War preparations against Syria – Russia remains at its stance

Posted: June 3, 2012 in International
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The calls to a war in (and against) Syria are continued. Although the NATO countries still present themselves in front of the cameras currently that they want to avoid a military intervention in Syria at all costs, but if one looks closely, one is able to realize how empty and hypocritical these phrases are.

The so-called “international community” takes a stand and could currently really prepare for a false war against Syria. This would be, after Libya, the next crime by the help of UN (United Nations) and the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Not to mention that such a military intervention would not help the people in Syria.

This is just one of the empty phrases, although these NATO member states should know it better. The French President, Hollande (Sarkozy 2.0, even worse) made the first step after the horrible massacre of al-Houla (al-Hula) and broke with the secrecy.

Hollande demanded an intervention in Syria, to extricate Syria from the tyrannical regime in the Syrian capital Damascus. America goes with this stance, obviously, just like the UK (as usually). The German Foreign Minister, some call him also a clown, Guido Westerwelle, has reiterated the German support for this, even when he still half-heartedly says in front of cameras, that Germany is not interested in a military intervention in Syria.

This attitude of Germany is to deceive the public about the actual policy of the German government. A closer look to the war in Libya uncovers that also German soldiers were involved in this NATO war crimes.

In addition to the front, which is forming in the West, there is also a front in the Middle East against Syria. In the Middle East, a front has long been formed and wants to take actions against Syria. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, client state Jordan, and Turkey. Only to name some.

Both Qatar and Saudi Arabia support the armed gangs in Syria openly since April, after both Gulf States have already supported these gangs with money and even with weapons behind the curtains of international policy.

The gunmen in Syria, who are all more or less summarized by a lot of people under the “umbrella” of the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), are criminals, Islamists, foreign mercenaries, agents, army deserters and people who want to practice revenge or just benefit from the chaos and violence in Syria. It is said that there are about thirty different armed groups, which are currently in Syria, and thereby are supported and funded from abroad. These groups are no peaceful protesters. These radical groups of different kind are a threat for every Syrian civilian.

The Western state media are sticking to their condemnations of the Syrian government in Damascus and still sell Bashar al-Assad as the “butcher of Syria”. But what about the Bahraini regime? No butchers, just allies.

Again and again, the Syrian government is one-sided blamed to escalate the violence in the country, although the Western governments know the truth and although it is already inhuman that the condemnations are only one-sided and even based on willfully false information, non-verified sources and propaganda. Yes, such a hypocritically and one-sided stance is already against any sense of democracy and humanity. Not to mention that it seems hard to sell the majority of the Syrian people the benefits of this democracy in / from the West.

That this is absolutely not the case, usually only interests some Blogs and the journalists, which are often sold in the main stream as that they already have no credibility or that they are even “friends of regimes”, although the facts and information, which is used and presented by them are often very much logical and consistent than the crap, which is published in the so-called quality media. (Have a look at e.g. LandDestroyer)

The West and some Gulf States (we do not speak about e.g. Oman, whose King is more human) like Qatar and Saudi Arabia want war in and against Syria, in whatever way; the calls are getting louder. But Russia and China are still playing the role as spoilsport.

There are good reasons why the German Foreign Minister Westerwelle travels to Qatar and Turkey next week, but these reasons are not the reasons, which Westerwelle sells to his German civilians. As already announced by Russia, Moscow will not depart from its position and wants to further ensure that the six-point peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan is given a chance. Moscow is also still interested that all sides are immediately condemned on the same level and that all sides, which are involved in the Syrian situation, are also forced to begin a political process.

There is some thick air for this reason at the UN Security Council (UNSC). One is not able to agree on a “legal NATO mission” in the UN Security Council as long as Russia uses its veto rights. The voices are getting louder who have some interesting ideas and claims to bypass the UN Security Council (UNSC) and to begin a war without the consent of this council. This would make the UN Security Council not only useless but also to a farce, but that does not mean that this could not happen, as we know. Democracy is something else.

Russia and the Syrian government (and perhaps China) seems to be currently the only forces that still want to implement the points of the “Annan Plan”. Not to mention that the stance of Russia is based on objective points, although this could surprise a lot of people; but that`s the new Russian policy after the Cold War and Moscow has learned that this is a useful weapon against hypocritical imperialistic interests.

The questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, demands a military intervention in Syria for a long time, because the Islamist members of this dubious “council” in Turkey have never cared about the Syrian people. Of course, the members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) have never really supported the six-point plan of the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, because these points of the peace plan are no help for the realization of the goals of this Islamist council.

It is easy to call this council in that manner, because the majority of members are Islamists, as it has been confirmed by members of the opposition and e.g. Reuters. Not to mention that the Muslim Brotherhood has “elected” Ghalioun for the job as “head” of the “Syrian National Council” in the last year. In this respect, the question becomes more and more important: Who benefits from the failure of the “Annan plan” and from the horrible massacre in e.g. al Houlah (al Hula)?

The Syrian government of this dubious opposition abroad, who wants to overthrow the Syrian government and President and which is also interested in a military intervention in Syria to achieve this goal? Not to mention that the armed gangs in Syria are surely not interested in the complete implementation of the six-point plan, because this implementation would be very counterproductive for their aims. The answer to the question would then allow a conclusion, who has a greater interest in breaking the ceasefire, again and again.

