G8 Summit: Pressures on Iran and a political change for Syria

Posted: May 19, 2012 in International
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The leaders of the G8 countries debate at the meeting at Camp David since last Friday, and they also discuss about Iran and Syria, of course. Before the leaders of the G8 countries have started to debate about the world economic crisis and the Euro issues, they spoke about Syria and Iran at a dinner.

The views of representatives of the G8 states were largely identical, of course. Many details of this meeting at Camp David were not yet published, but short statements made it clear that the representatives of the G8 states want to keep the pressure on Iran regarding its nuclear program. Here, nothing at all will change in the approach of the West against Iran. This should also count for the hypocritically stance of the West against Syria.

When it comes to Syria, the leaders of the G8 countries have already agreed to the point that the problems in Syria have to be solved politically, which means, a political change has to be implemented.

Russia, which was represented only by the Prime Minister Medvedev, and not by Putin at the G8 summit in Camp David, has tried to soften the more vigorous actions against the Syrian government in Damascus.

Russia actually sticks to the implementation of the six-point peace plan by Kofi Annan for Syria and has already insisted several times that all sides have to be taken equally to account. Although the other participants of the G8 summit expressed that only political solutions can solve the situation in Syria, the actual actions of some of these governments are, however, contradictory to their phrases.

It is also unanswered by the G8 leaders at Camp David, how they do imagine the so-called political changes for Syria. Probably, all will continue as before: arming the rebels and religious fanatics, accusing the Syrian government and strengthen the pressure on Damascus and the Syrian President al-Assad. Not to mention that they will further stick to the propaganda against the Syrian government.

For example, America, which supports the so-called “Syrian rebels” with civilian tools such as communication equipment and covers the back of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Both Gulf States are arming the Syrian terrorists and rebels since weeks, even since months. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also financial supporting these armed groups in Syria.

By active supporting the armed insurgents in Syria with funds, weapons and ammo, America and these Gulf States are violating the peace plan by the UN envoy Kofi Annan. The arming of violent groups in Syria does absolutely not help to end the violence and bloodshed in Syria. In contrary, the upgrading of armed groups with more and better weapons boosts the level of violence in this country of the Middle East and is contrary to find a base for political solutions.

The so-called “international community”, which favors democratic values, should also act this way. This would also mean that the “international community” has to condemn all support for armed groups in Syria by foreign powers and it would be the duty of the “international community” to use all levels to stop this arms smuggling and to end the direct support of Islamists and criminals with weapons, ammo and money.

Not to mention that the support with weapons for armed people cannot be a base to bring peaceful solutions to Syria. After the last week, it became obvious, that some states are willfully violating the peace plan by Mr. Kofi Annan. As already mentioned since weeks, the violation of the six-point plan favors the goal of the so-called Syrian opposition, e.g. based in Turkey, and also the questionable goal of the West, especially of the United States. A real ceasefire and political solutions for Syria would not help these sides to achieve their real goal(s) for and in Syria.

The dangerous situation in Syria is boosted again and again by some Western governments. The will to dialogue is an empty phrase by the West and just used for propaganda purposes and also, of course, to brainwash Western civilians, thus they agree on another war against Syria and later against Iran. At least about a so-called military intervention in Syria. Western civilians are just informed with one-sided reports and have no real chance to make up their minds, based on real facts and a objective coverage of the situation in Syria.

When the West does not start to show intentions to negotiate and does not stop to only take the Syrian government in Damascus to account for every violence in this country, the situation will sure not relax in Syria. Thus, the Russian stance and statements show more democratic values than the empty phrases of the West and Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Surprisingly enough.

Of course, not only because Moscow is a good friend of Damascus, that is not really true. But Russia has own interests and seems to be pissed about what really happened in Libya and why it was and is still happening. That is only one of the reasons for the Russian stance on Syria. Not to mention the Russian port in the Syrian city of Tartous (Tartus), economic interests and also regional intentions.

