Syria: Armed terrorists obtain funds and weapons by some Gulf States

Posted: May 18, 2012 in International
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The former 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln (serving from March 1861 till assassination in April 1865), once said so aptly and beautiful: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.

And it seems that the prediction of Abraham Lincoln slowly materializes itself now. This trend emerges slowly in Europe and even the United States. Although the most Western journalists remain in general in the known questionable representations about the situation in the Middle East and especially about the events in Syria, but there are more and more Western civilians who start to ask critical questions about the general coverage. More Western civilians raise questions about the stories which are sold as the only valid truth about the events in Syria in the West.

Of course, in general it therefore remains at the representation that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a awful butcher and that the Syrian government in the capital Damascus is more than just bloodthirsty and has only an interest in the preservation of power.

This representation certainly contains some truth but the situation in Syria and now even in Lebanon is not black and white and the coverage by Western journalists in general hides a lot of details and even important information.

Not to mention that it often seems like those other details are willfully kept hidden and that the questionable reports by e.g. the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London, are published without any fact checking, although some journalists sure know that this two-man show in London is anything but credible. Both “Observatories” have a huge lack of credibility and at least one of them is easy to name it a Muslim Brotherhood office.

If Western journalists would stick to the dogmas of journalism, they also have the duty to write definitely similar or identical about the so-called Syrian opposition and the violent “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). After the last days it seems that the violation of the six-point peace plan by Mr. Kofi Annan of the United States and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not really condemned by the so-called “international community” and that Western journalists are not even willing to condemn and name such violations of the peace plan by the UN envoy, Kofi Annan.

Washington and Saudi Arabia are violating the six-point plan willfully because a real ceasefire and real discussions with the Syrian government and President al-Assad would not really help them to achieve their dubious goals and questionable intentions.

Many pictures and videos out of Syria and even out of Lebanon now show the unique character of Islamists: The Bearded dominate the pictures from Syria and started to stick to violence in Lebanon, too. Of course, it is not fetched from far that the same armed groups of people are spreading chaos and violence in both countries now.

Some pictures of North Lebanon even confirm that the there is a huge relation between these radical people and the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria. They breakfast in Homs, have dinner in Damascus and kill Alawites in Tripoli at night. But the armed people in North Lebanon do not only fight against the small district of Alawites in Tripoli.

This representation in Western media is not really true. Not to mention that some still try to hide the sectarian and Islamistic background. These armed groups kill anyone who they deem as a “Kafer / Kafir”, which means that they also kill Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and Muslim Alawis, of course. “Kafir” is an Arabic term which is usually translated as “infidel” or “unbeliever” and refers thus to a person who rejects God or who denies and hides the “truth”, not to mention that it is used for branding people who have a different religion.

If people do not share the opinions of these armed groups and when people are even from a different sect / religion, these armed gangs are a huge threat for these people. Already sadly confirmed by violent events in Syria in recent months. The fact that such long beards are indicators for al-Qaeda clans or other related groups was taught in the West for a longer time. Perhaps not directly but it was again and again suggested between the lines. Just think of Afghanistan, Iraq and other regions of this beautiful planet where the self-appointed World police, America, was not interested to keep their hands off.

Al-Zawahiri, who became the terror chief and new “model man” of al-Qaeda after the allegedly death of Osama bin Laden, called already many years ago to fight against the Assad clan in Syria, because the Alawites, to which the clan of al-Assad belongs, are not recognized as Muslims by these radical people. The killing of others to achieve the death of all Alawites is just a collateral damage for him.

This also includes the killing of Sunnis, Shiites, Christians and others when they do not share such radical stances, this goal or are only in the way. So far, the most people, who got killed since the beginning of the unrest in Syria, were Sunnis. The representation in Western media that the Syrian army is behind the willfully killing of Sunnis is not only wrong, it is to condemn on every level.

These religious fanatics and radical Islamists wanted to remove the Alawite leadership from Syria for a long time, because they do not follow their radical interpretation of Islam, which is represented e.g. by Saudi Arabia and members of the terror organization al-Qaeda. Whether al-Qaeda (some call it al-CIAda) actually exists and whether Osama bin Laden was really murdered, is a hotly debated issue. But the fact is that there is a group of armed extremists who carry out terrorist attacks; create chaos and also bloodshed and who are a threat for normal civilians.

The United States play an evil, ambivalent and also conflicting game in the control or the financing of radical Islamists. While so-called Jihadists are still languishing in Guantanamo without trial till today, the U.S. administration seem to have forget about this, just to financial support extremists in Syria to topple the Assad clan and the Syrian government.

That is a policy which backfires, should actually be known since Afghanistan (at least). If one has not learned from Afghanistan, then perhaps from the developments in Iraq. And even if one has not learned it from Afghanistan and Iraq, one should direct the attention to Libya. But what actually happens just in Libya? This is kept hidden for the Western population.

