Syria: Call for political solution by the West just an empty phrase

Posted: June 10, 2012 in International
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The fighting in Syria is continued and the fights happen in ever-larger parts of the country. Also the Syrian capital Damascus gets more and more frequent sucked into the fighting by the armed groups and the intensity of the fighting is increasing.

Who is responsible for the aggression, which side provoked the fighting and starts the battles is hard to say. At least, it seems that foreign journalists at home in their editorial offices of the mainstream media always know what is happening on Syrian soil, like they also seem to know every single day, what is really happening in the Lebanese city Tripoli.

Although, this is hard to consider from the outside and even from within Syria, the West sticks to its one-sided accusations on the whole and the propaganda has already reached a level, that could or is already similar to the times before the “war of Iraq”, or even the times around the World War II.

On the whole, the West still sticks to its one-sided accusations, although even in the West, the evidence increases, that the situation  in Syria isn`t just black and white and that the armed rebels, as they are still sold to the Western people, are not fighting for democracy, peace and for the freedom of religion. After the last 15 months, the so-called “unrest” in Syria has already become a huge pain in the ass for the Vatican.

While the Vatican in Rome likes to stick on the sides of the World powers, the threats against Christians and other minorities are evident in Syria. This could be a reason for the several statements of the Vatican in the last weeks. Although it still seems that some Christians in Syria and outside Syria have more backbones than the Vatican itself. Of course, after considering the history of the Vatican in times of trouble on this world, nobody should be surprised by this.

For the West, it is clear who is the main cause of all the suffering and struggles: The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his henchmen. Of course, the mythic Shabiha (Shabi7a) are a useful tool for the propaganda purposes of the so-called Syrian opposition outside the country and the Western mainstream media, especially the British media, seems to be horny about every non-confirmed “Shabiha story”.

Finally, it is no real surprise that the propaganda in the British mainstream media has increased and already reached a level that can be only called as ludicrous. Would this all not be so sad, e.g. that BBC is publishing stories without any confirmations and even stories which are inconsistent and contradictory, it would be even funny that some journalists in Britain have reached such a low-level, just to further increase the propaganda against the target and “to brainwash” the British civilians.

That the situation in Syria is not only black and white and that the propaganda of Western media cannot be simply accepted, this is already presented by the events in Syria itself. But there are still so-called experts like Joshua Landis who has totally forgotten about the danger of the sectarian card and who is even boosting false information and baseless accusations, although he should know better.

It is no surprise that some would say this wannabe expert of Syrian affairs has already proven to be a careerist, who wants to benefit from the delusion of others, that he has a total insight on the events in Syria. But Joshua Landis is only an example for these kinds of people. While Joshua Landis sometimes seems able to find a needle in the haystack, most Western journalists just fail with their pseudo-intelligent coverage of Syria.

Doesn`t matter whether it`s an editorial office in Britain, France, Italy, Germany or Sweden, the coverage has a lack of objectivity and is mainly one-sided, based on non-confirmed information. It`s often a filigreed story, which is dramatized and based on the sectarian cards and the stereotypes of Arab dictators, even on the stereotypes of Arabs in general.

Looking at the information from Syria, one has to always remember which side has the greater value if the “Assad regime” is presented as the perpetrator repeatedly, although some indicators already seem contradict to this useful image in the West.

In many cases, however, it should be the fact that the regular Syrian army only responds to the aggressions by the armed groups in Syria and tries to protect themselves from the attacks of armed radicals, religious fanatics and foreign mercenaries. Unfortunately, in the battles between the government forces and the armed groups, innocents die. Unfortunately, in addition, both sides rely on lies in order to represent their interests better.

One remembers with certainty to the cruel massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula, near the Syrian city of Homs), in which 108 people were killed on the 25th May 2012. The majority of the victims were executed. Without any clear information and without any investigation or evidence, Western media and the known propaganda channels Al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya have even seem to have been competed with each other, in order to put the responsibility of the “Houla Massacre” into the shoes of the Syrian regime.

The demands for an inquiry commission, which could be able to determine who are the perpetrators behind this massacre in al-Houla, were rather half-heartedly. The Commission of Inquiry, which was established by Syria, was not accepted by the West, of course. When the Syrians released their (not quite complete) representation of the events in al-Houlah, the U.S. ambassador had nothing better to do than to accuse the Syrian government of lying. Although, the information of the representation of the Syrian government even fits to some eyewitnesses, the local conditions and the reports by Marat Musin of ANNA-News.

In addition, this presentation of the circumstances of this massacre fits also to the sad events in the recent months in Syria. The stories about the violent Shabiha (Shabi7a), which could be responsible for the massacre, were already rejected not only by these stated information, but also by the child which was allegedly an eyewitness. This child said, according to AP, that armed “men with long beards and shaved heads” have attacked al-Houla.

