already tragically to be seen in al-Houlah (al-Houla/al-Hula) and  also in al-Kubair (al-Kubeir).

The Syrian government troops are now trying harder than ever to recapture the areas which are occupied by these armed bandits and criminals. They give the locals always time to leave the place and to retreat into the surrounding villages, but this is, of course, not mentioned in Western media. In addition, this is not always possible or successful, and civilians are trapped in the combat zones, like it has already, for example, happened in the Syrian city of Homs.

In Homs, the UN Observers are collaboration with a Syrian citizen initiative currently in order to get about 800 Christians and Muslims out of two quarters of the Old Town, while a Jordanian member of the UN Observer team to Syria has allegedly said, that some of the other UN Observers in the team are carrying out spy missions and try by every means to collect information about military headquarters within Syria.

Of course, a harsh allegation, but first, this is not really surprisingly after what has happened in Libya, and second, some other reports about the behavior of UN Observers already underline such a accusation.

By and large, the Syrian government might stop the house fighting in the related districts of Homs. The most armed occupiers, Islamists and mercenaries, should have already left; they were expelled, they have fled, or they were killed.

In all the coverage of the Western media and the Gulf State offices, these editorial offices always try to prevent to report about the fact, that the Syrian government in the capital Damascus is still trying to implement the six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.

Thus, the access for foreign journalists was made a bit easier; although this step is considered as critically by some Syrian civilians, perhaps even more. This opinion is based on the experience with foreign journalists and UN Observers, also with foreign organizations, in the recent 15 months.

There are already some foreign correspondents back in Syria, and also some propaganda-careerists like, for example, Jörg Armbruster, who “works” for the German state television. Damascus has also agreed to the extension of the humanitarian mission of the Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross in Syria, although this might could not only mean positive things.

But in order to actually bring peace to the country and to decrease the violence, the armed groups, who still receive supplies of weapons by foreign powers, have to be eliminated. Unlike as it is often or even mainly willfully depicted in Western media and the Arab propaganda-channels Al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya, the regular Syrian army does not indiscriminately shoot at the population, but fires targeted to areas, that have been infiltrated and occupied by armed groups.

Meanwhile, the major powers are busy with the preparations for a war in Syria. Israel said after a long period of relative restraint, that we must intervene in Syria and was to overthrow the dictator. Whether that was the green light for the U.S., to further enforce the plans of war against Syria is not entirely clear, but it can be seen indeed like this.

Some weeks ago and already months ago, there were voices from America, which called for the establishment of a no-fly zone, which were then silent again, but only to reappear again, even louder now. Also the French President and the Foreign Minister, Fabius, blow in the same horn, of course. Not really surprising. Hollande is known as sycophant of the United States and Israel.

They want a no-fly zone in order to liberate the people. What a farce. Again, the “humanitarian reasons” are used for propaganda purposes to brainwash the Western civilians and the media plays a huge part in this propaganda of war, because of dubious intentions and questionable interests of some apparently not so democratic governments.

That there will be no rescue mission in Syria should be clear to everyone. This is about the representation and the enforcement of geopolitical interests, in which human rights and democracy are only the hanger for the public, but no one of these Western governments and Gulf States really cares about. The sanctions harm the Syrian population and the West knows about this, but of course, they were and get implemented also for this reason.

Every logically thinking person, even journalists in the West, should come to the result, that a war against Syria, a “no-fly zone” under the pretext of “humanitarian reasons” will not bring peace. The overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will trigger more violence and even dangerous situations, not only in and for the Middle East.

The Salafists uprising, the Western-backed revolution(s), the Islamists spring, has already proven to be dangerous for the population of a country. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis (Salafists) will catapult Syria back into the Middle Ages. A secular country, where minorities were able to live together as friends, have celebrated holidays, religious holidays, together, will be destroyed under the pretext of what? Democracy and Peace?

It was peaceful before the uprising, which was already armed from the beginning, in order to misuse the people and to trigger violence and bloodshed, to boost the sectarian card. Say hello to Feltman and Ford. In this respect, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was absolutely right when he said that the output of the Syrian conflict will decide over the future world order.

Syria is not only the tip the scales for a possible new outbreak of war, but also for the crucial test of the current political ties between Russia and the United States. Between the two great powers, a slugfest is clearly recognizable. Russia might protect Syria when the United States will carry out an intervention in Syria. Russia could actively engage in the defense of Syria, even immediately after the beginning of a military intervention by foreign powers.

The U.S., meanwhile, accuse Moscow, however, to supply weapons to the Syrian government and thus, to fuel the violence over and over again. But Russia has rejected this and also the Pentagon has said now, that Hillary Clinton failed a bit in her statements about the delivery of Russian attack helicopters to the Syrian government.

Of course, who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The arms smuggling, supported by neighboring states of Syria, Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in addition with the support of some European governments and the United States, boost the violence within Syria and were already a huge violation of the six-point plan by Kofi Annan. But when has the “international community” ever cared about violations of Israel and the United States?

Russia and China are currently the only states that maintain a clear head and assess the situation in Syria correct. For all the criticism which one can use against the Syrian government, and should, the majority of the Syrian population still supports the reform process under the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The population overall, will not benefit from the overthrow of this President.

The resistance in this region will not benefit from the downfall of Assad. The United States, Israel, and the Saudis will benefit from the overthrow of the Syrian President al-Assad. In addition, also some European governments like France and Germany.

After a fall of Assad, Syria’s future is very black (in the truest sense of the word). Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic and Islamist groups already fight in Syria. As in Libya, Tunisia and other Middle Eastern countries, it is likely, that the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists, especially by and from Saudi Arabia, are brought into power in Syria, after the “regime change” has been successfully implemented.

Whether Israel is happy about a Salafist government in the neighborhood is truly questionable, but there are sure already some deals and talks behind the curtains of international policy.

  1. mklostermayr says:

    Fourteen people have been injured in a bomb attack targetting the holy shrine of the granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

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