Syria: What really happened in al-Hula, Homs

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Sideviews
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Anna News has spoken with residents of Talda and Alhula in the region of the Syrian city of Homs. These Syrian residents had witnessed the so-called “Hula massacre”. They say that the people had a good relationship with the Syrian soldiers; they even divide food and water with the Syrian soldiers.

The terrorists came from Ar-Rastan or Hama and asked the residents that they have to either kill Syrian soldiers with them or they will be killed.

(Such an action is not unique, this is also internationally known, for example, the Mexican drug cartel “Zetas”, which is led by ex-elite soldier, is known for similar actions)

The pharmacy in the village (it seems they mean the health station of the region, because it is later described as a hospital) was set on fire by the terrorists and was also devastated by the armed group. Just because Syrian soldiers were also treated there.

The residents of this Syrian region call the armed rebels “murder gangs”. These Syrian residents which were interviews by “Anna News” complained further, that these “murder gangs” have also written the cause of Islam on their flags.

These Syrian people are especially angry on the Arab news channel Al Jazeera, because al Jazeera lies – “from the beginning to the end”. A Syrian witness said the whole world would already know that Al Jazeera lies and now, they were able to witness these lies of Al Jazeera with their own eyes.

The Syrian residents, which were interviewed by “Anna News”, demand that the Syrian army uses more forces against the armed terrorists that everything will soon be so peaceful and secure like before.

Source: Anna News

  1. Formell hat das US-Regime einer von bis zu 300 UN-Beobachtern, deren Einsatz zunächst auf 90 Tage befristet ist, überwachten Waffenruhe aller Seiten und der Lösung der Situation in Syrien durch einen friedlichen politischen Prozess in den UN-Sicherheitsratsresolutionen 2042 und 2043 zugestimmt.

  2. Die momentan in Syrien befindliche Korrespondentin Olga (angesichts der Headhunter-Seiten der bewaffneten Opposition auf Facebook wird ihr Nachname nicht genannt; sie schreibt unter dem Pseudonym „Draft“) berichtet folgendes:

  3. Souri says:

    Syrian Houla Massacres: Divide & Conquer Strategy Exposed

  4. Souri says:

    Phony ‘Houla Massacre’: How Media Manipulates Public Opinion For Regime Change in Syria

  5. Souri says:

    US Brookings Wants to “Bleed” Syria to Death

    “Middle East memo” calls for ending ceasefire and purposefully perpetuating violence.

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