Syria: EU Foreign Ministers agree on next package of sanctions

Posted: May 14, 2012 in International
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Today, the EU Foreign Ministers meet again to debate about Syria and to decide about the next package of sanctions, although all ministers know that the most sanctions only harm the Syrian civilians.

It`s no secret that those sanctions mainly harm the civilians and just rarely the people, who should be harmed by these sanctions. Although the EU Foreign Ministers know about that, one can already assume that this next package of sanctions (the 15. package of sanctions now) will be implemented and if it will be implemented just for propaganda purposes.

Of course, one of the issues at the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the European Union (EU) will be again the situation in Syria, although nobody can expect that the EU Foreign Ministers will speak about the true situation in front of cameras.

As previously announced, after the devastating attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus, there will be a new round of sanctions against Syria. These sanctions hit again a few individuals and two companies, which are accused with the support of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, the two companies are also accused to work too closely with the Syrian President.

As already stated and as it become clear to date, these sanctions against Syria do not really harm the little circles of the Syrian government, but much more the Syrian population. The population in Syria is suffering under the circumstances and has full rights to demand an end of the foreign interference in internal affairs.

In fact, the interference in Syria from outside boosts the conflict again and again. While the big Western media are not afraid to spread lies and also false information for propaganda purposes. A lot reminds to Iraq, Afghanistan and, of course, Libya.

Just this weekend, the German state media, ARD, has published the information in its evening news that the majority of the Syrian population supports the external opposition and urges the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What false information, which is willfully sold to its viewers by ARD.

It is absolutely questionable how the German State TV channel, ARD, gets these findings, since the majority in Syria are still behind the Syrian President al-Assad; and if it is just, at least, to make sure that Syria is not being overrun by Islamists. The Syrian population differs between the government and the president in general.

It may be the fact that the majority in Syria is criticizing the government in Damascus and that the Syrian President al-Assad might have lost votes, but there is still the widespread opinion in Syria, that only Bashar al-Assad is currently able to lead Syria into a better future and to implement stability again.

Also foreign journalists like the German Mr. Jürgen Todenhöfer (Juergen Todenhoefer) and the Middle East-expert Peter Scholl-Latour seem to share this opinion. Sure because of good reasons. Of course, journalists who do not share the “sold opinions” by Western mass media, have a hard stand in the West. But there must be a reason why Mr. Scholl-Latour has said something like this recently:

“They lie like a trooper, especially in German media, the one-sidedness is frightening.” Mr. Scholl-Latour, Middle East expert.

The current situation is affecting all people in Syria. This situation makes it also clear that extremists and Islamists are trying to undermine Syria, even by the help of some foreign powers.

Even since the outbreak of demonstrations in Syria last year, weapons and foreign forces have been infiltrated into Syria. These weapons and the foreign forces have helped to destabilize the situation and to provoke violence in Syria. Recorded false-flag actions and staged videos have started to flood YouTube.

Shaky videos of poor quality, which rarely present unique identifying features of localities. Compare these shaky videos with the videos from Bahrain and you see the difference. Even some foreign professional cameramen have many questions about these videos and do not believe in the authenticity of a lot of videos which were uploaded to YouTube by so-called Syrian activists.

It is no new finding that the terrorists in Syria, or how it is always formulated by the West, the extremists near the terrorist network al-Qaeda, exploit the situation in Syria and have made the fight against the Syrian government to their struggle. These extremists exploit the chaos and violence in Syria.

Since 14 months, the government in Damascus has published this information. Western media and imperialists were not really interested to hear something about this for a long time.

Even now, Western media still publishes articles which suggest that the Syrian government was behind the horrible bomb attacks in the capital Damascus. Western media also publishes articles which always share doubts about the presentation of the Syrian government, although one is not able to deny more and more facts.

Not to mention that the head of the “Syrian National Council”, based in Istanbul, has said that the Syrian government has ordered the bomb attack in Damascus by al-Qaeda and that there are really good contacts between both.

Mr. Ghalioun still spreads strange statements and Western media willfully uses such false information for propaganda purposes. The same counts for the typical source, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), based in London. The two-man show and Muslim Brotherhood-office in London is still used and this happens willfully and with full knowledge within Western editorial offices, that the most information is false.

The allegations, which were raised by the Syrian government since the conflict began in Syria, were and are still getting dismissed by Western media as propaganda. Meanwhile, it seems even funny that one is suddenly able to read at the news ticker of a huge German newspaper that even the so-called human rights activist Hannah (National Committee for Democratic Change) is convinced, that foreign jihadists in Syria proceed with methods of al-Qaeda.