On Friday, the Norwegian General Robert Mood has also spoke about the fact that all sides should finally proceed to a dialogue at a press conference in the Syrian capital Damascus. General Mood has also said that violence is by no means able to solve the problems in Syria. However, as long as weapons and mercenaries are smuggled across the border(s) to Syria, there will be no dialogue.

Even if the Syrian government continuously agrees on steps towards the implementation of a dialogue, their steps are not really convincing. Even less convincing, however, is the side of the external opposition, e.g. the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, Turkey. This so-called opposition does not want to sit at the same table as the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and only wants to stop the fighting when the Syrian President al-Assad is overthrown.

There is a stalemate in Syria, which is hardly dissolvable. The UN observers cannot change the situation. Since the arrival and positioning of the UN observers, a decline in violence is indeed reported, but still, all sides constantly break the ceasefire (truce) in Syria.

The UN observers became repeatedly witnesses of the violence and the shattered situation in Syria. Whether the UN observers can actually accomplish something, or whether they should give the UN Security Council (UNSC) only time, to find new ways and methods to achieve their dubious interests and questionable goals in Syria, is unclear.

What is clear is that foreign powers meddle in Syria and that they fight a proxy war in this country. That the violence of Syria spills over to Lebanon is hardly surprising. Lebanon is in itself also a divided country, whose conflicts break out every now and then. Even in Lebanon, the religious conflict and the struggle for power and for the supremacy of religious communities plays a major role.

Currently, the Lebanese Interior Minister negotiates with Islamic preachers in Lebanon to find a solution which guarantees the security of the country. This solution shall not be only a compromise which delivers security only for some time.

Indeed, it is to observe in Lebanon, that the number of Islamists, of Salafists, has risen steadily since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria and that the Salafists are now looking for mercenaries that can be sent to Syria, under the guise of humanitarian aid. In Lebanon there is a large gap between Sunnis and Shiites that could lead to a divided Lebanon. Lebanon would be divided in separate parts and it is already spoken about it.

Compared to last Friday, the situation in Syria was pretty quiet yesterday, although it again came to some attacks. Of course, opponents of the Syrian government and President al-Assad took advantage of the afternoon, after the Friday sermon, to take to the streets and to demonstrate. Again, the numbers, which are cited by Western media, are not really correct.

One should really not assume that thousands took to the streets in the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab). The number could only be correct, if one adds all villages around Aleppo and even parts of other districts. The city itself was largely peaceful. There are still protests at the University of Aleppo, but these protests are mainly instigated by students from other districts and suburbs. Just as in Damascus.

Another example of Western propaganda are the headlines in German newspapers. The German newspaper “Welt” reports that the demonstrations in Syria were used in order to show solidarity with the (allegedly) killed students, which were shot dead during a raid by Syrian security forces at the University of Aleppo.

The German mainstream withheld their readers the information, that the people who were reported as dead, are finally alive. Thus, German newspapers should start to check their sources again. But more and more people know, that Western mainstream publishes the propaganda and false information of the Syrian opposition without any check of the information. It is willfully used by Western media, even if some of the “sources” have already lost all credibility.

Syria is facing a huge media campaign which distorts the real situation completely. Although that does not mean that there are no problems in Syria and that e.g. SANA is better than Western media, but the coverage of Western mass media is willfully one-sided and often just false.

In some small regions of Syria, one can now speak of civil war-like conditions; which is also related to the fact, that the Syrian army is still not using full forces against the armed groups. More and more people in Syria are asking, why not. More people fear about their lives, because the armed insurgents, which are still celebrated as “Syrian rebels” for a democratic country in Western media, are a threat for every Syrian civilian.

Not only for Syrian soldiers and security forces. This opposition is no real opposition and no option for a better Syria tomorrow. To refer to the demonstrations in the Syrian city of Aleppo (Halab) as mass protests is smooth away a lie. Of course, Western media does it. As usually, false information for Western civilians to prepare them for another false war.

This has nothing to do with objective journalism and shows the lack of journalism, even in Western states with the so-called freedom of press. These journalists and students in Western editorial offices help to spread lies and false information. Willfully or not, it is to condemn what they have already done to journalism. The once good values of journalism are killed by economic interests.


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