Every child in Syria knows that this description does not fit to the “Shabiha”, but it describes, what is indeed very possible, radical Islamists. That the editorial office of the BBC has “dropped” this sentence of the bulletin of AP just implements further indicators for the level of propaganda in Britain, and the low level of journalism on this island.

After the horrible massacre of al-Houla (Hula), which is to condemn on every level, several European country have subsequently expelled the Syrian ambassadors. This step was not surprising because already two weeks before this step, it has been “secret information” in some Western editorial offices that this will happen. It is now clear that the Syrian government was correct with its depiction of the events, although the presentation of the Syrian government has pushed some parts into a better light (for the side of the government, as it is usually happening by all governments).

After all, the representations of what really happened in al-Houla (al-Hula) was now published in a German daily newspaper, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, which is an important newspaper in Germany, while everyone else prefers to remain silent about the truth. They maintain their accusations against the Syrian regime, although it has been clearly exposed as lies and propaganda. But who is disturbed by this? That Western mainstream media has taken the side of the so-called “rebels” in Syria, and have done this since the beginning of the crisis, is nothing new.

That these armed groups are supported, wherever it is possible, is also nothing new. That the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle forgets about apologies, but still outwardly speaks about the interests for political solutions for Syria, confirms just the role as slaves of the German politicians. Mr. Westerwelle sticks to the butt of Obama or he already is sunken into therein.

A political settlement in Syria, which is absolutely necessary, is only feasible if the West would get rid of the propaganda and would start to really follow the interests and intentions for a political solution for Syria. Some would even say the West should finally take the side of Russia and should not go on to continue the tug of war against Russia and China.

The Russian proposal to convene a new international conference on Syria and all the powers to grant access, which could make their influence felt in Syria, should be adopted without delay. Only if the allies, from what side whatever, start to use their influence in Syria, at the government side or / and the side of the armed groups and religious fanatics, to demand the laying down of arms and to further really comply the ceasefire, the prerequisite of the survival of the peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan can be created.  But this will happen probably not.

The West supports together with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the rebels and the puppet of the Syrian National Council in Istanbul, which is within the Syrian society, no recognition. They are proud of the child of the West (SNC), which only makes trouble and has driven the peace plan into an impasse. As it was announced at the meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” (Enemies of Syria in reality) in April, Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the armed groups in Syria with money and the support with weapons by these two Gulf States should finally surprise no one anymore.

Syrian businessmen, living abroad and who want to see the representation of their interests in Syria, while they hope on a “big peace” of the destroyed Syria, have already set up a fund over $ 300 million in Doha, the capital of Qatar. This fund is meant to finance the so-called Syrian opposition, which relies on an armed struggle, in order to overthrow the Syrian government in Damascus and, of course, mainly the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

By this money, by this support, these people do also support the killing of innocents and the manhunt of some armed groups on people with other opinions, other religions, from other sects or just on people who are not willing to participate in this armed struggle. These foreign powers and those exile Syrians do not care about the majority in Syria and they do not care about a peaceful solution for the country and the Syrian population.

Economic interests, personal revenge and the dubious intentions and interests of the West to redraw the Middle East again seem to be more important than the cover of their goals, the use of phrases about democracy, peace and freedom. The West is not really interested in a democratic, independent and strong Syria. The plan to redraw the Middle East again failed already, but the goals remain. Thus, the strategy has changed.

While a public military intervention seems to be too dangerous, they rely on the help of Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to boost the “internal intervention”, as a part of the “Salvador option” for an implemented “regime change” in another country. Not all parts of the Syrian opposition will be financed with such funds, but only the gunmen. It is also admitted openly that the most of the money spent so far was given in the hands of the radical wings, and thus in the hands of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The opposition in Syria, the so-called internal opposition, who would be willing to negotiate with the government and which is really interested in decreasing the chaos and violence in their country, saw nothing of this money and will never get anything. The West knows that this internal opposition in Syria cannot be controlled like they want it to have. Thus, they rely on the external opposition and such dubious Islamists councils like the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey. The policy of the West is again double-sided and it is to put into question if the West will really benefit from this dangerous policy in foreign countries.

The fact that Syria is being driven further and further into civil war is related to the support of the armed men. The aim of the United States in Syria is certainly not the establishment of democracy and the implementation of human rights, but the overthrow of the Alawite president, so that a puppet cabinet can be implemented. This Sunni puppet cabinet would decrease the connections to Iran and by this; it would willfully weaken the country.

