Syria: War-mongers responsible for increasing insecurity

Posted: May 11, 2012 in International
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On last Wednesday, some UN observers became witnesses of the violence in Syria. Among other things, the head of the new UN Observer Mission, General Robert Mood, was also a part of the convoy on which an attack has occurred two days ago.

From the accompanying journalists and from the members of the United States (UN) Observer mission in Syria, no one was killed or injured. But six soldiers of the regular Syrian army were injured in this attack in Daraa (Dara`a). These injured Syrian soldiers were in the rear car and followed the UN Observer mission to protect them of attacks by armed groups.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media in the West have still nothing better to tell than blame the Syrian government for the constant violations of the ceasefire / truce in Syria. The stories, published by Western media, are even rarely logically. Journalism?

No way, just propaganda at the same level as the Syrian state media. Western media was brought in line and it is all about economic interests and not about the truth. Since Google News was published as a new service by Google, the downfall of real journalism went further. Dubious interests and questionable intentions are leading motivations in Western editorial offices.

There is no checking of information anymore, as long as it can be used for emotional stories about Syria, so that the Western civilians start to agree on a upcoming war against this country of the Middle East, without knowing anything about the real situation within Syria.

The situation is not black and white in Syria. If Syria burns, one can predict that the whole Middle East will start to burn, too. The German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer has already warned about it. In the bunch of careerists and so-called journalists, Mr. Todenhöfer is the honorable exception. The Syrian government has agreed, however, to the peace plan by Kofi Annan (six-point plan) and also agreed that this is necessary to decrease the violence in the country.

After all, this peace plan by Mr. Kofi Annan offers the opportunity to begin a political dialogue with the Syrian government in Damascus and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It is just that, for example, the so-called “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul, is not interested in dialogues and a ceasefire is no real method to reach their dubious goals.

A real truce in Syria is also counterproductive for the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA). No surprise that members of this dubious armed bunch have already announced to stick to bomb attacks and terrorist attacks in future. Of course, such violent promises by the “celebrated rebels” in Syria are kept hidden by Western media, which is only interested to blame the Syrian government/regime for the violence in Syria and the violations of the ceasefire in this country. For propaganda purposes and to the accordance of the nations in the West on a next war, after Iraq and Libya. (Not to mention Somalia and others.)

Of course, one has to ask which side really benefits from the violations of the ceasefire in Syria. In addition one has also to ask which side really benefits from the failure of the peace plan. The failure of this six-point pleace plan by Mr. Kofi Annan and the violations of the ceasefire are a benefit for the armed groups and religious fanatics in Syria and also a benefit for the West, which only want to see the fall of the so-called “Assad regime” in Syria. That`s still the main goal.

The last time confirmed by the U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice on Twitter. Susan Rice has promised more violence and bombings in Syria, as long as the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is in power and will not step down.

That is the tenor of the last tweets by Susan Rice and also a trap. It is not really the fact that the AIPAC-Darling Susan Rice really cares about the welfare of the Syrian population. No way. It is still all about dubious intentions, on the back of the suffering Syrian people. As you can see at the following screenshot, some are still calling to destroy their home country while living abroad (e.g. in the USA like this guy) since years.

Rice, AIPAC-Warmonger

Rice, AIPAC-Warmonger

Nobody can seriously want a Libyan “National Transitional Council” in Syria and a similar “military intervention”, which would only be a benefit for radicals and criminals and in no way for the general population of Syria.

A military intervention, often covered by the empty phrases about the implementation of so-called “humanitarian zones” in Syria, would increase the level of violence and bloodshed in Syria and also boost the danger of a huge civil war, which would then spread over the entire Middle East. Countries like Lebanon, Jordan and some others are receptive for such an “impending chaos”.

After the attack on the convoy of UN observers on Wednesday in Syria, the last Thursday was then also a horrible “next day” in this country. Two horrible explosions have rocked the Syrian capital Damascus around 8:00 o`clock local time.

There were at least 55 dead and over 350 injured, as a sad result of these bomb attacks in the Syrian capital. The magnitudes of the explosions were devastating. It was the heaviest explosions in Syria since a long time.

A target of the terrorist attack was a major transportation hub, which is crossed by many people every day – for example, to get to work. Due to the chosen time of the bomb attacks in Damascus yesterday, many people were on their way to work when the horrible bombs have detonated in the Syrian capital.

The victims are only Syrian civilians, according to present knowledge (until now). Some UN observers have also investigated the site of the bomb attack in southern Damascus, and called on all forces in and outside Syria to finally stop the violence.

Of course, some so-called “activists” and usually used sources by Western media blame the Syrian government for these bomb attacks. But it is not logically, just another typical propaganda lie for purposes. It is sad but true; some Western civilians will trust the false headlines of Western news agencies, without starting to think about the context of the questionable articles.

The demands by different sides to finally stop the violence in Syria and to turn to a political dialogue is not answered by the armed groups and the members of the so-called “Syrian Free Army” (FSA), which can also be called the armed opposition force of the Islamist council in Turkey (the “Syrian National Council” (SNC), based in Istanbul).

