Syria: About massacres, weapons arsenals and abused children

Posted: June 12, 2012 in International
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How do you deal with a regime that is not so easy to topple, such as it was the case in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and, ultimately, also in Yemen? The West is now biting at the teeth and Syria is no single strategy that could result in a short time to Assad to dethrone.

For more than 15 months, the Syrian government in Damascus is still on track and above all, by and large in the old line or replacements of positions due to elections and new appointments. The mass exodus and overflows in Syria have failed to date and are not to find. Who knows why this is so. The funding of the CIA was more successful in Libya, because there, it was perhaps easier to faster tear down the tribal associations because of their strained base.

Nevertheless, one can assume that there are enough forces in the Syrian government, who are interested in the current situation and who are carrying out a creeping treachery within the leadership.

How long the Syrian government will thus act as a functional piece is not very easy to say. This seems only possible when the situation of chaos is decreasing fast and when the Syrian President relies on his allegedly power and finally shows that he has noticed the needed steps when it comes to the government and specific people. The criticism on the Information Ministry and other Ministries in Syria is no accident.

After all, more and more forces are fighting for the destruction of Syria, even if they get no “official approval” for an intervention. The mentioned forces, that supported not only by the West, but were and are also equipped and trained by some foreign powers, will not stop. They will fight until they have achieved their questionable goals, which are even not always congruent between different armed groups.

There will always be people that can buy and then run treason from within. The position of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is, despite the huge support of the majority in Syria, no more absolutely sure since quite some time.

In the news and the debates of the great warmonger organizations and states, these foreign forces make no secret out of it that they are convinced that the time of al-Assad has already expired (for them) and that they are already planning the reorganization of Syria after the overthrow (perhaps better, the murder) of Bashar al-Assad and the government in Damascus.

These questionable discussion points were again recently announced by Panetta in a preprint of his speech which he will deliver in front of the American-Turkish Council. Both, Washington and Ankara, are going to continue to support the overthrow of the Syrian President al-Assad and also carry out the steps which are needed for this aim.

As the journalist Anhar Kochneva has stated, the U.S. administration could blackmail the Turkish government since a long time. This seems even more possible when one knows the fact that the U.S. is currently also blackmailing the German government. This is no real secret in the ranks of Middle East-expert and people from government-related agencies and organizations, e.g. such like the German State Criminal office and its experts on these topics.

Of course, Panetta is using interesting words, especially considering that Turkey had completely different interests before the crisis and cultivated good relations with Syria. But threats by the U.S. are no kindergarten and the Turkish government knows very well, to what the U.S. government is capable to do. Not to mention that the Turkish hopes to join the European Union (EU) makes the Turkish government to a further lap dog, or better said, to a further bloodhound of the United States.

The so-called “international community”, or better worded, the UN, EU and NATO want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. So far they have not found no real practical idea for Syria, at least, no real strategy which is easy to implement; only “ideas” which also harm and violate the population, but that is no side effect, but also a target of the United States and the known “Salvador option”.

They sacrifice innocent people in Syria, in order to finally find a way to bring the country on their envisaged course. The story of the shooting on innocent protesters could not endure for long, Russia refuses to date, thankfully, to move away from its diplomatic support for Syria. But as already mentioned, it will get difficult for Moscow to maintain its position, unless the Syrian government starts to implement a harder line against terrorists and gunmen now.

The stories about children who are tortured, raped, and were murdered by the Syrian soldiers, is already “known propaganda” from former “hot spots”, where the U.S. administration had interests to implement a regime change or to boost its influence by force. It is hard to maintain these horrible stories.

First, it already came out, for example, that the used images were already used in other countries. Second, the Western editorial offices still forget to mention the child soldiers of the radical and armed forces, the massacred children, which were murdered by the “rebels”, and the tortured, raped, and spattered women and girls.

Raped, tortured and killed by the armed criminals and Islamists because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, because they were known supporters of the government, had a wrong religion or were part of a wrong sect. Or just, they had the false opinion and have rejected it to support the armed groups. The reports by the Vatican are just a tip of the ice berg which is willfully kept hidden by the West.

A commission of inquiry had already to admit that the insurgents recruited child soldiers in Homs for their evil game and the destruction of the district of Baba Amro (Baba Amr). Nevertheless, they are not oneself too good for to revive these “news” once again. These foreign forces try to increase the pressure more and more to finally find a trigger to invade Syria and to overthrow (as said, better to kill) Bashar al-Assad.

