Syria: ANNA News in the Syrian city of Homs

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Sideviews
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On the way back from Al-Hula or Taldou, the Anna News team was on road to Syrian city of Homs. There, they were led by a group of young guys through the ruins of Baba Amr (Baba Amro – district of Homs).

The recorded statements of the children speak for themselves, of course, these statements make clear, that the children are even ideologically influenced by the current situation. A very authentic report from Syria, from where media supposedly cannot report.

Homs is a town in central western Syria, the administrative capital of the province and the city is situated 162 kilometers in the north of Damascus. This city was the one, where the heaviest fighting has raged between government forces and armed bandits.

In early February, the armed gangs were driven out from the northern suburbs of Homs, including the district Al Khaldeeye, which has to be freed again now. The Syrian security forces must again free Al Khaldeeye from the terrorists.

Similarly, in early February, the armed bandits, which were repressed from Al Khaldeeye, moved in the district Baba Amr (Baba Amro) with their command and have established themselves there.

At the end of winter, here, in the truest sense of the word, hell broke loose. At night, massive weapons and ammunition were smuggled to Baba Amr, including heavier weaponry.

For the coordination of armed fighters, there were also foreign instructors in this district, including 16 French officers under the command of a colonel. Later, the French were identified and arrested.

The storming of the area began on 23 February after the destruction of command posts of the fighters in the southern part of the district. On the same day, under the protection of armored vehicles, Syrian Special Forces came to Baba Amr, whose emblem you can also still see on the wall of houses, which were reconquered of the terrorists.

In early March, the 4th Syrian Army Division has reached full control over Baba Amr. Today, the residents return, despite the immense destruction, slowly back to their homes. The most important signs of normalization, of course, are the to sighted children on the streets.

A gang of boys sped bicycles  through the streets of Baba Amr and have, as they saw us, immediately “captured” us, and only released us at the end of our stay, of course.

The lively boys were not afraid of anything, and spoke openly of their opinion about the terrorists. Afterwards, they moved with us to show us the local “attractions”, also including the robbed food stores, which are located there.

The first interview with one of the boys:

“As the terrorists were here, we could not leave our homes. Every time we wanted to go to school, they shot at us and forced us to return home. They fired incessantly at the houses and at anything that moved, they allowed no one to pursue his work. Once the army came and has liberated our neighborhoods, it became quiet, we went back to school, adults went back to work. Now we are happy again. ”

The second boy:

“We even went to a summer camp that was organized by the Baath Party for the schools. That was when the army was here.”

The third:

“It is again safe and quiet here.”

I asked, “What are you doing now?”

“We walk through the city.”

The boy walks down the street, pointing to the destruction:

“Look what the terrorists have done! May God destroy their homes. As much as they have destroyed everything here. May God destroy their houses! ”

Interview with the liveliest of the guys:

“That’s the wish that Qatar and Saudi Arabia have. Cursed are Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, too. What do they want from us? They have destroyed everything. They destroy Syria. Don`t they want, that we can live in peace? They have destroyed our country; we have been living well here before. Syria is a safe country. May God give them no health. They are all foreigners, mercenaries.”

Sadly, while our new friends took us through the ruins of Baba Amr, there was another attack of the terrorists in Homs.

During the daily bombardment of the Christian district with mortars, which has even become a tradition now, a grenade fell into a school and has killed a teacher, just when she was holding exams with the class.

Marat Musin, Olga Kulygina, ANNA News agency, district Baba Amr in Homs, Syria.

(Source: ANNA-News /

  1. Souri says:

    Save Syria: Demand End to Supporting Sectarian Terrorists

    US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia have plotted bloodbath for years.

  2. Souri says:

    Marat Musin in Bab Amr – English Text

  3. mklostermayr says:

    SYRIA: Baba Amr Report by Marat Musin (english voice) (ANNA News Agency)

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