Syria: Western media-propaganda leads to war – Appeal by Christoph Hörstel

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Sideviews
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It seems that the Syrian government does no good public work, which is able to expose the propaganda (and lies) of the Western media whores. Just as in the war of Libya, the destruction of a state that does not submit to the dictates of London is presented as a humanitarian war and this also gets accepted as such by the people.

The average citizen has really no idea to what extent the “quality media”, such as (not to mention all the private channels), for example, the ARD and ZDF (German State media) are subverted and what incredible lies are served to them by these media stations day after day.

Without the efficient propaganda apparatus of the history, which was built up by the oligarchs since the fall of the Berlin Wall and also brought into line systematically, neither the war against Libya nor the proxy / covert war against Syria would have taken place.

The masterminds behind the stage still need the consent or at least the passive acquiescence of the people in the West to carry out their murderous wars. And their money, too.

The secret lies in the concentration of the media in few hands, which control the media operate and stick to the worst brainwashing of viewers and readers. Distraction from the dreary and stressful working in a decaying society is provided with sex, so-called talk shows and, in general, with idiotic television series and disinformation.

They keep the people away from really bad news (about the non-democratic behavior of own governments e.g.) and, instead, lie to them like a trooper.

Even the coverage of the Iraq war, with its “embedded” journalists, was the premise that the U.S. and its allies were able to perform this murderous nuclear war. The people in the West – thanks to the same, connected media – have no idea about the incredible crimes that have taken place there, to this day. They were not able to notice it. Of course, how should they be able to when media was already brought into line.

An objective coverage of the Western press, even before the war, would have been able to prevent such a huge catastrophe. And one is able to continue the chain of reasoning backwards. Afghanistan, 9/11… …the mainstream media are just telling us nothing but lies and delude us from the world by delivering a world of illusion, which conceals the crimes of murderous systems.

The German Foreign Minister Mr. Westerwelle has once refused to take part directly in the Libyan conflict; he is no more able to afford such a stance anymore. Bernard Levy has actually overthrown the German Foreign Minister, and the chair, on which he sits, has only one sawed leg.

You are able to say it with complete justification, that Western mass media are shooting Syria ready for a war. The importance of mass media is totally underrated in the whole game. Without the desk workers of the corporate media, there would be no conflict of Syria, at least not on the plane and in the bloody proportions, as it stands now. At least the alternative media have to try to unmask the lies of the West apparatus.

Here’s the appeal of Christoph R. Hörstel about Syria.

Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures – Urgent appeal at the last minute

Christoph R. Hörstel

In Syria, the clear stance, especially by Russia with its aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean port of the Syrian city of Tartus, forces the United States to give up open military attacks and to instead operate a secret service organized terrorist war (“terror management”) in Syria. (E.g. to destabilize the country)

Syria has the time to deal with comparatively small means to build very strong public relations activities (media relations, PR, public relations) – and is not doing this! One can hardly understand at first – but the attempt not only seems helpful, but also necessary for the serious and dangerous situation:

  • Syria does not know any free media for decades. Consequently, there is a huge lack with the expertise and the experience in dealing with it. The most corrupt Western media landscape is a wonderful piano – but Syria was never given a chance to learn to play it. And the PR professional says: they are therefore not even able to control agencies. In German: they are not even professional in a position to use a good PR agency so that it makes sense.
  • Syria’s main ally, Iran, Russia, China, also have little expertise background in PR; Russia perhaps could have the most experience with it. All three countries have their own representation problems in the West, which they clearly structurally do not cope better than it was and is done in Syria. Of these countries, only China is therefore not suffering as strong as the other two because China is courted as a major economic power; this makes it less vulnerable to attacks – and China is also the largest U.S. creditor…
  • About Syria`s public relations experiences in the recent past: Syria has made attempts to get rid of the lousy image in the West, especially in Europe, but Syria has failed because of the mentioned reasons. The two Syrian ministries, which were mainly personally involved in that failure, and which are still involved, are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Information in Syria. Both ministries are now just able to react defensively when a European comes along and claims that the situation can be changed and that he can do it. Just such a proposal is able to let some Syrian officials fear for their jobs. Nobody hears these claims without a fight, especially not in these times of crisis in Syria.
  • About the case of the author: In May 2011, the General Secretary of the “German-Syrian Society” has asked the question how the PR deficit of Syria can be really addressed, to solve this deficit. After several hours of personal conversation, it was agreed on, that the author should submit a proposal to the Syrian ambassador. This was done. The General Secretary and the Syrian Ambassador were satisfied. The Syrian Ambassador took the paper with a proved and suitable “starter program” to the Syrian capital Damascus and got a resounding rejection. Afterwards it was revealed that the case was even passed to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian President al-Assad has selected the internally much criticized Information Minister, Dr. Hassan Adnan Mahmoud, for this job in April. Dr. Hassan Adnan Mahmoud, Syrian Minister of Information, has no experiences with the West and no “West experiences”. And this at a time when it was clear that the whole trouble (in Syria) is a Western production.
  • The author was shocked by the rejection because of the harsh and historical consequences for the country and people of Syria. With continuing commitment for Syria, the author has met with Germans from Syria, which supported his proposals. This has led, almost by pressure of the civil society from the Syrian population, to a invitation by the government in Damascus. This “fight” of forces between the Syrian government and the Syrian supporters of the proposals by Christopher Hörstel still continues. Therefore, the author asks anyone, who can politically think for itself, to participate politically and to support this cause. It is here not about persons or nationalities – the point is that public relations work is tried on a professional and larger scale, before it`s too late.

After all, the current unarmed UN military observer mission (UNSMIS) will not be renewed, in accordance with the United States, when the observer mission does not bring peace to Syria. While the U.S. and its accomplices try in secret missions and by terror, that nobody is able to succeed in bringing peace to Syria.

Afterwards, the official U.S. threat should be implemented: “robust mandate”. If Syria is fallen, the war of Iran will follow, because then, nobody is able to prevent the Iran war anymore; integral to the author`s view, because of the irrational U.S. policy: In Public Relations issues, the Iran is perhaps even more clueless and more careless as Syria.

Therefore, a peaceful solution can only be saved if many support this current appeal: First, in three European countries, but also from the USA, we want to counter the attacks against Syria, controlled by Washington.

A Media campaign in Europe not only benefits the peace, but also the peoples concerned, which are never really in a position to go against their governments and their restless political corruption, not even at the compulsory purchase by the Fiscal Pact, nor in the case of ESM-dictatorship. This gives the people of Syria and Germany suddenly common interests – and the chance for an opportunity to implement this!

This vision is historically new, it has never seen before: people join together across national boundaries and distances of time for common policies in order to get their governments to act reasonably. The author believes unconditionally that this is the last real opportunity to receive significant funding for meaningful public relations. For peace.

Moreover, this international action could be the only way against global imperialists, banksters, energy companies, pharmaceutical giants, and other dubious organizations and associations. Also this needs to be practiced…

The good thing about this challenge without your / your involvement, it must fail.

On the positive side it also means we can be our own fortune.




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