If the allegations, which are made against the Syrian army, once again are dependent on a UN organization, it is clear, that the armed groups and so-called “rebels” are again left out – were and are willfully not mentioned. Their offenses against children and horrible violations of human rights is swept under the table, as it already happened with many other crimes and atrocities committed by them so far; which were also kept under the carpet.

The six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan should actually pave the way for a political solution, but the content of the six-point has never included the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, as it was and is demanded by the armed groups and some Western powers.

For precisely this reason, the so-called “opposition” (external) has rejected this plan from the beginning. One tries everything to infiltrate and destroy this Annan peace plan. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has now also criticized these false games of some sides. Meanwhile, the so-called opposition abroad has canceled this Annan plan.

Despite contradictory information and news in the West, the Syrian army still sticks to the six-point plan by Kofi Annan. Of course, the villain in the West is clear: Bashar al-Assad and his followers (the majority of the Syrian people?). The first massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula), which was a new attempt to unleash a military intervention, some Western governments were so horny about an intervention, that they even did not wait for the announcement of casualties, further information, and for some investigative reports.

The Syrian government was immediately made accountable, without any evidence or indicators for its guilty. As usually. But the plan failed again. Meanwhile, the Western propaganda had to reverse, because the representations of the Syrian government on the incidents in al-Houlah (al-Houla/Hula) are much more comprehensible than the story that was knitted together by the armed rebels. Not to mention the reports of the ANNA-News team, some witnesses and even the statements of a child in a propaganda work by AP made it clear that the governments (and soldiers) are not responsible for this horrible massacre of al-Houla.

Even the German main newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ) has published an article about this and came to the conclusion to present the opposition, the armed men and gangs, as perpetrators for the horrible massacre in al-Houla (Hula). Of course, it is finally also surprising that one is able to find something like this, the truth, in a German mainstream paper.

The massacre that followed after the awful massacre in al-Houla should followed a similar pattern, except that the perpetrators and puppeteer have become cautious, thus they don`t have immediately openly accused the Syrian government and the Syrian army for this.

Nevertheless, Western governments and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in addition with Turkey, Jordan, Georgia and some other foreign powers, still support the armed groups and so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), although these side has already committed horrible violations against human rights. But this is already known from Afghanistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador and a lot of other places. The fight against al-Assad is the goal; the war against Syria is possible.

Every day, the Western people are able to read about the rise in violence in Syria, but the perpetrators, real facts or important information are kept hidden by the Western editorial offices. Just some journalists seem to have balls, but they are too few to even start to count them. Unfortunately, the rise in violence is true, but the facts, why, are important. But which side is actually responsible for the increasing violence is often distorted or misrepresented in the West.

The losses in the ranks of the regular Syrian army, which still has the command of the implementation of the Annan plan and are accordingly only in a position to rise to defend themselves. Beside the help for the Syrian population which is threatened by the armed criminals, jihadists, mercenaries and other religious fanatics. For example, the occupation of a village or a district cannot be accepted after the horrible stories from Baba Amro (Bab Amr), where also women of families, with whom we are befriended with, were raped, tortured, and even murdered by the armed groups. This is just a side note of all horrible deeds of these kinds of “peaceful protesters”.

The armed groups are getting better equipped and have the most modern weaponry, which are still smuggled into the country via Turkey and Lebanon. Not to mention that it now even seems that the U.S. administration supports the weapons smuggling into Syria with the help of special people in Georgia. Maybe a rumor, maybe the truth. In these days, all is possible.

It is frightening how much weapons flow to Syria; must flow to Syria to achieve the goals of the West and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The Syrian army should only be able to confiscate a fraction of the smuggled weapons and ammo. The armed groups are not only supported with blood-dollars by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but also the amount of jihadists, radicals, religious fanatics and foreign mercenaries has increased and is still increasing.

It`s already a fact that many different nationalities, mostly from other Arab country, but also from Romania, France, and Chechens, who are fighting alongside their fellow Muslims against the “infidels”, or just fight for money. The sectarian card is dangerous and while a lot editorial offices like this play, it is only to condemn.

The NATO countries contribute their parts in contribution to boost the internal disintegration of Syria. Salvador Option, sectarian propaganda and the sell of false-flag actions as given truth. Activists say. The ugliest word of the recent, at least, two years. But it is so damn useful, also for the press. Emotional headlines, suggestive articles. Everybody has to care about the economic interests. Google News has made the business much worse than better.

