Syria: NATO hypocrisy – war preparations in Jordan

Posted: May 22, 2012 in International
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Last week at Camp David, they agreed to the lowest common denominator that could be found for Syria: It was announced again that there will be no military intervention in Syria like it has happened in Libya.

Thus, the Libyan model is sure off the table, but that does not mean that some Western governments and especially the U.S. administration are going to stop their “terror management” for a further destabilization of Syria.

The West calls for a peaceful transition, despite the latest leaks about the actions of some Western governments behind the curtains, and meanwhile, they also demand that the Syrian government and President al-Assad implement the six-point plan of UN envoy Kofi Annan.

That is the theory, which was again confirmed by NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). This theory and confirmation by NATO shows the ongoing conflict of the NATO and its use. It seems more and more that NATO became a tool of some Western interests and dubious Western intentions in foreign states.

The heads of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) also confirmed that their aim is no intervention in Syria with the role model of the intervention in Libya. Of course, such statements of these representatives of NATO and the United Nations (UN) doesn`t mean that people should buy it without to question it.

Considering these statements and the public rejection of the Libyan model for Syria, however, should rise the questions what kind of intervention is then prepared in the region? By watching all developments and activities in this region and the whole Middle East, there are some questions which have to appear. That the West is preparing for the worst, which does not only affect the Syrian developments, seems more and more obviously.

Although, the West outwardly always sells the desire, that they want and act for a peaceful solution for Syria, it remains doubtful that the United States, Turkey, Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are really interested in peaceful negotiations and a peaceful solution for Syria. Not to mention that it seems to put into question when the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may thus stay in office by these allegedly interests of the West.

The fact is that they have concluded with the Syrian President al-Assad and want him to be removed. In order to avoid an intervention with the role model Libya, some have tried a different strategy in Syria and so they sent mercenaries and weapons to this country. Some call this a typical strategy to destabilize a country, which is part of a so-called “regime change” and “terror management”, e.g. of the United States.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar openly provide money to the gunmen in Syria and are also likely to provide ammo and weapons to these armed groups which fight against the Syrian army and the Syrian government. At this point it has to be mentioned that these Western-backed gunmen, which receive more and more weapons to destabilize Syria, are also a threat for Syrian civilians and already have also murdered a lot normal Syrians, not only because these killed people supported the government, but also they had the “false religion” / “false sect” or just a different opinion.

From Tunisia to Syria, more and more religious fanatics come to Syria. There they are fighting against the President Bashar al-Assad and his entourage, but they are also a threat for Syrian civilians, of course. Not to mention the radical Salafists who also arrive in Syria to fight against the Syrian leadership. This has nothing to do with a real fight for democracy, positive developments and peace.

The rising of the Salafists in Tunisia should ring some alarm bells in Europe, considering that e.g. Salafists have a hard stand in Germany currently. But so far, Europe seems to be blind in that eye and it`s sure a good question, why.

While Germany has started to “debate and care” about the Salafists in Germany, they still support Salafists abroad. This two-sided policy is sure not in line with the democratic sense of the German people. Not to mention that the Western mainstream media only cover the things they “want” and on the way like they want it to cover, as long as this is possible and still to sell to their viewers and readers.

Journalism is a business and every editorial office tries to survive. But it is to put into question if that is really the base for free press and objective reports. Some would also say that the Western media is brought into line and became a propaganda tool for questionable intentions.

Furthermore, one was able to read about a new Union of the Gulf States, the first, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was established in 1981, in order to protect against the upheavals in Iran and before the first Gulf War. Now, first of all, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are new allies in this new Union of Gulf States. Does this suggest an impending war with Iran or against Syria, or perhaps even against the two countries?

The situation in the Middle East becomes more and more unmanageable and dangerous. While the conflicts in Syria have now also reached Lebanon, whether the conflicts are a self-runner or instigated from outside, remains open.

Not to mention that the U.S. is already making preparations for a war against Syria for a long time and has united with its allies in the Middle East. Evidence was already leaked in February this year, when Israel has warned with military actions against Syria should chemical weapons get delivered to Hezbollah by Lebanon and Syria.

