Syria: The beginning of a phase without compromises?

Posted: June 5, 2012 in Sideviews
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The speech of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian Parliament, in front of the widely newly elected members, could be basically described as the “usual”. The Syrian President al-Assad said what he has said before and what he had to say in the given situation. But this time, some nuances seem pretty significant in the latest speech of the Syrian President al-Assad.

While ASG has not only translated selected parts of Assad`s speech, but also described some important nuances of this speech of the Syrian President, there is also another nuance which seems to be relevant to explain.

At least, it seems some share the same opinion about this nuance in the speech of the Syrian President al-Assad on the last weekend. The Syrian President has described this “opposition” as terrorists, which is basically absolutely correct, and nobody is able to really refuse this description.

The undertone of his statement seems to be clear – there can no more be any negotiations with this (armed) opposition, which is now clearly labeled as “terrorists”.

Moreover, the Syrian president al-Assad also said that this conflict is not a civil war. President Assad said, “This crisis is a war of external forces, which is carried out with the help of tools from inside.” He further added, that every patriot has the duty to raise for the protection of the country. ASG explained this very well and nobody should miss the translation and information by ASG about the latest speech of the Syrian President.

Not to mention that it also includes parts of the speech, which some Western mass media has willfully missed to publish. In this way it is now official that there will be no more attempts to find a compromise with these armed forces.

In this manner, this statement can be seen as a response to the strange statement of Navanethem Pillay (Navi Pillay), the (non-independent) High Commissioner for Human Rights, which has expressed the fear that international leaders might feel tempted to make their peace efforts based on “politically incorrect solutions” which could include “an amnesty or non-prosecution”, for example, to offer Bashar al-Assad a personal integrity in exchange for a resignation of the Syrian President.

Not to mention, that the majority of the Syrian people would never accept this. (In addition, Navi Pillay should first start to provide credible sources for the one-sided accusations.) Basically, Mrs. Pillay, has announced on behalf of the so-called world public, that there will be  no negotiations with Assad and his government in Damascus no – “no mercy for bullies”!

Of course, one-sided propaganda, based on dubious sources and false information. Mrs. Pillay is not independent, which gets already confirmed by her career progression. Useful phrases to brainwash the Western population and to legitimate a false war, based on the useful lies of a “humanitarian war”.

As usually, nothing really new. Muammar Gaddafi in Libya has offered negotiations four times to the West and the armed rebels – all without response. The opponents were thirsting for a bloody sacrifice on camera, and they got it.

In the case of Syria and Bashar al-Assad, there is practically only the choice between the renunciation of power and some The Hague against the background of the decimation of ethnic and religious minorities in the country, or just the fight to the last. Not to mention that the decimation of ethnic and religious minorities would be a huge farce considering the reality of events in Syria.

Some have personally no doubts that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would give up his office, if he would have the guarantees that the violence in Syria ends; but that`s a completely unrealistic idea, considering the Western interests and dubious intentions of some sides like Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention the U.S. administration, which is hungry for the downfall of al-Assad, since years. Therefore, it is now the way it is – the positions are clear, the cards are on the table.

Six-Point Peace Plan by Annan – RIP

Meanwhile, the biased news agency Reuters has reported that the terrorists, which are officially called “rebels” in the West, because it sounds just better and because is good for the propaganda purposes, have killed more than 100 soldiers of the Syrian army on last weekend.

It is not clear how reliable this information is because it comes from an interested in such information, from the terrorists themselves. 80 of the names of those dead were, at least, confirmed in front of doctor’s place.

The “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) gave the Syrian government a two-day ultimatum with a completely unclear content and they have already threatened, to start an all-out war against the Syrian government afterwards. Just as if they would ever have complied the ceasefire. Apparently, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has already been taken into account in his speech and thus, he clearly and unequivocally expressed this to the “rebels”.

The armed gangs complain that the Syrian military is using armored vehicles, artillery cannons and grenade launcher against them. On the other hand, they report proud of their successes, the pure torturing and murder of Syrian soldiers and the destruction of armored vehicles and Syrian buildings.

If the use is so, then the armed rebels, not only light weapons, but also very heavy weapons that can destroy armored vehicles. In such a case one can hardly imagine an army that does not use similar weapons and technology in retaliate of such attacks with heavy weapons.

The bottom line could be that the six-point plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan was ultimately abandoned by both sides. One side threatened with this, the other side has reacted on this.

The six-point Annan plan was for the armed gangs what some have already feared before. The peace plan was a respite for the armed groups; during they were able to regroup after their defeat in Homs, to fill their ranks with new people and radicals, to prepare thoroughly, and to work out new plans and strategies, also with the help of foreign specialists in tactics and warfare.

For the Syrian government, the six-point plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan meant basically nothing but a disastrous retreat and the loss of strategic initiative. Maybe this will be the last experiment of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with the hypocritically various Western peace initiatives which probably just cover the real intentions and the geopolitical interests.

These dubious intentions and questionable interests become more and more obviously. Some Western governments, Turkey, Jordan and also the Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not interested in a stable, peaceful Syria. These sides do not care about the Syrian populations, just as the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has already proven not to care about the Syrian civilians.

They want to pave the path to Iran, destabilize Syria and also to weaken the resistance against imperialism in the Middle East. Not to mention that the common reason, the protection of Israel, is also behind these violent intentions. The Salvador option of Feltman, the dubious play of Ford and the American support for Syrian opposition figures and groups since years.

As if the world would not already know about it. The propaganda, the media in line and willfully blind, in order to brainwash the Western civilians for another false war and to protect economic interests.

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  1. Arabi Souri says:

    By the way, to say relatively newly elected members is not an accurate description taking in mind that 209 out of 250 Parliament members are new in the parliament. It’s widely new.

  2. will be changed, thank you! 🙂

  3. Souri says:


    Steven Hickie,
    Robert Ford,
    Martin Shbakher

    are now Persona non grata.

  4. Syria has considered also the ambassadors of Germany, Belgium, Canada, Italy and Bulgaria as unwanted in Damascus..

  5. Souri says:

    On #Syria, #ArabLeague No Longer to Meet #UNSC, #ICP Learns, Why? Meanwhile another “Syria Superbowl” is slated for Thursday.

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