Syria: Statement of Russian Foreign Ministry about Houla massacre

Posted: June 3, 2012 in International
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After a relatively long delay, after the awful events in Al-Hula (al Houla), the Russians have officially expressed its position on the current developments in Syria. It seems that the fears, that there has been a “deal” between Russia and the West, were not being true finally.

Finally, the Russian Foreign Ministry Statement has wrested a statement on recent developments in Syria In the comment of the official representative of the RF Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukaschewitsch, Russia joins the latter assessment of the Syrian authorities about the horrible massacre of civilians in the Syrian region of al-Hula (Houla) / Taldou, near the Syrian city of Homs.

Sure, it was quite diplomatically added, that Moscow is also waiting on the “results of investigation by the UN observer mission in Syria”, but with the meaning of the whole statement, it becomes clear that the Russians have positioned themselves to this already officially.

Perhaps because of the reports of the ANNA News team in Syria, too. The reports and information of the ANNA News team in Syria about the sequence of events of the awful massacre and the interviews with witnesses seem to confirm the current findings of the Syrian authorities about this horrible massacre near Homs.

It is not to mention, that the Syrian authorities sell the sequence of events and whole situation in a better light than it might has happen. Also, this should surprise nobody. (The complete Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry about the massacre in al-Houla can be found at the end of this entry.) And just this position includes the assessment that the crimes of Al-Hula were “a carefully planned action by armed rebels”, which is also the finding of the ANNA-News team in Syria.

On the one hand, it is sure a good thing that the Russian side once speaks plain language, of course. A weakness about this is, however, that the Russian Foreign Ministry, and thus Russia, bases on an issue that is more relevant for Russia directly, solely and exclusively on the assessment of the Syrian government or to apparently support this officially.

Russia maintains an embassy in Damascus, in whose competence is also to assess the situation in the country, and thus it has to keep Moscow, in this respect, constantly informed about events in Syria. There is cooperation between Russia and Syria on military and intelligence level and also in other governmental and commercial levels.

Basically, it should be the fact, that the Russian government should be able to assess the situation, based on several independent sources, and to make these assessments the basis of political decision. In the statement, but is only mentioned by the report of the Syrian government, although they could have also mentioned the reports of the ANNA-News team.

The nearly week-long delay of such statements cannot be explained simply by the diplomatic etiquette; for example, like the motto, that Moscow cannot express its opinion formally, before the Syrian government has done this itself. Although, it is formally this way.

However, it was evident immediately, how well the media attack of the West was coordinated with the terrible events and massacre in al-Houla (al-Hula) and Taldou. Also, their continuations in Deir az-Zur (Deir az-Zor), and yesterday in Al-Ash-Buwaida Scharkija, are obviously part of the same plan.

Both, the Russian Foreign Ministry, as well as military intelligence, would have been able to assess this quickly and also to make immediately recommendations about these human rights violations.

The Western campaign after the massacre has virtually catapulted the situation in a most alarming stage, without notice, so that Russia would have had to find clear words about its position on the situation after two days, at least. Perhaps the meeting between Putin and the German chancellor Merkel (on Friday) has played a role in this.

Of course, that does not mean in any way that Putin has asked Angela Merkel for permission, but that Putin could have made the Moscow stance clear to the German chancellor, before Russia published its statement to the world. (The Russian State Department has published the statement then…) If so, then the upcoming Russian statements will come faster and more decisively in future.

By the way, Fradkov, the Chief of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service and a member of the Security Council of the RF, is going to fly to Syria these days. This will be very interesting.

This is the complete statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry from 1 June 2012 about the current events in Syria, which is certainly worth reading in many passages. Source:

Comment by Russian MFA Spokesman regarding the situation in Syria and around it

In recent days, there has been a sharp aggravation of the situation in Syria and around it. It was prompted by the cruel tragedy of 25 May this year in the village of Houla, where more than a hundred civilians, including 49 children, were killed . Several large Syrian families were fully exterminated. As is known, the crime was immidiately condemned in the strongest terms by the UN Security Council.

The results of the investigation by the Syrian authorities, which were announced on 31 May this year, suggest that the crime was a well-planned action of the militants to disrupt the efforts of a political settlement of the Syrian crisis, to drive the situation in Syria to a new round of bloody violence. Moscow, which strongly and unequivocally condemns the violence against civilians, is awaiting the outcome of the investigation mandated by UN Security Council. Those who carried out and ordered this barbaric crime should incur the most severe punishment.

We do not comment on the attempts to use the deaths of children and innocent people for political purposes to return to the vicious algorithm of “Libyan script.” It is suggested to fight the threat of civil war with religious overtones clearly manifested in Syria with the threat of foreign intervention and pushing the Syrian sides to further fierce and relentless confrontation. There are hints that the “culprit” of the negative development is Russia, whose policy allegedly complicates the creation of a unified international coalition and fosters the civil war. It is unlikely that such approaches can yield good results.

We have repeatedly drawn attention to the real causes that have a negative impact on the implementation of the Annan plan in Syria. This, above all, reluctance of some leading international and regional actors to act on the Syrian track in accordance with the logic of peace. Preference, as we have seen, is still given to their own private agenda, which has regime change in Damascus as the main point. Tragedy in Houla showed the consequences of financial assistance and supplies of smuggled advanced weapons for the militants, the recruitment of foreign mercenaries and flirting with all sorts of extremists.

Moscow believes that, despite everything, the chances of achieving a peaceful settlement in Syria, in accordance with UN Security Council approved Annan plan still exist. They should be used. Russia, for its part, is ready to continue an active search for ways to work together to promote the resolution of the Syrian crisis on existing consolidated basis.

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