The Assassination of 6 Most Important Syrian Security Officials At Once

Suddenly and in the depth of a night a Youtube video clip came out by Al Qaeda terrorist organization, Syria Branch, which is a part of the Ottoman Erdogan’s sponsored so called Free Syria Army, claiming a ‘heroic act’ by one of its members, not the one appearing in the video clip, but a ‘Jihadist’ killing the most important security officials in the ‘Crisis Management Cell‘ in Syria.

The video clip was immediately reported by all NATO propaganda media agencies without checking its authenticity, as usual, and in a record speed, as if the future of planet Earth is based on this great event. The most important of those NATO ‘Vuvuzelas’ are Al Jazeera satellite channel, the mouthpiece of Qatar Foreign Ministry, and Al Arabiya, the mouthpiece of Al Jazeera channel! Then throughout all their social media network in a hysterical way, and as an example of how some of the world’s news agencies that relayed this news based on the narrative of these two channels we read:

“..And Abu Muath, the official spokesperson of ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’, in a tele-conversation with Al Arabiya said, that some of his operatives managed to kill top officers whom form the ‘Crisis Management Cell in Syria’. And he stated that during a meeting of top officials in Conferences Palace in Damascus, the operatives managed to kill them and escaped the scene. He added that one of the field leaders will appear on news media to elaborate about the details of this operation at a later time.

The media spokesperson said: “I dare the Syrian regime to show just one of the crisis cell team members on media”. And Khaled Al Habouss, head of the military council in Damascus city and countryside, ascertained the news in a recorded video aired on news channels.

News media also quoted one of those contributing to planning the operation as saying that ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’ members managed to kill in a ‘special’ operation: Assif Shawkat, deputy chief of staff of Syrian Army and brother in law of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad – Muhammad Al Shaar, Minister of Interior – Daoud Rajha, minister of Defense – Hassan Tourkmani, Head of Crisis Management Cell and Deputy of Farouq Shara – Major General Hisham Bikhtiyar, Head of National Security and Muhammad Saeed Bkheitan, Assistant National Secretary of Al Baath Party.

As the source has relayed precisely the details of the operation, he refused to show it on media, for security reasons, as he stated. And added that top officers were transported to Al Shami Hospital in the Syrian Capital (Damascus).”

Before we move to the subject of this article, let’s check the text of this news and how it might be believed by simple not informed Arabic or Western audience, but impossible to be digested by a Syrian without refuting it by simply reading the text itself:

– Nobody knows who are the members of the ‘Crisis Management Cell in Syria’ and foreign intelligence agencies could not get to this information, to simply be known by ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’ members.

– Syria’s top security officials wouldn’t convene at the ‘Conference Palace Hotel’ in Damascus countryside. This is a ridiculing attempt or just making fun of the audiences and at the same time passing a message that Syria’s officials and top officers’ security can be breached by some groups of mercenaries.

– To have some individuals of ‘Kataeb Al Sahaba’ kill Syria’s top officials and security officers then manage to escape… It’s just like one of those fairy tales as Sindbad or Grendizer. .

– All Syrians know that there is nothing as such called ‘field leaders’ of the terrorists because they’re simply not organized, rather they’re bunch of criminals loose, and this implication that they’re organized is just to cover the fact proved since beginning of crisis in Syria that there’s no organized substitute to the Syrian government, therefore they’re trying to create one out of nothing.

– Their media spokesperson said: “I dare the Syrian Regime to show just one of the cell members on media”.. and the Syrian state TV showed not one but 2 members later on the same day, Minister of Interior and the Assistant to Deputy President, and next day a third official was interviewed by a newspaper!

– Why would the Minister of Defense be part of the ‘Crisis Management Cell’ as they claimed if the Deputy Chief of Staff of Syrian Army is a member of it, especially it’s known to everybody that the Syrian Minister of Defense is specialized in missiles?!

– If the meeting and the attack on it occurred in the Conferences Palace Hotel, Damascus Airport Road in Damascus Countryside, why would the victims be transferred to the farther hospital at the other side of the capital, which is Al Shami Hospital? And not to Al Assad University Hospital which is more advanced and much closer to the proposed site, just a few minutes away? And why transporting ‘dead’ bodies to a private hospital at the first place and reserving two floors of the hospital, as the same NATO media stations mentioned in later reports?!

