Syria: Lavrov makes the Russian stance clear

Posted: June 7, 2012 in International
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The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has said that any attempt of a regime change in Syria could lead into a disaster for the entire region.

“Russia and China are decisively against attempts to regulate the Syrian crisis with outside military intervention, as well as imposing… a policy of regime change,” a joint statement said.

Speaking in the Chinese capital, Lavrov urged the international community to resist calls from the exiled opposition to help oust Assad’s regime. Opposition groups “outside Syria appeal to the world community more and more to bomb the Assad regime, to change this regime. This is very risky; I would even say it is a way that will bring the region to catastrophe.”

Lavrov hit out at the rebel Free Syrian Army’s announcement it was no longer bound by UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan’s six-point peace plan, and proposed a high-level conference with the participation of Iran among other powers.


This is certainly the clearest statement by a Russian official in the highest category about Russia’s position concerning Syria. It is noteworthy that this statement came actually right after yesterday’s report of the American representatives of the White House, Jay Carney, that the United States would have “direct consultations with the Russians concerning their participation in a process to bring about political changes in Syria”.

Many smelled a deal between the U.S. and Russia about Syria, and this is once again implicitly denied. In terms of positioning, Russia is now determined. However, it now has a certainly a no less difficult question in front of it, which is calling for a quickly answer:

If you say “A”, you must also say “B”.

After the ousting of Bashar al-Assad is now officially considered as a “disaster”, the Russian leadership has to demonstrate now, whether they will just continue watching it from afar, as the region slowly slips into chaos, or whether Russia will now take concrete steps.  Now, more concrete steps are as previously announced.

Judging by the current reports, while forgetting about the next massacre (Syria rejects report alleging security forces killed 100 in Hama), which was sadly to expect and just follows the Kosovo “way”, if it really was carried out, the risk of a direct external intervention in Syria seems to decrease.

Not to mention that such a horrible massacre in Syria has no benefits for the Syrian government, but has benefits for the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), the other armed groups in Syria, and also for the e.g. “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey.

In the recent days, the announcements by NATO became increasingly clear that a military intervention in Syria is not provided. Rasmussen has said it once again, that the Alliance (NATO) has no intention of interfering in the internal situation in Syria. That these statements are worth nothing is known already because of the absolutely identical expressions of the same person shortly before the attack on Libya.

When one considers that Rasmussen also had the same record already in the mood for Iran, one can say as a cynic, that this could already deliver the roadmap of NATO attacks in the next time. Assuming that Rasmussen is telling the truth about Syria and that NATO does not attack this country in the Middle East, this simply means that the emphasis will continue to be placed on the support of the armed battle-groups in Syria, which are carrying out a terrorist war in this country.

The roles of these things are already distributed: the Arab monarchies (e.g. Qatar and Saudi Arabia) are financing this war quite generous and broad in scope. The Americans bring in plentiful “human resources” by using the “Al-Qaeda” structures; from the regions in the Middle East and North Africa, which are controlled by the United States.

The Europeans and the Arab monarchies in turn, train and guide the fighters; they carry out an informal support and orchestrate a massive media war against Syria.

Syria had previously been in worse situations, but there was never such a powerful pressure from abroad and there was never such a broad-based support for armed government opponents inside. In addition, the war against Syria has been unleashed in a very bad moment – in the midst of a generational change in leadership and the start of political reforms.

But Russia has to make up a decision, also for its own interest here. A decision that is indeed difficult, but necessary. The downfall of the Assad government in Syria would mean for Russia the appearance of various “Emirs” and “Emirates” – such like this “Emirat” of Tabbush Sayed – near Russia`s borders.

Russia therefore has really no choice – Russia can carry out a war against these “Emirs” and Islamistic “Brigadier Generals” on foreign territory, or it will be forced to fight against these radical structures at home. Russia has to make this decision, as soon as possible.

Small prediction: The question of peacekeeping troops for Syria will be raised soon, and these peacekeeping troops could be from Russia, or all country of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization). (Of course, the Syrian government might ask for it).

Unlikely? Let’s see.

Update: As expected there is the next allegedly massacre, the next challenge “just a day before Kofi Annan…”, you know. As mentioned, the Syrian government has rejected a report by the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) that alleges Syrian security forces killed 100 people in the west-central province of Hama. Not to mention that such massacres are, as stated often already, no benefit for the Syrian government, but for the (armed) Opposition and the sides who want to carry out a military intervention in Syria. Kosovo says all.

It would not be the first time that the lack of credibility of the Syrian opposition will become obviously. At least, for logical thinking humans and probably not for the Western editorial offices with their economic interests and the policy of their governments.


  1. olunga says:

    chechen war was agift to russia from the west, the west numb during the war ,no one was charge for war crime, despite fact the captial was flatend women / children died in thousands,under puttin , such genocide was carry out with the complecity of the west, if damascus flattend like the chechen captial it would not ment nothing to the russian as long as there policy r carried out, in the intres of there state not the syrian people,Mr Putin remember if ur country system never cahged u could never no never becom priminister or presendent of Russia, what a world? others has paied the price for u , come on mr, presendent do it for other even the syrian.

  2. brian says:

    syrians hold Russia in high regard….you can be sure they hold US and saudis in low regard:
    It is evident to all visitors to the city that there is a strong and trusting relationship between its inhabitants and members of the security forces. Greetings are constantly exchanged between them, and everyone abides the stopping and being searched at checkpoints. The quiet city’s walls, on the other hand, are adorned with slogans that salute the army and President Bashar al-Assad. The flags of Syria, Hezbollah, Russia and China flutter in great numbers throughout the squares. Banners in Arabic and Russian thank Russia.
    The inhabitants of Tartous hold “sister” Russia, as they call her, with great regard. It has stood by them better than the Arabs have, and its foreign minister,Sergei Lavrov, is affectionately called “comrade Sergei.” Affection for the Russian bear can be best seen through a local joke that claims that President Vladimir Putin is of Syrian descent. How can that be? There is no doubt about it, according to them.

  3. There are a lot of soldiers of fortune among the bandits. They are Chechens, Romanians, French, Libyans, and Afghans. Moreover, there was a very funny accident with Afghan soldiers. A few Afghans were caught and asked, ‘What are you doing here?’ They replied, ‘We were told that we came to Israel, and at night we are shooting at Israeli buses. We are fighting with the enemy to liberate Palestine.’ It might be funny, but it is true. The guys were really surprised, ‘Are we in Syria? We thought we were in Israel!’

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