Syria: Speech of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on June 3, 2012

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Politics
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On Sunday, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad spoke to the People`s Assembly on the occasion of the 1st legislative term of this new Assembly. The Syrian President al-Assad addressed some important topics in his speech to the general assembly but, as usually, some Western and Gulf mass media offices have decided to only use phrases which are helpful to boost the (false) propaganda against Syria.

Thus, it is important that there is an English version of the speech of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad available now and that also others have noticed that some Western media offices missed important passages of the speech and just used phrases, often taken out of the context, for the usual propaganda purposes.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad spoke about the current situation of the country and that the sensitive circumstances which have hit the country will make Syria more courageous and stronger in future. Bashar al-Assad also played tribute and honor to all souls of innocent civilian and military martyrs and addressed that the martyr`s blood will not be wasted.

He also made it clear that a this legislative and supervising duties of the parliament and assembly cannot be done in the best way for the Syrian people unless they have a clear developmental vision, which is not only based on constructive dialogues, but also on the communication with the Syrian citizens.

The Syrian President al-Assad also said in his speech on Sunday, that Syria has confronted the huge campaign against the country by reforms and by building a strong fortress in the face of regional and international ambitions, while the President added that it is the duty towards the Syrian people, who proved their ability to overcome this very difficult situation.

President al-Assad also added, that “It is our duty towards our people who proved their ability and succeeded to overcome very difficult national tests to upgrade our performance to the level of its awareness and steadfastness.”

He further stated that the things became clear and that the masks were removed after a year and a half since the beginning of this crisis in Syria. The international role in this chaos and violence seems to be clear and for the Syrian President, colonialism remains unchanged, but only its methods and faces are changing. Bashar al-Assad added that the country is moving forward with its political process but that the terrorism is also escalating.

“Not distinguishing between political process and terrorism is a great mistake that grant terrorism a legitimacy. Separation between terrorism and political process is essential to reach a solution to the crisis,” the Syrian President al-Assad added this and this is a truly interesting sentence of his speech on Sunday.

The President went on and also said that Syria is facing a real war and that the dealing with war is different from the dealing with internal issues. He further added, that “when we boycott election, we boycott the people. Any political process that is not based on popular state has no popular value.”

President al-Assad said afterwards, “Since the first day we have known that the political track will not lead to a solution but we did it because the Syrian people need it regardless of the crisis.” Finally the Syrian President has again invited all who want to support the reforms in the country and who are really interested in honest dialogues. He stated that they welcome the “participation of any honest Syrian in the process of developing the country.”

Understandable, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has also made it clear in his speech on Sunday, that the national security of Syria is a red line and that the authorities cannot be tolerant with sides who are trying to tamper with the national security of Syria.

But in addition, nobody should forget about the general amnesty for people who were just part of acts and not involved in killings, rapes, torturing and terroristic acts. Every Western country would care about the national security in the same manner; and probably would not have given any general amnesty for low-level criminals.

The Syrian President al-Assad also explained in his speech that some powers want to undermine the resistant role of Syria and that it is not really about reforms or democracy for the Syrian people. He also stated that there is no justification for terrorism under any pretext and that the crisis in Syria is not internal, but a foreign war with internal tools and that everybody is responsible for defending the homeland.

The Syrian President al-Assad has finally also said in his speech on Sunday, that “If we united today, I confirm that the end of this situation will be soon regardless of the foreign conspiracy. We will not allow those who have nothing to do with history to write something that hasn’t been written before by the history which is that the Syrians destroyed their homeland by themselves.”

A good description about some sentences and topics of the speech of the Syrian President al-Assad on Sunday can be found here:


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