The dubious Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) regularly invokes the UN Security Council (UNSC) to finally assume responsibility in Syria, in order to help the Syrian people. The hypocrisy of this play is not to put into words. What responsibility? What people should be helped? Whether those, who still accept Assad as the lesser evil and hold fast to the reform process under this Syrian President, will benefit from the aid is indeed questionable. After all, the West and the Gulf regimes have teamed up to remove Assad.

What is reported about Syria in the West has to be treated very cautiously. If the Western media reports about civilian casualties, one cannot even be sure if this information is true. Often, it is not only kept hidden outside Syria, as many soldiers die, but also how many armed radicals and bandits were killed in combat. It is clear that again and again, civilians are hit in the crossfire and, as usually, the sad victims of every battle. The fight against the Syrian leadership has already cost many civilian lives, too many.

But if one passes figures, one should mention all of the victims. Meanwhile, it is true, that many Syrian soldiers fall in battle against the armed groups, who have discovered a new strategy for them: to occupy smaller villages and, afterwards, barricade themselves there. This is useful for these armed rebels, because the Syrian army is not directly willing to attack these areas, not without the order from higher ranks.

Of course, the Syrian army has to do this in some circumstances and then, the “peaceful insurgents” are able to say, that the Syrian army is attacking civilians, mosques, churches, and so on. Of course, as intended, beside the protection by the use of civilian buildings and civilians.

The images and videos, which are released of these events or the horrible massacres, carried out by them, serve the armed rebels, because the whole world thinks, they are the good ones. It is not to mention, that the international mass media is also to blame, they are not only hungry for new blood and massacres, but also willfully propaganda careerists.

Unfortunately, the curtains of the NATO media are so high, that almost nothing of the truth passes to the West. Likewise, it should be clear, that those who report about the truth are dismissed as Assad thugs, supporters of the regime, supporters of mass murder, Alawites, or as cranks. These people are muzzled or a side tries to put them into questionable policy directions, which are not supported by the most of population.

On the Internet, there are many reports circulating about the situation in Syria, although it is still too less considering the amount of Syrians who support the President and their country. As the journalist Anhar Kochneva has mentioned it, there are reasons why the so-called “oppositions” seems to have so much support, but it is partly a faked and staged support. In contrast to Western mainstream reports, there are in fact journalists on location in Syria. These journalists report other stories than people in the West are able to find in their usual mass media.

Sure, you have to filter all the reports in the end to try to get an objective image about the situation when you have no friends, relatives or contacts on location in Syria. Even when you have, it would no more be surprising, when they lie because of their intentions.

It has already happened that good friends were cheated about the actual situation, just because the long known Syrian friend supports / belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafists and sees the chance to get rid of the Alawites and perhaps all infidels, even when he would never confirm this in public. Sometimes, the women, supporting the Saudi Wahhabism, are even worse than the men when it comes to spin some lies to influence the opinion of others outside the country…

The deterioration of the situation is also bad, because of the sanctions, which are implemented by the West at the expense of the Syrian population. The arming and support of radical groups, religious fanatics, jihadists and foreign mercenaries is counterproductive for the help of the Syrian civilians. The internal derangement of the Syrian government is another factor which can be also seen as counterproductive.

Perhaps, the dark prophecy of the French journalist Thierry Meyssan is correct. He wrote in his recent article on that NATO wants to start a huge propaganda campaign, false-flag action(s). If his announcement is true, Friday noon will be horrible. A evil coup, false-flag massacre and the images of a broken regime. CIA says “hello again” to Syria. Whether this representation is adventurous or not, will probably to be seen soon. The fact is that the foreign powers are actually exploring ways and means to resolve the deadlock in Syria, for the satisfaction of the NATO-vassals.

For the current situation in Syria, all sides bear the blame. Even or especially the Syrian government has helped to bring the country and the people in such a seemingly hopeless situation. They were sleepy too long, but also selfish and arrogant as usually. Not to mention the corruption. Only a harsh hand could be now helpful.

Of course all other sites have helped – especially the United States and Qatar as well as Saudi Arabia. It stands at a crossroads, and Russia is right, when it says, that the decision in the Syria conflict will also be important for the next years and for the power and influence of the competing world powers. With one foot, already deep into the war, the current situation is anything but funny and pertains everybody.

Perhaps, the worst can be still averted. Unfortunately, the United States are the United States and Barack Obama is far away to be a peace-maker and savior. Peace Nobel Prize? A scorn for every dead who has died for the questionable interests of the United States under someone like Barack H. Obama.

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