Syria: New Syrian contact group causes discrepancies

Posted: June 10, 2012 in International
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The situation in Syria is far from promising, and only leaves little room for hope for a good, fast and above all that, an upcoming bloodless end. There are too many innocent victims in the power struggle between the Western-backed forces, the several external Opposition figures, the several criminal gangs, the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the US & Western interests and the Syrian government.

Not to mention that the financial support and the support with weapons and ammo by Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are counterproductive for a decrease of violence in Syria, and in a better world, the so-called democratic states of the West would have already condemned this. That these Western governments do actually not much against this dangerous support by Qatar and Saudi Arabia is already a indicator that these governments even do support this method of a “internal intervention” to achieve a “regime change” and the further destabilization of Syria.

The six-point peace plan by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan seems to become increasingly clear a farce. But what options are there to stop the violence in Syria and, above all, how can the powers that have been blind-sided and thus fueling the violence, are finally brought to rethink their dangerous tactics.

Kofi Annan, who puts his own peace plan in question now, after the massacre in al-Kubeir (al-Kubair), that was obviously not committed by the government side, because the Syrian government would in no case benefit from this, has suggested the formation of a new, another, contact group for Syria. In addition to the major powers such as Russia, Britain, France and China, also Turkey and Iran should now be included in the round.

By this proposal, which is also supported by Russia, there is already resistance before the actual discussion has taken place. France and the United States refuse to negotiate with Iran about the topic Syria.

But what’s the alternative? The alternative to this new group contact is a further increase of violence in Syria and the descent into an increasingly devastating civil war that could soon slip into a conflagration for the entire Middle East. If the United States, Germany, France and Britain would actually have an interest in the rapid and political solution to the problem in Syria, they would recognize that all parties who could help must be brought on board. That these governments do not recognize this could already show their true colors.

Unfortunately, the current group of “Friends of Syria” has only one-sided supported the external Syrian opposition and, even worse, this Western-controlled “Friends of Syria” group supports the radical gunmen within Syria. The fact that this behavior also was and is responsible for the increase of the violence in Syria is faded out.

Just Russia and China are currently the forces, who see the situation in Syria most clearly who prevent it, that the West will overrun Syria without any hesitation; based on false information in addition with useful propaganda to achieve the dubious goals and questionable intentions like the redraw of the Middle East and the typical protection of Israel. Not to mention that this is also about geo-political interests and some would even say it’s also a play because of revenge. Syria should become another client state. If this is not possible, Syria has to be maintained to be destabilized and powerless.

The Syrian government in Damascus has repeatedly advocated to sit down with the opposition, even with the external opposition, at a table. Russia offers itself as a negotiator and mediator for a long time now. Unlike the recent published articles in Western media about the change of the Russian stance and that Russia has just started to get in contact with the external Syrian opposition, the fact is that Russia has been talking a long time with Syrian opposition.

Even if it is concealed by the most Western mainstream media, Russia is not a blind defender of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but Russia is actually looking for a peaceful solution to Syria. A solution where all sides must be persuaded to finally get away from the violence.

Currently, it is quite clear, that the so-called “Friends of Syria” are “presenting” their ears only to one side, and even more, while they reject the presentations of the other side. It is also quite clear that these “Friends of Syria” are in reality enemies of Syria and do not really care about the welfare of the Syrian people. A fact that they have in common with the Islamist council, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey.

This is particularly evident be identified by the intended shutdown of the Syrian TV channels on Arab sat and Nile sat. The terrorists “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has been upgraded with the help of funds by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and not too tight. Parts of this “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and some other armed groups in Syria are already in possession of very dangerous weapons. The fact that the gunmen now have heavy weapons and have even set up weapons camp is often even reported very proudly in the west.

The fact that these weapons are also used by them is afterwards not mentioned by the same media. These Western editorial offices even think that their customers are not able to put one and one together. This is sadly true, but there is an increasing amount which has already started to ask questions and to put these one-sided reports, which are mainly based on non-confirmed information, into question.

Of course, although this is a good sign, the train of war seems unstoppable. The United States, Turkey, Germany, France, Britain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and even some more states, want to finally achieve their goals. Although the strategic has changed, the goals are still the same. The more powerless Syria is, the better are the chances of Western intentions in this region and although there are some democratic states in the West, it does not look like they are really acting in the manner of a honorable democracy in the Middle East.

The “Salvador option”, which is already taking place in Syria, under lead of the United States with the help of the French and British governments, and the reports of ANNA-News, in addition with the latest article of the German prime newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ), suggests that the both massacres of al-Houla (al-Hula) and Kubair (Kubeir) were carried out by the armed groups and not by the Government forces or the mythic Shabiha (Shabi7a), which is usually the perfect myth to be used as responsible forces for the false information of e.g. the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London.

