Syria: Anyway, Bashar al-Assad is the bad guy

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Sideviews
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Author: U. Gellermann

It’s all quite simple: In Syria, there is a dictator, who is evil. An Opposition, which is good, fights against the dictator.

So, the good West must help the good ones in Syria to overthrow the evil dictator. At least that’s what the newspapers, it flickers across the screen. That it then, after a massacre of over 100 people in the village of al-Houla (al-Hula), comes to the expulsion of the Syrian Ambassadors from Germany, the USA, and France, seems only logical for the German media.

Because guilty for the massacre, there is no doubt for the mainstream media about it, is only the Assad system.

The word “system” has a long tradition: whenever the good States have highlighted other states as evil, these countries were called “system”. The systems usually have a lack of democracy and they were in the bondage of an ideology which the good West did not like.

You never read so far about the Saudi system, including the Qatar-system has not been denounced by the great West, although both countries are dictatorial rule, and there represented form of Islam is ideologically stubborn than most. But somehow they belong to the good guys.

Because the German Foreign Minister was visiting the Emir of Qatar and other Emirates, and as he left, he said nothing to the dictatorship in Qatar. Instead, he has said, “no one shall hold his protective hand over the system in Syria.” Since he is with the Emir of Qatar at the right place.

He calls for a long time for an armed “mission” in Syria. He probably wants to missionize the Syrian people with the Sharia, which is used in his country, but not yet in Syria.

In Syria, there is a coalition of minorities, which together results in a majority. The Assad-system comes from the Muslim minority of Alawis (Alawites) and is supported by Christians, Jews and Shiites.

Even the majority of the Sunni majority population supports Assad so far: Their middle class in Syria is living a more pleasant Islam than, e.g., the more radical way of  Islam, which is enforced in Saudi Arabia.

Despite the unquestionable dictatorial system of the government, the minorities fear a victory for the armed opposition. Because in the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), there do operate mainly fanatical Sunnis, which are accused by “Human Rights Watch” (HRW) to violate human rights. Also the “Syrian Orthodox Church” accuses them of ethnic cleansing.

The “Al-Nusra Front to Protect the Levant” is considered to be the second largest battle group, which is inspired by the al-Qaeda; this radical group has highlighted itself so far with bomb attacks, in which civilians were killed.

The new French president, Francois Hollande, has campaigned for a military intervention in Syria, as the first Western head of state. This makes sense: the last colonial power that had occupied Syria and carried out massacres like the one in the battle of Maysalun (1920), where they have shown to the Syrians what modern weapons are able to do, was France.

Three years later, France was able to crush the Syrian uprising and then to gain the complete control over the country. That the mistaken bellicist, Bernard-Henri Lévy, has given the idea of a military attack on Syria to the new French president, who stood just before the elections, shows that nothing was learned from the war in Libya (Lévy has suggested it, Sarkozy has started it).

Nothing out of the many deaths of this war, which led to a broken state and has raised several Islamist firebrands to regional leaders.

“The Russians”, a term which has still a terrible sound in Germany, after the unsuccessful attempt to capture the country; the Russians have a military base in Syria. In addition, the Assad-system is connected with the Ayatollah-system in Iran. So it is doubly evil.

That the United States has the ally Israel in this region, which is an nuclear-armed ally, that they use bases in Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, in the UAE and in Kuwait, that is, of course, after the “good and bad logic”, only good for the Middle East.

That the Syrian alliance of convenience with Iran has to do something with the fact, that the good West is doing nothing, that the Syrian Golan Heights are held occupied by the good Israelis since 1981; this is not really mentioned in the German media: Think and to notice the coherences, this is neither considered as a strength in the editorial offices nor in the Foreign Ministry.

“Who does evil to children, is bad. Assad, the president of Syria, is a devil”, wrote Franz Josef Wagner in the German newspaper “BILD” after the massacre in al-Houla (Hula).

He will have written something similar after the massacre of civilians in the Yugoslav town of Racak in 1999. The incident was the final inducement for the NATO bombing of Serbia. Two years later, Finnish forensic experts concluded, that there was no evidence for the murder of Albanians in Racak by Serbian security forces.

German media, who had liked to also bomb Belgrade, were not able to apologize. Also by Mr. Fischer and Scharping, the German main operators of this war, still no word.

Unlike the German newspaper “BILD” and the German foreign minister, neither the UN Human Rights Commissioner nor the military head of the UN Observation Mission in Syria was ready, to accuse the Syrian army for the massacre in al-Houla (Hula).

But when it comes to power in the Middle East, when it comes to isolate Iran, to remove any influence of Russia in the oil-rich, strategically important region and to decide the struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran in favor of the Saudis, then doubts are only noticed as being disturbing.

The Assad-system has to go, is urged by the whole German media commentators. It does not matter how the new system will be, the main thing is, that it is good to the West. The old madness of Iraq remains the serious illness of the supposedly good ones.


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  1. brian says:

    the real bad guys need to put on the mask of righteousness and at the same time demonise those they plan to make their attack seem justifiable…the nazis did this…and modern europe and US regimes are using nazi methods of deception

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