Syria: War of Information – Senator McCain partly useful

Posted: June 13, 2012 in International, Sideviews
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U.S. Senator John McCain has confirmed that there are supplies of arms and also the financing of the Syrian armed rebel forces by the Gulf monarchies, especially by the Saudis.

Despite the fact, that the rebel groups have denied it always until now, the news of McCain sets a final point here behind this open secret. There are a massive weapons and cash flow to the combat units of the Syrian “opposition”.

Thus, the recently observed increased activity of foreigners in the ranks of the bandits is also explained by this fact. They are simply paid for this fight. It is said that they receive about 50-100 U.S. dollars per month – this is reported by, citing the “Washington Post”.

This is certainly not a Blackwater-Payment, but the quota that is being fobbed off with these kopecks, are – to say the least – just “consumables”. There are plenty of starvelings and bandits in the region, and that allows the sponsor to put them in any proportion with every killed Syrian soldiers. If more are needed, it is easy to find other masses, in any state that has its “Arab Spring” already suffered.

Just a note: Perhaps an indication of why some politicians in the region are so massive  against the unconditional basic income. In Iran, for example, such an unconditional basic income paid is paid since December 2010 – a little which is ridiculous, but this interrupts the poor population stratum quite effectively from the recruitment by the coordinators of various “revolutions” from the region.

The old senator McCain is now quite good at it to “leak” more or less unfiltered information to the public, although he sometimes puts the “big boys” into unpleasant situations by this manner.

On the other hand, the cynic McCain is a nice tool in the information war. So, he delivers from the diplomacy completely unsmoothed messages directly to the respective audiences – such as the hint towards the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Russian President Putin, that they could both soon share the fate of Gaddafi (Libya).

Of course, one is not able to announce such a course in public, but here, the old soldier with his love of truth comes in handy. Meanwhile, the reports from Syria say that further about 70 civilians were killed and also that 30 people of the military personnel were killed. Who killed the members of the Syrian army was not illuminated separately in these reports.

The children’s topic is produce from one’s pocket again in one of its known variations. Supposedly sets the Syrian army tanks and their children to defend thereby meeting the attacks of armed rebels. In other words, the 30 army personnel were assassinated by evil spirits, not by the “opposition”.

How large are the losses are in the ranks of the “opposition forces” are, is not reported here. Similarly colored and flavored are the reports about the fact, that the Syrian army uses helicopters and rocket launchers against the rebels. It is clear that the UN observers are not allowed to go to the areas of hostilities.

Al-Hula (the awful massacre, committed by armed rebels) was ultimately carried out by the same principle: the UN Observers were not directly there, but they sat in a hotel near Homs. The UN Observers were only able to get to al-Houla (al-Hula) on the next day or two days later by the help of backing, which was provided by the Syrian army.

Of course, this is not asked by media, when there was no chance that the UN observers were quickly on location after the first reports, because the Syrian army was not quickly enough able to accompany the UN Observers; who has then killed the people of al-Houla (al-Hula).

The “living human shield” by children is a very primitive message of the “Observatory” (SOHR) in London and cannot be verified in any way. But it just stays in memory and will be added in thoughts to the other “atrocities of the regime”.

With other words, the war of information is in its critical phase. Concerning the situation in the Syrian city of Latakia, Marat Musin has very accurately described already a week ago, what is really happening there, and the recent reports of the London soup kitchen just confirm this annual report.

Sure, these “activists” from London do not talk about the fact, that kidnappings and ransom demands are now the norm in Latakia. These acts care about two things, the intimidation against the population, as well as a simple business.

The Algerian counterparts of the Syrian rebels – the GSPC (“Al-Qaeda Organization in the Islamic Maghreb”) – have been reclassified so perfectly in their reach of efficacy into this lucrative business, and they combine it with drugs and arms deals in the region. And what shall we say: the business grows; the Jihad is a nice mask for this small business.

In Syria, this business has not fully developed itself until now, but the appetite comes, as it is well known, while eating.

Another find in this war of information, psychological warfare, was the last report about the capture of the military base of the 734th Air Defense Battalion, near Al-Ghantoo between Homs and Ar-Rastan, by armed rebels, and the mass of reports about the defection to the enemy by huge units of Syrian soldiers.

Evidence for these reports were the usual blurred videos on Youtube. This air base defense base looks really weird on these videos. The first rocket of the type S-75, which was shown, is not really airworthy in this construction form; it looks as the rocket was cobbled together from three parts.

Either it is a training mode, or a complete fake. There is also no evidence of a camouflage for the equipment and missiles. The silence on this subject within the last days suggests that the reports about this event were drawn out of some fingers, in many ways. There are also no reportages with the title “He chose the freedom”, with people of the Syrian Air defense in the lead roles.

And finally, there were reports of fighting in the center of Damascus yesterday, which allegedly have lasted half a day. Theoretically possible, but then without conclusions about the actual situation. For example, a day before, in Dagestan, three armed bandits were fumigated by Spetsnaz, half a day long.

If there has been an action of this kind in Damascus, this will have the same cause and the same scale. Since the interest is again close to zero today, nothing will have really been happened.

All in all, the published reports (or lack thereof) draw a slightly more optimistic picture (for Syria) than it was yesterday, but major changes are still not there.


  1. mklostermayr says:

    UN Mission to Syria Observers refuse to listen to citizens’ testimonies regarding armed terrorist groups

  2. mklostermayr says:

    SNC spokeswoman Basma Kadmani & FSA terrorrist Abdel Salam nicknamed Aldlol r seen together in Hatay. Turkey

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