Syria: Islamist extremists fighting against Assad

Posted: May 13, 2012 in International
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Syria is constantly slipping to a war or gets driven to a war, which seems to be the correct description. The violence in Syria is despite (or perhaps because of) the current ceasefire since the 12th April and the so-called peace plan, proposed by Kofi Annan, not decreasing. It further seems as if radical forces get more and more feed and are even able to gain the upper hand in Syria.

The radical extremists, whose activities in Syria are even acknowledged by the U.S. Secret Service, have almost a free hand to implement their violent struggle against the leadership in Damascus. The opponents of the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad have still the upper hand in Western media and are still getting supported by the West, despite the violence of these radical opposition forces in Syria and the sectarian threat which some groups are spreading.

For example Germany, which warns about the violence of Salafists in their country, while the German government is supporting them abroad. Not to mention the two-track policy of America, which even sometimes looks like a three-track policy.

Regardless of whatever happens in Syria, Western news agencies and editorial offices try their best to deliver the updates about Syria in such a manner, that the Syrian government and President al-Assad is blamed, at least, between the lines. Even regardless of logical thinking.

It seems that the Readership of such news in the West needs another time of the enlightenment to finally realize that this principle of freedom of press does not mean, that they are just reading the truth about events every day. When Western states like France, Germany and Britain act non-democratic behind the curtains, there is more in disarray as Western people might think.

The assassination in the Syrian capital Damascus on Thursday morning is a sad example of the false behavior of Western media and governments, which is and was even not in line with logical thinking. At the attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus at least 55 people were killed and a lot of people were wounded, from which are several still in critical conditions.

Like a kindergarten, the Syrian government and the external “opposition” have tried to blame each other for the attacks in Damascus. As usually, there were some strange statements by members of the Islamist council in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of the dubious members of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) seem to have no problem with the selling of not logical reasons.

For example the questionable head of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), Mr. Ghalioun, who was “elected” for this “job” by the Muslim Brotherhood. Mr. Ghalioun said last week, that the Syrian government in Damascus has ordered the bombings by al-Qaeda and that the Syrian government and the terrorist organization al-Qaeda (which some describe as al-CIAda) have good connections. Really? Again, Ghalioun tries to sell an imagination which is far away from reality. Another example is the German state media channel.

For example the evening news (Tagesschau) from the German state TV ARD. Yesterday, the evening news in Germany have really published the statement that “on the one hand, Assad brutally crackdowns peaceful protesters, while the (external) opposition has the majority of the Syrian people behind them”. That is just not true but nobody is able to sue them for this. The German press codex is a farce and does not implement that the reports have to be the truth, at least, with the best of knowledge and belief.

Since Friday evening, a claim of responsibility for the bomb attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus is circulating on the Internet. A not really well-known al-Qaeda-related terrorist organization, which is a beautiful expression, claims the responsibility for the horrible bomb attacks in Damascus. But even this claim of responsibility is not able to remove the doubts.

On the contrary: It is even said in Western media, that some of the used formulations in this claim of responsibility (it is left open which formulations) contribute to regard this claim of responsibility for the bomb attacks in the Syrian capital as not authentic. It is also said that another reason to doubt this letter (claim of responsibility) is the fact that it was not to be found in any “known terrorist relevant forums”.

The West is sticking to its strategy. The time of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government has expired for the West. The West is waiting patiently until it reached its destination. Victims, the innocents who have to die for imperialist interests and the Saudi terror do not count, at least, not outside of statistics. Again and again the tone against the government in Damascus resonates in Western news.

The West is not going to proceed in Syria as in Libya, but the West is trying to wear down the Syrian government and the Syrian people with targeted attacks, the arming of strangers (opposition forces, radicals and religious fanatics) and by a guerrilla strategy. The destabilization of Syria is a part of the “regime change” plans for this country in the Middle East. The Lawrence-of-Arabia strategy, as usually, still works in the Middle East.

In fact, the current government in Damascus is barely able to act. The criticism of the government is getting louder, because the Syrian government seems not to be able to protect the people, and the shooting of a suicide bomber in Aleppo is no real evidence against this situation.

In Aleppo, a suicide bomber was assassinated by Syrian security forces. This suicide bomber wanted to ignite a bomb in front of the main building of the Baath party in the commercial metropolis on Friday. But the assassination of this suicide bomber is certainly not enough to protect people. Of course, everybody is thankful that the Syrian security forces were able to prevent such a horrible act in Aleppo.

