Syria: UN Human Rights Commission published new resolution

Posted: June 2, 2012 in International
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The massacre in al-Houla (“Hula massacre”) on last Friday (05/25/2012) near the Syrian city of Homs is said to mark a turning point in the conflict in Syria. The developments within Syria, and also in the various organizations outside the country, are getting faster and faster.

Where shall we end up? This is hard to predict. Still, the massacre of al-Houlah (Houla, near Homs) is not cleared up completely, and one is able to often hear about new details and information. Who really is behind it, the opinions split. All representations about the awful massacre in al Houla raise more questions than they provide answers.

Still, the best question is probably, who benefits from such a horrible massacre in Syria just before the visit of the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. Why should the Syrian government order such a awful massacre just shortly before the visit of Kofi Annan, when they agreed to the peace plan of the UN-Arab League negotiator and would benefit from the implementation (much) more than e.g. the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, and the armed fighters of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA)?

Not to mention that not all armed groups belong to this terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and that the so-called “SNC”, Islamists council in Turkey, which never cared about the welfare of the Syrian people, has no control about all armed bandits, criminals and religious fanatics within Syria. Not only a lot of typical criminals try to benefit from the chaotic and violent situation in Syria, but also foreign mercenaries were also unmasked and arrested in this country of the Middle East.

There are, in addition, Iraqi jihadists, Libyan fighters (al-Qaeda, I can tell which way the wind is blowing…), and people from Jordan, Lebanon and so on. The term “FSA” is probably just used further because it makes the situation “easy” and e.g. Western editorial offices have not to dig deeper and are able to still sell the false image that the situation in Syria is just black and white. Which is not only completely false, but also to condemn. These so-called journalists and the journalists, who boost the sectarian card, are to put into question.

The Syrian government in Damascus formed a commission of inquiry for the “Houla massacre”, whose preliminary results was broadcast on Syrian state television on Thursday. Interestingly enough, parts fit to the reports of ANNA News, although the Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jihad Makdissi sold the information and current findings in a brighter light, which is nothing surprising for a government report.

Without actually going into details, the investigation confirmed the opinion of General Suleiman. However, it was stressed that the executions were mainly carried out on a family of members of the parliament, which makes the massacre even more politically. Finally, it should not matter. The responsible people and sides for this massacre have to be uncovered. Also for the other massacre in Syria, which seem to get “forgotten” by media and governments…

The victims of this crisis hurt all Syrians because all were targeted from all sects, they were brutally murdered whether they were Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Christians or any other group. About the murder suspects, he has made no further information.

Especially some European mainstream media have made a prejudgment immediately after the horrible massacre of al-Houla (Hula), based on non-proved information and the typical questionable statements of known “sources”. These media stations remain in their one-sided condemnation of the Syrian regime / government. Again and again there are accusations, convictions and facts mixed, while even some information kept hidden by them.

Yahoo News – Based on AP:

“The Syrian boy tried to stop himself from trembling, even as the gunmen, with long beards and shaved heads, killed his parents and all four of his siblings, one by one.” (Source

When you compare this with the report by BBC, something begs for attention. “With long beards and shaved heads” doesn`t sound like the Syrian army or so-called “Shabeha`s” did it, in contrary, it even seems to confirm that religious radicals, like some armed groups in Syria, are behind this massacre.

This indicates, that some armed opposition forces are behind the massacre or, at least, armed radicals from e.g. Al Rastan and other neighboring villages, which were already mentioned in the report of the ANNA News team in Syria.  Certainly, the Syrian  government in Damascus is also to blame for what happened in al-Houlah (Houla), because the Syrian army and government has the duty to protect the Syrian civilians, and it even seems that this does not happen in full force in recent months.

Of course, the situation is terrible and chaotic, but there is a reason why more and more people in Syria begin to blame the Syrian government, too. Too much violence at civilians happens in Syria and it often suggests that there is no real status of security anymore in some regions of Syria. Even in big cities like Damascus and Aleppo, there seems to be a lack of security, which at least, seems strange considering the threat by armed radicals, criminals and the so-called “fighters” of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

The UN Observers, who were on location some time after the massacre, gave first reports about Houla (Hula), also regarding Syrian army tank, but otherwise they have not released any further details and one should not forget the report by ANNA news, which was near that area.

The research and interviews of survivors of the so-called “Houla massacre” by UN observers seem to still run; results have not yet been published. While it is also questionable how this investigation by the UN Observers is carried out, just the same way like people have to question the results of the Syrian government about the awful human rights violations in the area near Homs.

