Syria: State of shock after Al-Houla massacre

Posted: May 30, 2012 in International
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The world’s media falsify change the facts in their reports on the massacre of Al-Hula (Syrian area near the city of Homs) and don`t write down in their articles about the events and situation in Syria what goes against the agenda.

The now published list of the victims speaks clearly of the assassination and annihilation of a large Syrian family. The following reports and video footage are of first-hand in Syria.

The scenario within Syria and around Syria becomes more and more threatening. The new French President Hollande, who is not better or worse than Sarkozy, says that he would attack Syria after the mass killings in Al-Hula (Houla) and Taldou. Western countries have expelled the Syrian ambassador and more countries will follow and also do the same with the Syrian ambassadors.

Some Western journalists knew that Western governments will do this with the Syrian ambassadors, already two weeks ago. That the Syrian ambassadors will be expelled from Western countries was planned and it was said two weeks ago that it will happen in the upcoming days.

Thus, Western countries have now expelled the Syrian ambassadors. For example, the Syrian ambassador in Germany was given 72 hours to leave the country. It is not only an action for propaganda purposes but also an action to fetch the headlines again, after some relevant questions appeared about the horrible “Hula massacre” in Syria.

Overall it is also interesting that Western mass media only concentrates about this massacre that was sadly not the only massacre in the last days within Syria. General Mustafa Ahmad al-Sheikh hysterical calls for bombs, bombs, bombs.

Nobody is interested in the truth, or at least, in a hint of the truth about the horrible massacre in Syria. The journalist Marat Musin of ANNA News wrote on his blog yesterday:

“We have just returned from the region of Al-Hula and Homs (Syria). Apparently, the world has gone insane. At least the U.S. and Europe. Money, professional soldiers, cold blooded murder of infants, dead bodies every day. Currently, there is a total cleansing of all those who are more or less loyal to the state power in the region of Al-Hula, the bandits specifically shoot at everyone, who comes in front of them – they shoot at the UN observers, they shoot at the military and even at us journalists.

The combatants have precision weapons, sniper rifles, machine guns, antitank weapons, grenade launchers, grenades. The number of Wahhabi fighters and terrorists, which came from Al Rastan and shabby invaded al-Hula (al Houla), are about 700, currently the village (region) is in their hands and is also held by them.

We just translate the testimony of survivors into Russian and are working on a video report that will be posted here in the blog and overnight at ANNA News. The Syrian government does appear to participate in the cat and mouse game, it seems we were the only journalists who have filmed at this location. So I ask for help in the dissemination of this material.”

The journalist Anhar Kotschnewa, located in Damascus, published some documents, data that demonstrates that the situation is completely different as it is shown by Western mass media.

But even in these documents, nobody seems to be interested in.





“The first document is the Statement of General Mood, to which is always referred by the press, just like (the statement) it would (really) include, that the Syrian army is to blame for everything. No word of a conviction of the Syrian army (…).”

The second document is a part of a list of victims, which was created by the “opposition”.

Only 4 of the victims died as a result of the use of heavy weapons (while we remember how the bandits liked it to scrabbling around with the grenade launchers). The remaining 104 people were killed by gunfire or a knife.

And another thing: from 108 dead, 62 dead have the same family names. The others have almost all double names. ALL victims are related to each other. This looks like the extinction of a clan and not at all like an artillery shelling.”

It is more than obvious that Syria has to handle a situation which is a provocative in the style of Gliwice (blessed memory). It is all obvious – it just seems that nobody is interested in. One is interested in “revenge”.

Only to whom? The Syrian government, meanwhile, remains in either a state of shock, or there are already betrayals at higher levels.

There is hardly any other way to explain the relative lack of reaction and the quite unreasonable inaction from the Syrian government.

Just yesterday a new video has surfaced. This video of the region near the Syrian city of Homs shows almost everything that has happened in al-Hula (Houla), Syria. Here’s the video with translation / subtitles:

Source / Based on: Schockstarre nach Al-Hula

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