Syria: What kind of "games" are played by UN Observers?

Posted: May 16, 2012 in International
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A UN (United Nations) vehicle with four persons has visited Al Hamidiya, a district of the Syrian city Homs, in the recent days. When the car of the UN observers has left this district of the Syrian city of Homs, there was a fifth person in the vehicle.

Afterwards, this UN vehicle was stopped by some Syrian security forces. The members of the Syrian security wanted to identify this new person in the car, but the other four UN observers have not allowed this. The UN Observers in the car refused any identification of this new person in their car after they have visited the city of Homs.

The Syrian security forces were not pleased that the UN Observers have rejected any identification of this new person. As our sources have stated, it came to some small turbulences between the Syrian security and the people in this UN vehicle.

While the Syrian security forces had nothing against the visit of UN Observers to Al Hamidiya, Homs, the Syrian security wanted to identify this new person in the UN vehicle. The reason is easy: the fifth man did not look like a Syrian.

Now, a bit later, it is clear that the 5th person in this little UN convoy was an officer from France. The Syrian security has not yielded and thus, it seems that another French Officer is in Syrian custody now.

Of course, there are some questions to ask. For example, why was the French Officer in Al Hamadiya, Homs, and the Syrian side did not know that he is there. Why wanted the UN Observers to prevent any identification process of this Officer from France? And so on… We hope our (credible) sources deliver more information in the upcoming days.

  1. Alexander says:

    Another French SGSE special ops agent working with the terrorists, wanting to get out?

    • Arabi Souri says:

      Could be anything, could be a French, a US, an Arab.. just anything that doesn’t fit, but having the story reported by many eye witnesses till now and not mentioned by the State media nor by UN means the catch is significant, and obviously not the first of its kind.

  2. UN Peace Observers in Syria Save Foreign Spy

    TEHRAN (FNA)- Four members of the UN peace-keeping mission in Syria who were visiting Homs province saved a foreign spy and took him out of the region in their car.

    Reports from Syria said that the four peace observers entered the city of Khalidiya in Homs province but they were five when returning from the city.

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