Syria: Armed gangs – Ultimatum and Promise of violent Excesses

Posted: May 31, 2012 in International
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The so-called horrible “massacre of Houla” (Houla / Hula), which was sadly not the only massacre in Syria last week, still delivers more powder, but it also turns out increasingly clear that the Syrian army is not responsible for this awful massacre near the Syrian city of Homs.

It seems that there were death squads, which roamed there, and probably these death squads, which could be a “Salvador option“, probably committed the horrible murders as a “third party”, although it is questionable whether one can really speak about a “third party”, because this side should be in relation with the armed groups or even with foreign powers which are interested in the destabilization of Syria and the downfall of the Syrian government and President al-Assad.  Not to mention that the possibility of a so-called false-flag action is also an option that could be adopted.

As Ban Ki Moon has said not so long ago, that jihadists and terrorists are spreading more and more in Syria, which do not play in the hands of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus, but rather in the hands of the U.S. administration in Washington.

But the most Western and Gulf State mainstream media is somehow not willing to respond to these facts, it rather seems that these editorial offices dispense on some important information and this is sure not the way, “Free Press” was meant to be.

In addition, the “Salvador option” (another evidence?), which means the use of foreign death squads under the lead of U.S. interests, to fight against the resistance of their interests and to boost e.g. a civil war, even to force a sectarian conflict (Al-Askari Mosque blast in the Iraqi city of Sāmarrā 2006) in order to further destabilize a region, thus U.S. interests can be better implemented, a “regime change” can be reached.

At least, the recent horrible events in Syria fit into the pattern of warfare of the United States (the U.S. Administration) and their vassals. Of course, there are still some questions open and there is still the possibility that a real “third party” was behind the horrible “Houla massacre” (Hula/el Houlah) near the Syrian city of Homs and even behind the other massacre which sadly also took place.

Already in Libya, so-called Jihadis (jihadists) fought side by side with the NATO, now they are in Syria, supported by the West, Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and not to mention the helpful behavior of Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Neither the United Nations (UN) nor the Norwegian Major General Robert Mood have made very direct recriminations, at least, the UN did not made these recriminations in the report after the so-called “emergency meeting” on last weekend. In contrast to this, Western media has accused the Syrian government and President al-Assad to be responsible for the horrible massacre near the Syrian city of Homs.

Although the “Feltman operation” seems a bit to imaginative, this reaction of some Western editorial offices fits to the statements of the executable plan in the article about the “Feltman operation”. As usually, nobody should believe any side and just make up his mind himself, by considering all sides and information.

However, many Western mainstream media still spread the image that the Syrian army and the so-called “Shabiha militias” are responsible for this horrible “Houla massacre” in Syria.

Considering that even the United Nations (UN) seems to put into question with the implementation of the investigation by using “own sources” and non-verified information from Syrian opposition figures, it is really questionable whether one should really trust these findings and these reports. Is the Syrian government in the capital Damascus interested in this?

Not really as explained already in a lot of former articles. The Syrian government is more interested in a stable situation in the country and, in addition, seems to implement the peace plan by the UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan, but the Syrian government and army have also the duty to protect the Syrian civilians, e.g. opposed the armed groups which are, thanks to God, no longer get denied by some sides.

Considering the statements of the Syrian government since months, it seems that the statements are meanwhile confirmed. There are armed groups in Syria, which violate human rights on daily base and which are a threat for every Syrian family, which is not in line with the religion and opinions of these armed people or who are only on the wrong place at the wrong time. As in Libya, the gunmen are celebrated as rebels, who fight against the oppression of the regime. But this is certainly not the case. There are (at least) up to 30 “battle groups”, which are partly supported from abroad.

Both the UN and the Syrian government in Damascus have formed commissions for the investigation of the “Houla massacre” near the city of Homs. But the one-sided speculations and accusations are still continued. Not to mention the questionable method of the commission of the United Nations which investigates the massacre in Syria (Source).

Because of the massacre, some Syrian ambassadors were expelled from some countries. America, France, Italy, and Germany are just some countries which participated in this action. This action was already announced by some journalists (in talks with us) two weeks ago. Which is an interesting fact, isn`t it?