That Western journalists still rely on this information of this Muslim Brotherhood-office in London implies several conclusions, but no conclusion increases the credibility of these journalists. In some Western media outlets, one was able to read after the massacre of al-Kubair (al-Kubeir) that it is to seen in the locality that heavy weapons were used, and the use of heavy weapons is repeatedly blamed on the Syrian government and the Syrian army. Thus, every use of heavy weapons in Syria seems to be evidence that the government forces were behind these events.

But other articles of the same Western media outlets, the people can read that the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is already in possession of armor piercing projectiles, missiles and even other heavy weapons. By using the best tool of human being, the conclusion must at least be that both sides can be responsible when heavy weapons were used.

Considering that these massacres were no benefits for the Syrian government, it is really hard to believe that the government was behind these massacres. The logical result suggests that the armed gangs or parts of the armed criminals and religious fanatics, side to side with some foreign mercenaries, are responsible for these crimes. Maybe Channel 4 journalist Alex Thomson, who was lead, together with his team, into a death trap by the armed groups in Syria, will change his stance a bit.

After reading the story of journalist Alex Thomson, that the gunmen lead him into a death trap so that the armed groups could use the death of Alex Thomson and his team to blame this on the Syrian government and to discredit the government even more. A typical planned false-flag scenario, which is, to be honest, sure not the first one in Syria in the recent months. Alex Thomson can be happy, he should be happy, that he is still alive. These false-flag actions are e.g. a part of the “Salvador option”. Feltman, Ford & Co. know these methods very well.

In the past there was often evidence and indications that the gunmen spread chaos and fear. They like to portray themselves as protectors of the Syrian population, but they are certainly not the protectors, in contrary. If they were the protectors, the huge majority of Syrians would support them. But that`s not the fact, even when some editorial offices in the West still try to sell this false image.

The majority still supports the Syrian President, although there is more and more criticism in the country. No surprise after the last weeks. More and more people demand a hard fist against the terror and they want just go back to their normal daily life they had before the terror has started. In addition, the Russian journalist Anhar Kochneva knows one or two stories about the “peaceful rebels” who are only fighting for “reforms and democracy”. A farce. The Russian journalist Anhar Kochneva tells it like it is in this interesting interview.

If you wonder who benefits more from the chaos and more violence, you will soon have to put the condemnation of the government (at least as the sole culprit) into question. Just the Western controlled opposition, the Islamists “Syrian National Council” (SNC), and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), have spoken against the six-point plan by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan from the beginning. They want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad; still best after Libyan model.

Backed by the West, who has transferred his interests on this dubious opposition, they pull their evil game through. Added to this is certainly the violence of some parts of the government side, who do not want to lose their power or even see a chance in this chaos to gain more influence and to benefit of it. Even if they benefit just on the blood of Syrian civilians. There must be reasons why the armed gangs were able to carry out a lot of killings or to overrun some districts of Syrian villages and cities. Although it is sure a chaos and mess, the army has the clear responsibility to protect the civilians. This should be more important than the withdrawal of troops, which was demanded by the six-point peace plan. At least, something smells not completely good at this point.

Here play a lot of different interests into the conflict, which will be held over the heads of the population. The facts are that everyone longs for more freedom in Syria and that the most people support reforms and also demand them. Nobody wants an oppressive dictatorship, but a lot also reject the dubious intentions of the West. Sure because of reasons. The big question that arises, however, is who can enforce the hopes of the people.

Neither the government has done everything to convince the people that they take great pains upon itself to change the situation. Some reforms were introduced and some laws were changed, but whether this is sufficient, however, is questionable. When the people are not able to feel the reforms, which seem impossible considering the hypocritical sanctions of the West and the chaos and violence within Syria by the armed groups, it is really questionable if this will be sufficient.

The so-called opposition outside the country, which is supported by the West and Gulf states like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, is certainly not the force that will meet with the aspirations and demands of the Syrian population. It already seems that this side is more evil than the government. Not to mention the minorities in Syria.

These minorities like Christians and Alawites would slip into a very dangerous time when this external opposition, e.g. the Islamists council in Istanbul, would be successful to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad and the government in Damascus. Some Nuns and Bishops already speak about the threat of genocide of Christians and Alawites in Syria when the President is overthrown and the armed gangs and the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) will then remain as “new leaders”.