The terror spreads in Syria and is covered by the West and by those who are interested in eliminating the Shiite leadership. In addition, it took no long time till Western citizens were able to find a other presentation in Western media, in contrast to the information by the Syrian state media. As usually. They miss no opportunity to present the Syrian government and the Syrian President al-Assad as a butcher in the West.

Although, Western media mentions the armed forces and armed radicals on the opposition side from time to time, but mainly holds back with allegations. The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who never was a puppet-dictator of the United States, is no longer viable for the West. His end has been decided, no matter how long it will take to achieve this.

The so-called peace plan by Mr. Kofi Annan is indeed the last chance to resolve the conflict politically, but this six-point plan is hardly feasible, especially when the external opposition and the armed groups (e.g. Free Syrian Army /  FSA) reject any dialogue with the Syrian government and President al-Assad. It is also hard to implement when Western governments and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia, in addition to Turkey, still support the armed opposition forces with money, ammo and weapons.

The UN observers, who are in Syria, were hardly able to prevent the violence. They condemned the violence on several occasions on both sides. By the end of May, the number of UN observers will be increased to 300. Yesterday, the UN observers have received 25 armored vehicles, which should protect them better, on their missions around Syria.

It is questionable whether these UN observers are really able to actually implement the ceasefire in Syria. Not to mention that some pictures of UN observers in Syria raise some questions and doubts.

The “Syrian National Council” (SNC), UN ambassador Susan Rice and some terrorist organizations have already threatened more attacks and violence in Syria. For example, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) has threatened that they stick to attacks despite the ceasefire, just one day before the bomb attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Especially the Sunni Saudi Arabia harbors great interest to weaken or even destroy Syria in its current form, to secure its influence and to increase it, of course. The Alawite leadership of Syria is a huge thorn in the eyes of the Qatari and Saudi regime. The fight of Sunnis against Shiites is not new and it is no secret that the United States are on the side of the Sunnis (not of most Sunnis in Syria – e.g. in Aleppo) to fight against Iran and Hezbollah.

For example, already in 2007, it was laid open by Seymour M. Hersh, since the latest invasion of the Americans in Iraq, they worked on putting together a Sunni terrorist-army, which should weaken Syria and destroy it from within. Not to mention the financial support for Syrian opposition figures, groups and aims by the United States; this has also started in the times of the Bush administration (confirmed by Cables by WikiLeaks).

They want to avoid at all costs, that the Shiites are gaining power and are able to tilt the balance of power in the Middle East. So it is not surprising at all that Sunni terrorist-fighters penetrate beyond the borders of Syria and that again and again, weapons are smuggled into the country beyond the borders of neighboring states.

The Iraqi President al-Maliki, a Shiite who is said to support Assad, is not able to do anything about the weapons smuggling at the borders and against the infiltration of extremists in Syria; the Iraq itself is more of a failed state than anything else. It is questionable how the situation will develop in Syria.

It is clear that the West, especially the United States, have a goal which is continually pursued. The Syrian government in Damascus is hardly strong and sincere enough to tackle this. Nobody is able to predict how long the Syrian population has to suffer under the imperialistic tug of war. It is to doubt whether Bashar al-Assad will be able to survive all this.

But what is the alternative to Bashar al-Assad? Actually a radical Islamist-led state, whose government is subordinate to the interests of the United States – which also means, subordinate to the interests of Israel? Nobody can really support such an alternative. While Syria goes down, the Islamist “Syrian National Council” (SNC) has met in Rome, Italy, to discuss the governance of the dubious “council” on last Saturday.

It was about the re-election (correctly one should say choice) of Mr. Ghalioun as the president of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), which was put together in August last year, but was never selected. Why Islamist council? As confirmed by opposition members and e.g. Reuters, the majority of this questionable “council” are Islamists and not to mention that Ghalioun was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood last year.

Ghalioun, although he has proven to be a good puppet of the West and some Gulf States, is mainly criticized from the ranks of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC). Of course, this “council” is not supported by the majority of Syrians in Syria. The most Syrian people reject the power claims of this “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul.

Ghalioun was never able to unite the external opposition and was also not able to increase the connections with the opposition inside Syria. The inability of Ghalioun and the fact, that the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is still not recognized, nearly a year after compilation (role model is the dubious Libyan National Transitional Council, NTC), should ensure that Ghalioun is not confirmed yet once in office as “president” of this external farce.

Sabra is traded as the successor of Ghalioun at the “Syrian National Council” (SNC). Sabra works with the internal opposition in Syria and fled from Syria to France last year.


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