Since the dubious external opposition is not only covered by the West, but also actively supported, it is sure no wonder that plans are constantly being hatched to present the Syrian government and President al-Assad in such a light, which helps to make it sooner or later “necessary” to carry out a military intervention. At least, it is useful to sell this at that way for the Western population.

The imagination is inexhaustible and the mythic Shabiha is a useful tool for the fairy tales of the “opposition“, which are willfully used by the Western media. These sides use the things that already have provoked previous wars, e.g. false-flag operations such as the horrible massacre in al-Houlah (al-Hula). Western media were on time and quickly with the one-sided condemnation without any verification. Some would say, they were even too quick. The prejudicial headlines and even lies were spread by them, although these “headlines” could not be maintained afterwards.

Instead to wait for the results of the investigations, or to prevent premature judgments, which are often wrong, as children do learn this already, the one-sided condemnations of the Syrian government are continued, without clear evidence till today.

In addition to the horrible false-flag operation(s), new satellite images have emerged yesterday. These satellite images show allegedly military activities of the Syrian army, as well as allegedly mass graves. The common ready can be indeed very thankful that these independent pictures are from the trusted U.S. State Department, which follows a peaceful policy and advocates for human rights and freedom everywhere on this beautiful planet.

This is probably exactly why America has created al-Qaeda, to use it as a weapon, which can then be hypocritically fought again.  For this reason, America has prison camps like Guantanamo, to name one of many. Obama wanted to close Guantanamo? Which Guantanamo? Just to get elected.

America is only interested in an unstable Middle East. As long as the Arab countries fighting against each other or are internally torn, the Israeli and American “interests” can be better protected and defended.

No matter whatever is signaled to the outside by the United States, it must not be forgotten that the main interest of America is Iran. Only when Syria and Lebanon were destroyed, the road to Iran is free. After all the years that Syria could not be worn down, it seems that these sides are succeeding now. Saudi Arabia is the beneficiary of this policy and the imperialist interests. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) serves as a puppet of U.S. interests.

Despite all the propaganda and all attempts to draw Syria’s last ally on the opposite side, Putin keeps a cool head and insisted on his mind. While Putin always makes it clear, that he is not the friend and defender of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but that he simply wants to carry the concern that international law is upheld and, above all, to avoid a war against and in Syria like it happened and still happens in Libya.

The war of Libya is only the latest example of the aggressive imperialist policy, which clearly shows that one cannot bring peace and freedom with war, but only worsened the situation in individual countries. Not to mention the good question of the motivations and changes of mind by the West. So long as the geopolitical interests are protected, that’s probably not interesting.

The Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) demands, just as the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), which so-called ultimatum has expired on last Friday, a military intervention in Syria. They want to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad and they are in their formulations less squeamish than some other European countries. Ghalioun appealed again and again to the UN Security Council and the Arab League. It seems that his howl was successful at the Arab League (AL).

On the Saturday, it was decided during a meeting of the Arab League (AL), according to Aksalser, to stop the broadcasting of the Syrian channels on the satellites Arabsat and Nilsat, because these Syrian channels represent the government side. Very democratic and also dubious, because other propaganda stations were not condemned for staged and faked videos, reports and information.

It is unclear till now, whether the Arab League (AL) will be successful to really turn off the Syrian channels (Nilsat and Arabsat) and even will replace these channels with propaganda stations of the terrorists.

At the beginning of this horrible situation in Syria, Voltaire Network wrote that the Western media propaganda remembers to the propaganda of Goebbels, but now it is obvious, that we are back in these days of false-flag actions and the misuse of allegedly serious media in the West. Propaganda at the highest level, democracy at its lowest point.

The developments in Syria and against the country are getting faster. Maybe it’s just a matter of days. The West and its Gulf allies want to maintain the terror and bloodshed within Syria at all costs. The war against Syria could begin in just some days. At least, when there will be another false-flag massacre. “Operation Himmler” in line with modern propaganda.

Syria under Bashar Assad is almost completely isolated. For his government, there is perhaps no chance of survival. The big question is what comes after him. The so-called opposition is no solution for a better Syria; this opposition is even more destructive and worse for Syria. Certainly, the West and this opposition will neither deliver freedom nor democracy to the Syrian people, but just a puppet government and the next client state.

The people and their interests are completely irrelevant. Unfortunately this is often forgotten. Just a view to Iraq and Libya should be sufficient to deliver deterrent examples. In both countries they were working with exactly the same methods and means of propaganda.

Image: taoty / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

  1. Souri says:

    By the way, Khaled Abu Salah seems to be not dead. As usually, another attempt by this side to fake his death. Although it is not clear, it seems more credible that the Palestininan CNN-tool Khaled Abu Salah (Khalid Abu Salah) is still alive.

  2. Souri says:

    Syria targeted by foreign conspiracy: Assad


  3. Souri says:

    Syria – Latest fabrications includes defected “air force officer” with “super human” hearing and sight, and miraculous satellite imaging


  4. Souri says:

    Syria: Vladimir Putin contemplates sending CSTO peacekeeping force


  5. Souri says:

    Syria: Vladimir Putin intends to create free trade zone with Russia


  6. Souri says:

    Vatican News Service refutes Western media reports about Syria.

    According to the Vatican, the Syrian government is not responsible for the atrocities committed against civilians. Quite the opposite. Vatican sources point to existence of armed gangs and terrorists.


  7. Souri says:

    “My translation of select parts of Assad’s speech today which didn’t appear in much of the mainstream media”


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