Syria, Libya, and NATO: Austrian defense minister tells it like it is

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Sideviews
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The Austrian Defense Minister Norbert Darabos (SPÖ) has made some statements in an interview with the newspaper “Die Presse” at last Sunday, and some of his statements are remarkable for a Western politician…

He warned against an attack on Iran, he criticized the NATO missile shield and he has also attacked the Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman. So much courage, honesty and common sense are rare, as most politicians are opportunists, corrupt and totally brainwashed.

Darabos (Austrian Defense Minister) is known for his controversial statements about military concerns, and he sees himself not as a militarist, though he is responsible for the national defense.

He said this on the question concerning the establishment of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) missile shield:

“I think it is important that Russia is involved … The negotiations so far have not been carried out so that Russia is able to enter. In addition, certain information, which were published, are not true, and were just made to indicate the urgency of the missile defense shield … The Iranian missiles are not yet able to threaten central Europe. There would be (still) enough time to reach out to the Russians.”

About a preventive attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel, he said:

“Iran is not ready to build the bomb. Israel’s threats are therefore unnecessary. An Israeli attack on Iran would trigger a conflagration in the region, which would no longer be able to control … One must increase the pressure diplomatically and economically. ”

Then a question about his attitude towards the Israeli government:

“I am glad that the Kadima party has entered the Israeli government. This could mitigate the radicalization. Overall, it’s difficult for me to comprehend the Israeli policy… I see potential for improvement in the settlers’ policy.

In addition, Israel clearly tries to put outside enemies such as Iran or the Palestinians in the foreground to distract attention from internal social problems … And if you ask me so openly: A Mr. Lieberman is unbearable for me as a member of the Israeli government.”

Then about the conflict in Syria and the Western instigated regime change, he said:

“The only question is what will come after Assad. It is now clear that the Arab Spring does not necessarily lead to democratization and stability. In Libya, the militias, which have eliminated Gaddafi, are now fighting against each other.

The Syrian opposition is not really a democratic alternative. Minorities such as Christians would be at highest risk after a fall of (Syrian President) al-Assad. Even now, as I have been told by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, the terrorist network al-Qaeda has already infiltrated in Syria.”

Sure, there was a lot of criticism by the Austrian opposition afterwards:

The Austrian Freedom Party leader Heinz-Christian Strache said on Monday: “The only one, who is unbearable here, is Darabos (Defense Minister) itself.” Strache criticized that a civil servant as Darabos has no rights to judge about the defense of Israel. His remarks are an affront to a friendly state that is threatened by external enemies of its existence.

So, so, if one has not “served”, then he is not allowed to say something about the threat of war. That is, that the most women also have to keep their mouth closed, or what? Strache is thus disqualified himself. Also ridiculous is his statement about an “existential threat” (of Israel). The only ones that are probably not really allowed to exist as full human beings and as nation are the Palestinians.

Even from his own government circles in Austria, the criticism was voiced: “The statements do not in any way represent the attitude of the State Department or the federal government,” a spokesman for the Ministry has already communicated. Moreover, they do not comply with the State of bilateral relations between Israel and Austria.

Who defends such a racists and fascists like Lieberman, who practically is not liked in Israel itself, no one wants and where everybody finds him impossible, this person has the wrong position and should resign.

For example, even Obama has never met Lieberman and boycotted him.

The Jerusalem Post picked up on the statements of Darabos and described Austria as “one of the sharpest critics of Israel in the EU.”

And? What does this mean? No criticism of an unjust regime allowed?

Yes I’m curious, how long it will last till Darabos has an “accident”.


The following report from Chicago shows how U.S. veterans, who were deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, speak against NATO, against the occupation and war, and throw their medals in the direction of the meeting area of the war criminals:

Source: Österreichische Verteidigungsminister sagt wie es ist


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