Other EU member states announced that they will follow this action, of course. But the expulsion of the Syrian ambassadors is certainly the wrong sign. Rather than to counter the threat of escalation, they still do accelerate the threat. In fact, this action even blocks the opportunity to exert pressure on Damascus.

It is a further step towards war, which these sides seem to want somehow, secretly, but no one dares to really start it because the situation is so unstable, the Syrian army stronger than the Libyan army, the Syrian population is higher and mainly behind the Syrian President, and the consequences of an attack on Syrian are not to predict.

While the West and its media only one-sided accuse the Syrian government for the violence, even without any confirmations and at any price, the so-called “rebels” seem to have a free hand to do everything they want, in order to increase the chaos and violence in Syria.

It is not just the Syrian government that violates the ceasefire; it is mainly the armed terrorist gangs, which are either organized in the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) or in other armed militia. These violent sides, not to mention the Iraqi jihadists, possible death squads and other foreign mercenaries in Syria, want to violate the ceasefire and to blame the violations by false-flag actions on the Syrian government.

The regular Syrian army holding back and defended themselves mostly due to the instructions from Damascus. But this fact is concealed everywhere. The terrorist gangs and possible death squads, which are also paid by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are not holding back with any atrocities, and they are, at least (if not even more, which should be the real situation), as responsible as the Syrian government.

On Wednesday evening, the armed groups have posted an ultimatum on the Internet. This ultimatum to the Syrian government in Damascus says that the Syrian government has 48 hours to implement the peace plan and to withdraw the troops from the cities.

If not, the armed terrorists will do everything to defend their bases and cities and they will also implement new terror attacks. Of course, this ultimatum and the content of this statement is a huge farce and not to believe. It`s the typical behavior to sell an image which is not true, but what will be easily (and willfully) purchased by the West.

There were no agreements which these armed groups have accepted and really tried to implement them. Not to mention that a real ceasefire is counterproductive for the armed groups in every level. The armed groups violate the ceasefire daily, kidnap and assassinate government-related dealers, politicians, scientists, regular soldiers and even whole families.

The cities that they want to defend were illegally and partly violent invaded and occupied by them. The armed groups in Syria want to defend the occupied territory? These announcements should make higher waves in the West, but they doesn`t.  One can assume that the level of violence will increase on Friday, after the so-called deadline is over.

When will the NATO vassals finally condemn all violence objectively in Syria, as Russia and China have done this? Both sides are to condemn. A hypocritically one-sided policy with dubious support of armed people is no solution.

The French president Hollande (Holland), Sarkozy 2.0, caused a stir this week when he spoke about a military intervention in Syria, which is on the table now. The plans for a military intervention in Syria are old and nothing new, but it is sure not so easy to carry out like some Western governments and questionable organizations want this to do.

The military coffers are empty, the elections in the United States are this year and the fact that the Syrian army is not really to estimate and that the reactions and aftereffects are hard to predict, seems to make it impossible for the NATO countries to start a “false war, based on the cover of humanitarian help” against Syria. But one never knows. The pressure of some sides and the interests of some Lobbies like AIPAC are sure high.

At least, the UN did not hesitate to explain that a military intervention in Syria is not up for debate at the moment. The UN Security Council will not really obtain an agreement on such a military intervention in Syria, because China and Russia have already announced their veto. It is also hard to believe that the U.S. government will make a decision and take action without the agreement of the UNSC (UN Security Council), at least, this time.

When the financial support for the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and other militias in Syria  is continued by the West and if the support with weapons and ammo will not stop, the situation will worsen and not improve in Syria. Logically, or? When they continue to only condemn the Syrian government, one-sided as usually, this does not prevent the violence and chaos in Syria.

There is already a proxy war in Syria; many foreign fighters were already smuggled on Syrian soil. Again, this is like other countries in the region about the supremacy and the power struggle between Sunnis and Shiites. This is also about the dubious intentions and questionable interests of foreign powers and about the main target of some sides, Iran.

The West fuels this struggle for its own interests, which certainly have nothing in common with peace, democracy and stability for the region.

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