Indeed, there is a great debate within the Intelligence Services about the (allegedly) production and storage of chemical weapons in Syria. There is no clear evidence and therefore, they speculate about this, even openly. Of course, on the one hand it`s war propaganda to influence the opinions of Western people, on the other hand, it is probably an open secret that Syria has some chemical weapons.

The fact that Syria is among the countries, which did not sign the treaty in 1993 to ban the production, stockpiling and the use of chemical weapons, by the way just as Israel, seems to be enough to accuse the Syrian government that it possesses chemical weapons and could use these chemical weapons. The presentation is somewhat reminiscent of the preparations for the invasion of Iraq, and should lead to the fact that more and more people are hopefully aware of this.

Another indication that the talk and promises at the G8 summit to seek a peaceful solution for Syria are just hypocritically, is the mission of “Eager Lion”, which has started in the Kingdom of Jordan on May 15th. Of course, it`s not the only indication. For example, even some UN observers in Syria are acting strange.

“Eager Lion” is a training maneuver with 12,000 soldiers from 19 different countries in Jordan, where it is about to present scenarios that are designed to represent realistic, current security challenges.  The West is trying to not arouse the suspicion that this training mission “Eager Lion” in Jordan is not an exercise for a possible use in Syria. But how credible are these claims? Not really credible.

Even the Washington Post reports a little differently about the maneuver “Eager Lion” in Jordan. While the Washington Post published articles which said that the “Eager Lion” maneuver in Jordan should not be a threat to Syria, the article published on May 19th sounds a little bit different.

The U.S. intends to be able to accelerate a possible military intervention in Syria, and thus they are happy to have more and more soldiers in Jordan. Jordan, of course, is a known “client state”. The preparations for this purpose of the U.S. Administration are currently implemented.

Apparently, there are long discussions about the establishment of an American military base in Jordan between the leadership of Jordan and the U.S. administration. This explains probably that the King of Jordan is able to stay in power and that the riots and demonstrations in Jordan were quickly brought under control and that the United States were not interested to condemn the Jordan King or to promise help for the protesters.

At the moment, the relaxed situation within Jordan is just a simulation for the outside. The United States want to be able to react to any crisis as soon as possible by deploying troops and soldiers in Jordan. One propaganda scenario, which is currently being played more and more, is that the Syrian government in the capital Damascus could lose its control over the chemical weapons in Syria.

That the arming and financing of mercenaries who are clearly Islamist fighters, is in conflict with the allegedly protection of the occurrence of chemical weapons in Syria, but as usually, nobody cares about these logical questions in the West. Not to mention that the support of the armed gangs with weapons and ammo in Syria by the West is a clear violation of the six-point plan by Kofi Annan.

At least, if the West just coordinates it, Qatar and Saudi Arabia violate the peace plan for Syria openly and there is already much evidence. The hypocritically policy of the United States is conspicuous by its double-edged policy for decades.

It should be pointed out once more, that there are still terror subjects in Guantanamo, who are waiting for their process and that the drone strikes by America have increased in e.g. Yemen. The drones are allegedly used against al-Qaeda fighters, while the United States financial (at least) supports terrorists in Syria. While America has declared the Taliban as moderate, and wants to negotiate with them now.

The fact is that the situation is quite dangerous at the moment and that war threatens, when nobody is able to use the emergency brake. It is no solution for peace to support terrorism in Syria and to close the eyes before the growing power of the Salafists in some Arab countries.

These Salafists, just like the Muslim Brotherhood, are currently able to infiltrate the Arab population by using the social ills in the most Arab states. By the social need that has been reinforced by the so-called “Arab Spring” (the “revolutions” in some Arab countries…) in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and even Tunisia, they are able to catch the people and to use them for their purposes. Religious reasons could even play a smaller role than socio-economic reasons.

Of the 26 foreign mercenaries, which were recently captured in Syria, came 19 from Tunisia. This is a dangerous tendency. Nothing more, nothing less.

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