Libya has disappeared from the Western news and mass media. Also about Iran, the mainstream media in the West are again fairly quiet.  Also about Syria, it is again a bit quiet in Western media. A bad indicator and sign for the fact, that some might plan a new strategy to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad and the government in Damascus.

That fact, that not the democratic and peaceful forces are supported and also encouraged by the West in Syria, should be slowly clearly enough for more and more people. It`s not about the people of Syria, it is about geo-strategic interests and questionable intentions, not only in Syria, but also for the entire Middle East. The Lawrence-of-Arabia strategy still works in the Arab world.

The fact that Syria itself is not so weak after 14 months, as it was hoped by some Western governments and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and that the armed unorganized groups were not yet able to overthrow the Syrian President al-Assad and his government in Damascus, makes it relevant to plan other strategies. The Libyan-strategy seems to have failed in Syria.

Part of this new plan is to upgrade the so-called rebels with better and more weapons, which was already implemented, especially by the Gulf States Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The mere fact that exactly Qatar and Saudi Arabia participated at the last meeting of the so-called “Friends of Syria” meeting (when one has such friends, he does not need further enemies), and were also willing to disposal million dollars, while one can assume it is unofficially about billions of dollars, lets the American policy stink to high heaven.

The Syrian “rebels” are more and more armed and this is also announced cheerfully in the Western mainstream media, while the Western editorial offices always careful emphasize that the Syrian “rebels” only arm themselves in order to defend themselves against the brutality of the “Syrian regime”.

Although this one-sided representation is prayed down like a mantra, more and more doubts about this presentation in Western media appear – at least, by comments to such questionable reports. The government in Damascus speaks about terrorists and armed fighters which are smuggled to Syria from abroad, in order to create violence and chaos. Since months.

Now also Ban Ki Moon has admitted, that al-Qaeda appeared in Syria and is already meddling in the situation. The Syrian government has meanwhile already presented 26 foreign “freedom fighters”, of which 20 belong to the terror organization al-Qaeda (“al-CIAda”) and which were smuggled to Syria over the border with Turkey.

But the Western support of the jihadists, the support of terrorists, goes on, because they represent the interests of America and Saudi Arabia (also Qatar) in Syria and these radical people shall succeed in the implementation of these dubious intentions.

The fact that many mercenaries as well as weapons can be smuggled to Syria is located on the venality of many border guards and the dubious policy of some neighboring states. Some border guards are happy about the “extra income” and even need it to care about their families.

Not to mention that some could also share the radical stances. What should actually be fought is taken as a means to gain access to Syria. The “Syrian rebels” are due to Saudi and Qatari funds well equipped and able to buy their way free. The Syrian government in Damascus is not able to react to.

The displeasure towards the Syrian government is getting bigger, although this does not mean that these people stop their support for the government or, at least, it sure does not mean that they stop their support for the Syrian President. Syrians make a lot differences between the Syrian government in Damascus and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Also, the Syrian government is still the lesser of two evils for the Syrian population, with which it can somehow handle and not to mention that the Syrian government has cared and even boosted a secular mind in Syria.

Russia warned in advance of the NATO / G8 Summit in Chicago to boost the military intervention in Syria, because that would not only lead to a war in the whole region, but may also lead to a war with the use of nuclear weapons.

Putin declined to participate at the G8 summit. Even if the West is not able to agree completely on a military intervention in Syria, one will use the G8 / NATO summit in Chicago this weekend to debate how to boost this strategy.

This summit will be also used to discuss about strategies how to weaken Syria and even Lebanon more and more, so that these Western powers are then finally, in the foreseeable future, in a good position to proceed against the actual main enemy, Iran.

America is on the move to another war and the hypocritically published intentions for a peace in Syria are empty words and just a strategy to brainwash the Western population and to increase the support for this war. Behind the scenes, the preparations for a war against Iran are in full swing. Thanks to AIPAC and Israel, too.

After all, also the German government has been asked for more military involvement, and the conflicts in Lebanon, which spill over from Syria, are no coincidence. The UN Observers in Syria, whose number has now grown to 260, are not really helpful for the implementation of peace. Some of these UN Observers are also to put into question or, at least, their behaviors.

  1. georg says:

    that is great?
    but the managemnt plan of the syrian government was very quistionable especially in the beginning
    we can (as syrian citizens see clearlly how the goverment decided to withdraw all their forces from IDLEB and HOMS and Jesser al shogour
    to leave it easy meal for the jihadism and terrorism
    is that to prove that we have benn plaqued by???????????
    if our women and our kids who will pay the cost from their bllod
    then i think trhe syrian government is as responsible as america

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