In addition, this puppet regime / government would collaborate with Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States. Further, a military base of the United States in another country of the Middle East would then be possible. No side of these mentioned governments really cares about the Syrian population and while naming it a Sunni puppet government, people should make huge differences between Sunnis and these people who subordinate to violence, radicalism and sectarian bloodshed, and in addition, to Israel and the United States.

This would allow the United States to increase their influence and power in the Middle East and to continue to expand and protect Israel`s interests. Not to mention that the protection of Israel would be better warranted then, although this is often an empty phrase to rely on imperialistic violence or even to hypocritical excuses for this. Against this background it is hardly surprising to hear the words of Peres and his support for the armed gangs in Syria.

Assad is a thorn in the eyes of Israel, just like he is a thorn in the eyes of some Gulf States. Since the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has refused to make peace with Israel until now and still insists on the return of the Syrian land in Golan, Israel would like to see a more pleasant leader in Syria. At best, a puppet leader which can be controlled by them.

After a possible overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and the logical installation of a puppet government by the United States, Israel can hope that the claims to return the Golan Heights are dropped. The collaboration between the Syrian external opposition figures and the Israeli regime is no surprise at all.

With American influence in Syria, Israel also had a strong partner as a direct neighbor in the fight against the Hezbollah in Lebanon. Thus, these topics and even more have to been seen connected and cannot be seen separately. So there is every indication that the U.S. will stick to its strategy and that they further use Turkey for their proxy war against the Syrian government. In addition, Jordan and parts of the Lebanese governments seems also willing to subordinate to U.S. interests.

Russia and China, which have Syria as an ally in this region, will not change their stance. The last access to the Mediterranean, to Europe, is maybe not the most important reason for Russia, but sure a good reason. They are not interested to forward Syria to the United States and thus to deliver the control of the Middle East to this side, because then, the campaign will continue against East Asia, even much easier and faster than before.

Syria and Iran are the only countries in the region that have no American (military) bases and who have not made themselves dependent of the Americans. That the United States have a huge interest to change this, is understandable and explains itself. The tug of war about Syria and for supremacy in Syria, in the Middle East, will go on.

The proxy war and the struggle for control of Syria has begun a long time ago, even if a foreign intervention is still blocked by the veto of Russia and China. The fact that the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which was recognized as the representative of Syria by the so-called friends of Syria, is only a puppet show, its composition. Most members live in exile for decades and know that Syria is not the last five years. They argue for a foreign intervention and speak to what the U.S. wants; although the U.S. administration is not able, for various reasons, to demand all this so openly.

The appointment of a new Chairman of the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) recalls the convening of the questionable “National Council” almost a year ago. Without elections, members have been determined for this puppet council. Many of the people who were standing on the list have at that time decided not to not take part, because they felt overwhelmed, overruned or even misused.

Ghalioun was the first chairman of this conglomerate Council. The Muslim Brotherhood has “elected” Ghalioun for this job, but Ghalioun has failed to implement the goals of the United States and the radical Islamist wings, in addition, he even failed to build up a united front of opposition figures and groups against the Syrian government and President al-Assad. Ghalioun had to resign, had to be changed.

Since Saturday, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has a new chairman. Sajda has been appointed as the new President. He was the only candidate. He also will maintain the current policy of the puppet council, although he is sure trying to reform the structures of this farce. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which is more of a puppet of Turkey and willfully hosted by the Turkish leadership, has no huge support within Syria.

Even the armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) does not feel to be represented by this council in Istanbul. Not to mention that the Turkish government has created a increasing  problem with this council on their own soil. It is truly questionable whether this council will ever play a real role in Syria or for Syria.

Dangerous is that it serves American interests and therefore enjoys all Western support, even if it is meaningless and even if this boosts the bloodshed within Syria – against Syrian civilians, too. What will the next days in Syria is difficult to guess. All sides insist on their policies and their implementation plans, to the dismay of the population in Syria, which hopes for changes and reforms, but above all, for peace and quiet again.

When Russia is not able to call an international conference, the situation in Syria won`t change. Although there are other options which could change the situation in Syria. There are still rumors, even increasing rumors, about a peacekeeping mission of Russia on Syrian soil.

The country is still plagued by marauding bands of foreign mercenaries. There will be continued attacks on Syrian villages and families, which are then sold as a massacre of civilians by the Syrian army or government forces. If the indicators are too less, they are sold as the machinery of the “Shabiha”.

These allegedly democratic sides will do everything possible to destroy Syria from the inside out, even when they do not get a mandate for a military intervention in Syria. Salvador option, terror management, based on false-flag actions, targeted killings and the willfully boost of the sectarian fights.

Should the plan succeed and Syria is lost to the hands of the United States, all Arabs would have lost, although a lot would be responsible for this. It is the tragically next part, the drama and the known sad play around and with Arabs, even boosted by Arabs themselves.

