Syria: The mythic Shabiha as useful tool for BBC

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Sideviews
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Whenever one is not able to prove that the Syrian army and security forces are behind anything, then a new straw man is needed, on which you – including an organized existence – also can prove nothing on, but where one is able to spin convenient legends around this straw man.

Syria: Shabiha in the background

The BBC broadcasts the next new story about atrocities of the Assad regime, which is (allegedly) obsessively killing off the people who are entrusted to it by the hands of the mysterious and powerful Shabiha (Shabi7a/Schabiha).

In short – the “opposition” presents the world community the murder of 13 factory workers in the village of Al-Buwaida-ash-Scharkija (located between Al-Qusayr and Homs), these 13 factory workers were traveling in a bus, the Shabiha has stopped this bus is stopped and then has shot the 13 unlucky fellows, of course.

One gets the impression that the armed opposition fighters and the Shabiha are sharing their work in practice – one side kills people; the other side is filming this incessantly.

Afterwards, it looks like, that they share their tools and also share their roles. All in all, the reports about this do remember to the babble of idiots, but they are, in all seriousness, broadcasted again and again by the “serious media”.

Most interesting is that every now and then, some photos of this mysterious Shabiha periodically appear – usually some people in civilian clothes, who usually bear arms. Sometimes they are seen in some, not very good actions, against the population, whereby one is not able to see them, when they are doing bloody deeds.

During the same time there are masses of gruesome videos of opposition fighters who execute the next “watchdog of the regime” while constantly bawling of “Allahu-akhbar”, it looks not so abundant with the mythical Shabiha (Shabi7a).

If one considers that the Shabiha is a name for units of the militia – similar to the “Combat Groups of the Working Class” (Kda) in the former East Germany – that is quite typical for such an appearance of vigilante followers: no ceremonies, but action without any extremism.

"Shabiha in the Background"

“Shabiha in the Background”

Let’s say that the photo in this text here comes from an Israeli source. On this picture, some can be seen lying on the ground, while there are also standing civilians, under arms. The situation in the picture is certainly no picnic, but one cannot say that it is brutal or extreme – always taking into account, that there is war in the country; the militia will help the security forces. N’est-ca pas?

One cannot compete so well, with their bare hands, against automatic weapons. With other words, too many myths about the Shabiha (Shabi7a/Schabiha) are circulating, at least, since the “Houla massacre”, far too many to believe them blindly.

Back to the information of the armed opposition. Sure, the BBC and other quality media speak again about the fact in this context, that this information cannot be verified from other sources than from those of the “activists”.

However, these hyenas of the feather foist their audience again immediately with a tendency interpretation by mentioning that the UN Observers should have confirmed some actually analogous cases, such as the death of the oil workers near Deir az-Zour (Deir az-Zor)

The opinion making now is that the UN observers, also in this case, only confirmed the fact that these people were murdered, but of course not, that this murder is in the responsibility of the ominous Shabiha. Nevertheless the skillful shell game of the media has the desired effect at the audience.

It is also interesting, that in connection with the massacre in Al-Hula, nobody is nowhere still talking about the first reports of the (external) opposition, that the people of al-Houla (Hula) were killed by massive artillery and tank shelling of the army and security forces.

The UN Human Rights Commission talks about it, that “the majority of the 108 victims of al-Houla were killed by by firearms and sharp weapons at close quarters”, and that “at most 20 of the victims were killed by fire from heavy weapons.” Again this raises the question – what exactly for a shelling and which side has exactly executed the shelling – but this is not said here.

Considering, that Marat Musin of ANNA News, who is located directly on the ground, insists that there were (and are) no major army units near al-Houla (Hula), and that`s why al Houla (al Houlah) and Taldou are, particular to this day, firmly in the hands of terrorists, there is sure the perfectly reasonable question who was really behind the shelling of this area and responsible for the horrible attack. There is no direct answer for this question.

The tactics of the BBC and other media is logical, of course. There are tons of messages, which deliver, in countless variations, the stories of the gruesome deaths of civilians in Syria. A normal person, who does not deal in detail with the situation, only merely notes the fact, that in Syria, people are always being killed – more of him is not required at all.

In this respect, the media does not lie directly (because that would be unprofessional – facts remain facts), but they constantly accompanying interpretation – which is now again part of the order by the client – is giving the public (audience) the right flavor. The mythic Shabiha in Syria is also a very useful tool for the fairy tales of the opposition.


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  1. Souri says:

    West Desperately Attempts to Spin Syrian Crisis

    Latest fabrications includes defected “air force officer” with “super human” hearing and sight, and miraculous satellite imaging.

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