After the horrible massacre in al-Houlah (Houla) and the visit of the UN observers there, one has heard not much about this sad and inhuman massacre by the Observers. In fact, in contrary to the representation in many European newspapers, the Norwegian Major General Robert Mood still has never condemned one side for this massacre near Homs. The Norwegian Major General Robert Mood is still much retained to give statements about “al Houla”. He only demanded the elucidation of the atrocities and the conviction of the perpetrators.

The longer the killings in Syria will go on and the longer the Syrian Government sticks to its stiffness and as long as the information given by Syrian media and government about current events is less presented or even just missing, more supporters should turn away from the government side, although this doesn`t mean that they support the other side then, something what they would not do because they also reject this side.

For the Syrian people, it is clearly already a dilemma and a more and more worse situation because hardly a side cares about the Syrian people. Not to mention that the sanctions against Syria harm the population, too. In contrary to the hypocritically phrases made by Hollande and Hillary Clinton.

In fact, the criticism of the general media and politics is getting louder. The situation is frustrating, while the so-called “international community” is trying with a “tug o’ war” to find a solution for the situation in Syria. Thus, this doesn`t mean that all sides of the “international community” are playing with true cards. As the Russian Foreign Ministry has said, nobody should be surprised that the foreign support with weapons and ammo for armed people in Syria is boosting the risks for such a massacre. No wonder, that the Russian Foreign Ministry has condemned this foreign support with weapons for armed groups in Syria again yesterday.

If there is no quick solution for Syria and if parts of the West and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are still boosting the violence by hypocritically statements, while supporting arms to strangers and radicals, the land could actually really sink into a civil war. Not to mention that it is believable that, at least, parts of the “Salvador option” are used by foreign powers to destabilize Syria further. Already now, more and more have lost friends or even family members in this crisis and some want revenge.

The “international community” is blocking itself, because views are clashing together there, which do not come together, apparently not even a compromise can be found because some seem not ready for compromises – because of the questionable intentions and dubious interests for and about Syria, even about the entire region.

On Friday, there was a meeting of the UN Human Rights Committee to again discuss the situation in Syria and to condemn the massacre in al-Houlah (Hula) as a human rights violation, but it seems that some sides willfully do ignore facts and evidence, even logical thinking. The non-independent Navi Pillay urged to bring the perpetrators in front of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Further, a new Resolution was submitted, which once again condemns the Syrian government very unilaterally. The next hypocritically Resolution.

The resolution was approved by 41:3 votes, two participants abstained from voting. The UN Ambassador of the U.S., Susan Rice, has criticized Russia and its position again, but to be honest, her statements are not only hypocritically, but also false and to condemn. Susan Rice wants to have a better way with the government in Washington to bring Russia to a reconsidering, so that the UN Security Council is able to finally act better. Of course, the usual hypocritical phrases, made by U.S. Ambassadors.

Russia is sticking to its strategy and it is still interested to ensure that in Syria a political solution is found. The Annan peace plan should be supported by all sides, also there are already indicators that not all sides do this or that even the U.S. has secretly violated the peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan.

The “international community” is divided, while some people do support a military intervention in Syria now, others still support the six-point plan and they want and believe in political solutions, which is definitely the way that should be followed.

An intervention brings certainly at first (and probably for a long time), no peace, and sure not the freedoms that the people might to welcome. A military intervention would provide, following the awful example of Libya, rather the possibility to build a government that is perhaps less corrupt, but will certainly not be able to quickly implement peace and security in the country. Not to mention the possibility for some to implement a puppet government, client state, in Syria.

How Makdissi has said in the press conference on Thursday, there are 18 religious groups in Syria, and to hold the grant to all their liberties is the goal of the government and must remain so forever.

Certainly, the Syrian government in Damascus is bad and should be replaced when a peaceful transition is possible. The only question is how. One should actually refrained from the support of radical groups with weapons and money, and also condemn the violence of these sides in Syria, just like the Syrian government should not be confronted as the sole culprit in the pillory. The situation in Syria is not black and white.

The situation in Syria is very worrying indeed, and it drifts further into a civil war. The country is being destroyed from within, and the violence is boosted by outside by e.g. financing of the armed groups and the support with weapons and ammo.

Some areas of Syria are now outside of government control. Here, gunmen have taken control and the killing does not stop in these areas, because these armed groups are also a threat for every Syrian civilian.


  1. Qatar has called on the UN Security Council to take the necessary measures to protect Syrian civilians and to apply Chapter VII, which permits military intervention.

  2. Souri says:

    Photo published by AFP shows #Syrian rebel wearing the Al-Qaeda flag on his arm accompanying UN observers in the village of Azzara

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