So they are strategically well positioned for another war against Iran, then weakened. The supposed defenders of human rights remains the number 1 of the warmongers and Feltman or Ford are just new versions of Lawrence of Arabia, without any doubts. By the help of Arabs, the resistance will be weakened, and the future of the Arab population is the same hypocritical freedom as it is for the Western population.

As if democracy would only mean freedom, secularism, living in peace and positive changes for the people. The tragic play and false game on and with the Middle East has reached a level where the inhabitants of Arab countries became willfully ants of Western interests. Although the resistance was and is probably the most important part of this region.

  1. Brian says:

    and US uses stupid arab jihadis as shock troops

    Von BraunYou must hear this !!!A phone call between two NATO terrorist mercenaries preparing for a massacre against citizens of al-Haffah area.With English and Italian subtitles…

  2. Tim_byrnes says:

    Jeffrey and I have been working on this for sometime. I has become dangerous from all ends. And it is time that we brought this to the attention of all, especially amnesty international. We have solid reports that weapons are now freely flowing out of Georgia into Syria.  We would like to work together, as I am planning to meet up with Jeffrey to get to the bottom of this once and for all.  Also, there is an abstract of our work and how we met. The Australian Government also sacked me from a job for my knowledge of this and reported to me to ASIO. This I have evidence of.  
    Subject: ARSM TRAFFICKING – GEORGIA – TURKMENISTAN – UNITED STATESDate: Sat, 9 Jun 2012 18:56:16 +1000DEAR SIR / MADAM, LEAKED INFORMATION LINK BELOW AND FURTHER INFORMATION ( SAMPLE FROM MORE THAN 2 HOURS OF FILM) STOP THE ARMS TRADE  WAR IS TERROR – FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT US IN GEORGIA AND AUSTRALIA  DILLON AERO IS BASED IN ARIZONA – GENEROUS DONATOR TO SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN bad reputation is good in some ways. This is the summary of a session of secret recordings of two Turkmen national and two special agents, customs control – over the mechanism and negotiations for delivery a machine gun to Turkmenistan (and how this is mounted on SUV). Please find a link to the company that manufacturers the product, Dillon Aero, from the US State of Arizona.  A journalist, Jeffrey Silverman, who has lived and worked in Georgia for the last 20 years, since 1991, is doing work on the side based on his knowledge of weapons trafficking and being a human rights defender, shared this with me – and told me to share it with the right people.  His job was to check the accuracy of some transcripts in Russian and English related to an undercover investigation of weapon shipments to Turkmenistan, however, in digging deeper, based on his local knowledge he quickly understood that this likely was just a shell game and the weapons were “most likely” coming to Georgia and he immediately contacted me as how best to secure and distribute this information.He knew my reputation for having been in South Ossetia in August 2008 and he came in from the Georgian of the buffer zone. He had a bad experience some years ago over an investigation of another region of Georgia, Pankisi Gorge, and when he shared information with the US Embassy it was leaked and his friend, a British journalist ended up dead.  Incidentally he was behind Russian lines for the Georgian human rights centre during August of 2008, Georgian-Russian war, and somehow got into and out of South Ossetia without being caught by Russian or South Ossetian forces and made it pass the Georgian checkpoints too with a sample collection of weapons imported from Jordan under his feet in a taxi. We have been discussing doing a film project that will tell both sides, from the level of average people of what actually happened in the run up, during and after. Jeffrey has also investigated Viktor Bout networks in Georgia and the former Soviet Union and this has been aired on Georgian opposition TV, with emphasis on illegal arms shipments – and fake end user certificates, and how weapons were coming into Georgian and being exported to third countries. He has provided me the voice recordings and the scanned original first draft of the translations and transcription – and believes that for the sake of all concerned and fighting international arms dealing, this information should be made public, and that is why we are now collaborating. He understands that this information would never be aired on European or American TV because of political expediencies.Jeffrey’s background is international development, journalism, and served in the US military. He has worked for Intelligence and Risk Management business entities, International Crisis Group, Safer World and with range of due diligence activities.  His assignments have involved links between the Georgian banking and real estate market, money laundering, illicit payments for weapons, integrity of energy testing laboratories and evaluated other manifestations of organized crime and its nexus to not-so-hidden political agendas, both at the national and international level. He is also former US army forward observer, based on what I read about him on the Internet, 19D, Army Calvary Scout and he has been involved in a wide range of human rights activities in Georgia, especially in the last 10 years. Incidentally, he believes that many arms shipments to Georgia are not for defensive purposes and that these are prepositioned for use against Iran and in regional proxy wars. He also suspects that the US government is now active with Georgia and criminal elements in supplying Syrian rebels with various weapons and other support via Georgia and the region. 

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