The external opposition are puppets of the West and the interests of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in this region. The most have no real knowledge about the changes in Syria in recent years and some even do not know Syria because they were never on Syrian soil. Therefore, the peaceful coexistence of different cultures and religions in Syria, which was possible in the last years till the beginning of this partly misused and staged revolution, is threatened.

The radical people, the Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists, are sure no guarantee a secular Syria. Not to mention that the story about the “moderate Islamists” of the Muslim Brotherhood is just a useful fairytale and not the truth. For many fighters inside Syria it is not about political issues, but it is about “religious” issues. Many fighters, who were smuggled into Syria, do not fight Assad for political ambitions, but because he is an infidel in their eyes.

The situation in Syria has deteriorated dramatically. In Syria, many splinter groups fight, and not all are under the banner of the terrorists “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). Many splinter groups represent some radical religious views, just like many members of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). These radical religious parties will ensure that the religious struggle will certainly increase even more. This point is also a part of the so-called “Salvador option”. The boosting of sectarian fights can be used to achieve the goals of a third side.

The West wants either a weak Syria or a Syria under a Sunni leadership, but which is totally dependent on the West. Of course, also a “puppet government” in Syria would make the West very happy. Currently, the West might hide the real intentions, but it is clear that they will, at least, try to increase the “internal intervention”, when the direct military intervention seems almost impossible, considering the stance of Russia and China.

Sure, the United States have never really cared about the UN Security Council (UNSC), but this current situation is so important and dangerous, that the United States would be very foolish when they will try to act beside the UNSC.

Whether there will actually be an intervention is questionable, but the West works through the mainstream media and tries to hammer into the heads of the populations of individual states, that the war against the “evil Assad” needs to be.

Of course, the West covers that they certainly do not destroy for humanitarian reasons and that they, in reality, do not really care about the Syrian population. The threat of bankruptcy flies over Europe and some governments are sure crying out for new wars, to fill the coffers. The German government has already confirmed this by their new questionable council in Berlin, which works in favor of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), and shall care about the rebuild of Syria after Assad is overthrown. Economic reasons.

This questionable office in Berlin is funded in parts of Qatar and the UAE and shall discuss the reconstruction of Syria – even prepare it. Germany wants to benefit, that is certain. By the blood of Syrian people? Looks like this. For the German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are more democratic than Syria. He is drugged or he is just a puppet. Before a recovery of Syria, there is first the destruction of Syria and the policy of Germany currently cares about this very well.

Germany supports the destruction of Syria, even if Mr. Westerwelle officially always pretends to look after political solutions. A hypocritical bluebottle. Unfortunately, the talks of the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle in Qatar and Turkey have proven this already.

Turkey, as well as Qatar, have themselves some problems with human rights and both support the armed gangs in Syria. Armed gangs, which are already a pain in the ass for the Vatican and minorities in Syria. Even for Sunnis in Syria, these armed gangs are a threat. A lot of people were already killed by these armed people because they had the “false religion”, false sect, and false opinion or were just not interested in supporting the “armed rebels”. Whether there will actually be a solution for Syria is questionable.

If the West remains at its current position, will probably be for Syria to expect a similar future, such as Iraq and Libya. It might sound nice for Western people that Kofi Annan thinks about the establishment of a new contact group for Syria but it is worthless again as long as this is again one-sided. Kofi Annan should finally start to also put the armed gangs and terrorists “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) through the wringer.

All sides in Syria must be held accountable, and all sides have to stop the violence. It remains open how Kofi Annan plans to convince the armed gangs in Syria to lay down their arms, when these armed radicals, religious fanatics and violent people want to overthrow the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while they have no interest in negotiations and political solutions. Of course, they don`t have these interests because negotiations and political solutions would be finally counterproductive for their only aim.

Unfortunately, the internal Syrian opposition seems to be forgotten in the West, although the internal opposition is at least quite better than the external Islamists council in Istanbul and other radical opposition figures. Of course, no surprise. The West is happy about the controllable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), while the West would have fewer chances to control the internal opposition in Syria.

Currently it seems that the United States are not willing to jump over its shadow and thus to accept Iran as a negotiating partner in the new contact group for Syria. Iran could, just like Russia and China, use its position to influence the government side in Syria but even this possible way to solve the crisis seems to be no option for the United States. The longer the crisis in Syria lasts, the more obvious becomes the false play of the United States, even the false play of the entire West.

As long as the West does not stop the support for armed radicals, religious fanatics and criminals in Syria and as long as the West does not stop to support the weapons smuggling to these armed groups, there is no real need for any new contact group on Syria, because finally it would not have more or less chances than before. Everything at the expense of the people of Syria, of course.


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