Whether the West, which is so intent on overthrowing the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government in Damascus, wants to acknowledge it or not, the Islamists and terrorists mix very powerful into the situation within Syria. These armed terrorists and Islamists are even supported diligently from those in other countries, which supposedly fight against terrorism and al-Qaeda. Not to mention the support by some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The Syrian borders are a major problem since the outbreak of clashes in Syria. Ammo, weapons and fighters are smuggled across the Syrian borders from Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon. These support and armed fighters shall help in overthrowing the Syrian President and the government in Damascus.

A typical method of a so-called “regime change”; and if it just increases the factor of destabilization, which is also the intention by some foreign powers. This has nothing to do with a revolution for freedom and democracy, even not with the best intentions.

It became clear again at the last weekend, that it is a fact that the whole region is a powder keg that is on the verge of explosion, should just someone make a wrong decision. The fighting in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli, in which at least four people were killed, made it again clear.

It is said that the trigger for the violence in Lebanon was the arrest of a Sunni cleric, who was fetched from his home because of anti-terror measures. This cleric has allegedly helped Syrian refugees in Lebanon, which prompted his supporters to accuse the Lebanese security forces to act on the behalf of the Syrian President al-Assad after the security forces have detained the cleric.

The beautiful country Lebanon is divided in a camp for and one camp against Assad for many years. The split in the Lebanese population has repeatedly led to open conflicts, which are boosted and flare up now, because of the situation within Syria. The conflicts will gain momentum in Lebanon as long as Syria gets more and more destabilized.

Currently, nearly two hundred UN observers from over 50 countries around the world are said to finally have arrived in Syria. These UN observers have allegedly begun their work in Syria. The United Nations (UN) has sent expedient tools and aid to the UN Observers at the last weekend, including 25 armored vehicles to protect the UN Observers a little bit better against attacks.

Allegedly, armed persons have again opened fire against a convoy of UN Observers yesterday. Nobody really knows whether this is true or not. At least, it cannot be ascertained with certainty. What is really certain is that all those who have an interest in the weakening of Syria, continue their “work”, and that violations of the ceasefire within this country are benefits for the goals of the armed groups.

The media war continues. Western media still relies on propaganda and false information to either prepare the citizens for the necessity of a war against Syria or simply not to harm the image of radical forces, which are also supported by Western powers.

So far there are no reports on the outcome of the parliamentary elections in Syria from last Monday. But it seems that the final results of the parliamentary elections will be published tomorrow. Upon completion of the election, the announcement of the results had to be postponed, because there were problems in counting and the parliamentary elections had to be repeated in some provinces.

It is also not yet clear how high the turnout really was. Some critics called it a very low turnout, while others said it was a really high turnout at the parliamentary elections in Syria. The external opposition boycotted the parliamentary elections, as they did before at the referendum on the new Syrian constitution. Some external opposition figures had nothing better to do than to rant about the legality of the elections, while they never have shown and also proven that they really care about the Syrian people. Some say these oppositions boycotted the parliamentary elections because they know that the results would show the truth – that they have low support from the Syrian people.

The “famous Syrian National Council” (SNC) also had a interesting story weekend at a meeting in Rome, Italy. The Islamists council met in Rome to discuss the further “policy” and to debate about the presidency.

There was a fierce debate over the presidency of this “Syrian National Council” (SNC). Ghalioun, who was “elected” for this job by the Muslim Brotherhood, has a hard stand finally. The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) can be easily called an Islamists council because the majority of its members are known Islamists, which is confirmed by opposition members and also e.g. Reuters.

It looks like the members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) are fairly certain about the fact, that Mr. Ghalioun should not be the president any longer. The criticism of his incompetence is too great – even on the side of his former supporters.

So far, the dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which has no huge support in Syria and which has already proven to not really care about the Syrian people in Syria, was not even able to get recognized internationally as the only representative of the Syrian opposition.

Why should they? Which legitimacy has this strange external council? What authority has it really? The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Turkey, was not elected, the members were placed, some even without their knowledge. Since then, the members of the questionable “Syrian National Council” (SNC) care more about internal fights, than they do about the welfare of the Syrian people.

  1. Some opposition members, which want to remain anonymous, said to the German author Leukefeld that they “support the Muslim Brotherhood and the Damascus Declaration”.

    Both parts are well represented in the “Syrian National Council” (SNC).

    The NCB, however, is “controlled by the regime” in their opinion. The represantives are “great liars” and who “advocates for nonviolence serves the interests of the Syrian regime”.

    (The last sentence is importance.)

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