Foolable Sheeple of the West

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Journalism, Media, Media, Syria, Terrorism, USA
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How many times your Zionist neo-con leaders told you that the USA is fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists? Didn’t they invad Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere under the pretext ‘War on Terror‘?

What if your NATO states leaders are supporting Al-Qaeda with your hard earned tax dollars/ Euros? And when that’s not enough, they’re borrowing from Zionist bankers after selling your country to foreign investors to cover their support to Al-Qaeda just to destroy one state after another from those saying NO to the New World Order: The One World Government under their rule as they dream.
Well, Syria is fighting Al-Qaeda terrorists installed, trained, supported, financed, armed, covered in media and politically by YOU and in YOUR name.
And when their ‘War on Terror’ slogan resulted in droning own US citizens worldwide along with thousands of civilians of sovereign nations, something new needed to keep the Sheeple going: Humanitarian Intervention by those same waging War on Terror against those the same victims of countries saying NO to the Zionist Imperialism hegemony.
There’s no harm in being fooled once, you don’t expect people looking like human beings you elect to fool you, but when they fool you continuously and time and time again, then sorry to say: You Are Sick.
So it’s not enough they commit crimes against humanity by destroying countries overseas, slaughter civilians in thousands, tens of thousands and even in hundreds of thousands, in your name with your money by your children, they borrow to kill. While back at home there’s austerity measures, deteriorating welfare, healthcare, education system and student loans, infrastructure, unemployment and Poverty.

Al Qaeda terrorists attack Syrian army posts & vehicles not in combat

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because You’re ‘Foolable’

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