If all the above automatic refuting, which occurred in every Syrian who watched, is not enough, read further:

– It’s a long time habit for Syrian security officers not to appear on any media whatever it is and whatever the reason is, and we can simply notice that, for example, all media use a single old photo of General Assif Shawkat, the same picture used by non-Syrian media for more than 10 years, if not much more. And this is a very old feature Syrian security officials are known to adopt.

– In the very recent days leading to the issuing of this rumor, the terrorists lost big in numbers, and the killing of their second in command Colonel Bassam Sanbaki was a very big hit that shook them profoundly, and this is known to Syrians through following up different unofficial media. And in the following article (in Arabic) we note how the terrorists guise the name of the Colonel Bassam Sanbaki as a soldier defected in an obituary, and they don’t state his rank nor post in a pathetic attempt to reduce the shock as much as they can, and this is yet another proof that they’re not an organized body as I explained above. But just a look at the content of this obituary article we can estimate their losses during this period: (

– Syrians throughout their recent history managed to develop a very strong immunity towards psychological and media propaganda and warfare, and they have a vast experience in this field, while the latest crisis has benefited them substantially, therefore, whatever news relayed by media agencies known of its anti-Syrian stance doesn’t produce any echo at the Syrian citizen, except to mock such news and such agencies, which we noticed through their initial reactions to this piece.

– The way the news of alleged assassinations was presented specifically by Al Jazeera & Al Arabiya anchors, and the overwhelming obvious joy they showed while reading this news and commenting on it, while they certainly wouldn’t show such joy if the slain officers were israelis for instance, this way gave those Syrians still watching these two channels a feeling of disgust, with all the disgust meaning of the word, from these ‘Vuvuzelas’, and their pathetic attempt to market a killing of a Syrian officer, whomever he was and whatever post he held, in a joyful way and a cause to celebrate by any Syrian, this pathetic attempt failed wretchedly miserably, and the fact that we don’t understand their such continuous attempts except like an attempt of a drowning person hanging to a floating straw.

The above leads us to the reason of spreading this rumor and at this particular time was among other reasons to:

1- Lift the devastated morality of the leftover terrorists on the ground inside the country, especially that they’re realizing they’re time is over while the nation is achieving one milestone after another in its political reform process, and just this week the successful parliament elections and the convening of the first parliament session was one of these milestones, while the rumor was meant to distort if not prevent this session from occurring.

2- To push the Syrian government to show its mentioned security officials on media to refute this rumor. And if we just look how many rumors spread by NATO propaganda and been refuted already till date, just refuting another rumor would not lessen the credibility of these news channels, as they’ve already consumed it completely, rather what was required is obtaining new pictures of these officers in order to use it in cheap ways as for direct targeting, or using it in signs raised by protesters in remote villages in a satire method, to direct insults to their persons, and to provoke them in one way or another.

3- Devastating the citizens morality through spreading fear and chaos rumors, and trying to prolong the crisis as much as possible to raise the roof of demands in the negotiated declaration of Syria’s victory.

4- The continuous attempt of targeting the symbols of the nation, and here we see the special concentration on the brother in law of the president, which falls in line with all previous continuous pathetic attempts to target the Syrian flag, Syrian map, the Syrian Army, and Syrian security they named ‘Shabeeha’ since hte beginning of riots, then to target the person of the Syrian president and his family.

The reaction of the Syrian government to this rumor was like all previous reactions, institutional and brilliant, we see the refuting of it by the Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson for those foreigners interested, then showing 3 officials whom are politicians whom have usual presence over the media and not the security officers, to fail one of the main reasons of the rumor. Minister of Interior Muhammad Al Shaar and Asst. Deputy to the President Hassan Turkmani appeared on TV, then the Country’s Assistant Leader of Baath Party, and those are three officials and not only one, as the terrorists’ spokesperson laid to the government of showing just a single member of the ‘cell’.

If all the above is found still unconvincing to some readers, then such readers would have nothing to convince them, just because they don’t want to see the truth and prefer to be tools in hands of Syria’s enemies to assist in executing what enemies of humanity failed to execute throughout time.

“They fool you, they keep fooling you, and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s just because you’re Foolable”

The above is the translation of the same post in Arabic


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