This dubious council under lead of Ghalioun, who was “elected” for this job by the Muslim Brotherhood, can be easily called a Islamist council because, as it is already confirmed by Reuters and even opposition members, the majority of the members of this “Syrian National Council” (after the role model of the Libyan NTC) are Islamists. This “council” has no significant support in the Syrian population and has already confirmed that it does not care about the welfare of the Syrian people.

The calls for a political solution to the violent situation in Syria are good demands, but some sides are not interested to hear them. The interests outweigh in an unstable Syria. Some sides want a Sunni force to lead Syria. The so-called Alawite leadership is a huge thorn in the eyes of some sides; especially for Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Not to mention that the Syrian government and also the Syrian army is a mixture of a lot of sects and ethnics and not only “Alawite”. Again, if the Syrian city of Aleppo, where the majority are Sunni, would join the strange “unrest”, the misused “revolution” and the violent “terror”, it would be a different situation; but an armed opposition with a violent force, driven by radical motivations, cannot be a good solution for Syria.

It stands firm with a sad certainty, that violence will be further used in Syria, with a lot of more innocent victims. As it becomes clearly by viewing Western mainstream media, the Western editorial offices have joined in the chorus of NATO and are working on the overthrow of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad shall step down or rather be killed. The hidden goal of some sides. Meanwhile, France and Britain are the willfully hosts of a mass murderer since years, but their mainstream media does not care about this.

Foreign powers want to provoke a real civil war in Syria, which weakens the country so that it is no more able to contribute to the alliance with Iran. The more Syria is destabilized; the better the way to Iran is paved.

But the West forgets about some points. The ties between Iran and Syria are strong and, above all, Russia is not interested in a Libyan scenario in Syria. It`s not that Russia is best friend with Syria, but Russia has own interests and knows about the hidden goals and intentions of Western powers. This time, the Russian bear takes care about ongoing Western intentions.

Although some have already reported that al-Qaeda (for example) is responsible for the bomb attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus, nobody has taken official responsibility for the horrible terrorist attack. Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood-office in London, the so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), knows already who was behind the bomb attacks in Damascus.

The two-man show in London has published the information that the Syrian government is responsible for the horrible bomb attacks in the Syrian capital. The reason? According to the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” (SOHR), the bomb attacks were intended to scare the UN observers and to get rid of them in Syria.

This propaganda, willfully used as a source by Western media, is so sad and false, that it is no more in any way funny that Western journalists, who are using such a source, still call themselves journalists.

Of course, there is no evidence for these assumptions (as usually), but Western news agencies do not care about this lack of evidence. They jump right back on the steamer and spread such propaganda against the Syrian government, without starting to use their brains or even, much worse, with the knowing that it is not really true.

The horrible bomb attacks in the Syrian capital Damascus bear an unmistakable mark of guilt, or at least, a complicity of al-Qaeda (“al-CIAda”) terrorists, which are taking part in the fight against the Syrian government (accordingly to information by various Intelligence Agencies) since the end of last year.

It is easy for the responsible persons behind these terror attacks in Damascus to get such high amounts of explosives and to use them. By the supports of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, it is easy to get a hand on such a high amount. Thus, the strange explanation that only the Syrian government could use such a high amount at such a bomb attack by some Western journalists is nothing more than a “willfully lie” for propaganda purposes.

The situation in Syria reminds one more and more to the situation in Iraq after the illegal invasion by the United States of America. The situation increases the suspicion that, at least, the Saudi intelligence has its dirty fingers in the pie, to throw Syria into the abyss and to create an impaired vassal of imperialism out of Syria.

This “new Syria” should subordinate, at least, to the interests of the United States and Saudi Arabia, which are also the interests of Israel. Syria should become a client state like Egypt in the eyes of some Western governments and some Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar (which have also other reasons to support the Western imperialism against Syria).

The demands of the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, Turkey, for a military intervention in Syria are not new. But they were restated after the UN convoy with observers was attacked. The leader of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) calls for a foreign military intervention in Syria, because he knows that such an intervention is a better solution to reach his dubious goals than any ceasefire in Syria.

The radical “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) wants to follow the role model of Libya and thus they want to mainly attack security and military structures. These statements are openly published, despite the peace plan by Kofi Annan. Thus, one should start to raise some questions.

With such uttering threats from the side of the armed “opposition” forces in Syria, who can still have the audacity to blame all violence and violations on the Syrian government? The Syrian government in Damascus has sure no interests in destroying one of their Intelligence headquarters after the other. But as long as Western media is a willfully customer for propaganda, fakes and lies, the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is able to commit any crime.

The situation in Syria is a growing concern. The UN observers, whose number should be increased to 100 today, were not able to achieve anything so far. Maybe they avoid street fighting in areas where they are stationed, but they do not prevent the violence and the violations of the ceasefire.

The Syrian government, which comes more and more into disrepute by many Syrians because of its immobility, does not violate the ceasefire alone, and is not the main culprit against the truce in Syria. The other side, which is supported by the West, has a lot more interest in the violations of the ceasefire and the failure of the six-point plan by Kofi Annan.

  1. Joan Carr says:

    …The US Ambassador to The UN is Susan Rice,not Condeleeza Rice..

  2. CONFIRMED: Sunni-Extremists Behind Damascus Bombings

    US “officials” admit Al Qaeda running loose in Syria, fail to mention 2007 US plan to put them there.

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