Syria: Waiting for election results and scaling up of UN observers

Posted: May 9, 2012 in International
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The election on Monday was calm and the counting began already on Tuesday morning in Syria. So far, however, no official results were published about the Parliamentary elections in Syria. As was said by some officials in the capital Damascus, the first results of the Syrian Parliamentary elections should be announced today.

This means that today, this information about the results will show which Syrian party was able to gain the most votes. It is also interesting whether individual candidates were really able to gain some or even a lot of votes.

At least, the Voter turnout in Syria was again high, although Syrian citizens near or even in the so-called strongholds of this armed “revolution” had fears and thus, not all people were able or interested in taking part at the Parliamentary elections. Considering the armed groups and religious fanatics, it seems understandable. Not to mention that some people had also doubts about these Parliamentary elections, what is also understandable.

For the first time not only members of the Baath Party were part for this election at these Parliamentary elections in Syria. More than 7,000 candidates were campaigning for themselves or for their parties to get one of the 250 seats in the Syrian Parliament. Although there are some opposition parties which took part at these Parliamentary elections in Syria, these parties are “rather tame”. These parties were approved by the Syrian government.

In contrast to the questionable external Syrian “opposition”, based e.g. in Istanbul, these opposition parties in Syria do not rely on armed groups and violence to change the system. Thus, one could say these internal parties, more or less independent, care much more about the Syrian people than, for example, the Muslim Brotherhood-Council in Istanbul, Turkey.

The “Syrian National Council” (SNC) under lead of Mr. Ghalioun, who was “elected” by the Muslim Brotherhood for this job, has never proven that it really cares about the interests of the Syrian people, or even about their welfare. The dubious “Syrian National Council” (SNC) is not better than the so-called Syrian regime, but even worse and responsible for a lot of dead and injured.

Not only in the ranks of the Syrian army and government, but also responsible for kidnapped, raped, tortured and murdered Syrian civilians. Of course, the foreign support for the armed groups of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) is a violation of the six-point plan by Mr. Kofi Annan.

While some Western governments demand a real ceasefire within Syria, some of these Western governments still support radical people, criminals and religious fanatics with ammo and weapons in Syria. Of course, this behavior seems to be very counterproductive for a real truce in Syria, but some of these governments know that a real ceasefire won´t help them to achieve their real goals in and with Syria.

Not to mention that a ceasefire also will not help the armed “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the Islamists-Council in Istanbul, Turkey. One could call this “Syrian National Council” (SNC) easily an Islamists-Council because the majority of the members are confirmed to be more or less radical Islamists. This was already confirmed by opposition members and even news agencies like Reuters.

The political course is still very weak in Syria, but it is still at the beginning. These elections could be a first positive step in the right direction, although really a lot has to change within the system and in the government area.

Of course, members of the external Syrian “opposition” and Western governments mark the Parliamentary election in Syria as a farce and as a spectacle of the Syrian government. They frown upon these elections, no question. One could wonder whether the American Presidential elections are no spectacle and no farce.

At least, it is all about financial support at these American Presidential elections and all about the support by the known huge Lobbies like AIPAC and the weapons-lobby. This needed support and the money to really have a chance does not increase the democratically level of the American Presidential elections. To be honest, it is counterproductive for democracy, but nobody cares about it because it is America and not Syria, Libya or Iran.

The external opposition, e.g. the funny tool, the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in Istanbul, called for a boycott of the Parliamentary elections in Syria. Also Kofi Annan has announced some doubts about the correctness of the elections when he delivered a new interim report at the UN Security Council (UNSC) about Syria.

Of course, some could also say that they have some doubts about the independence and real interests of Mr. Kofi Annan. Although it is understandable that some have doubts about the correctness of these Parliamentary elections in Syria. This is no surprise and, to be honest, logically. One hopes that the Syrian government has already learned some lessons and that these elections show that they are really willing to go the long way to a better Syria.

Although official results about the Syrian Parliamentary elections are so far missing, one is able to already read here and there that many Syrians took part at the elections and that the voter turnout was really high. Even opponents of the Syrian government and members of the opposition went to the polls to contribute at a hopefully new political groundwork.

Of course, what is really happening after the end of the election results, which are designated as a milestone in the political reforms in Syria by the Syrian government in the capital Damascus, remains to be seen.

It is true that Syria really needs a political solution. The longer the violence continues, the more likely gets an area-wide civil war between different ethnic and religious groups in Syria. The destabilization of Syria is a part of a so-called “regime change” and the support for the possibility of a real civil war within Syria is a part of a planned destabilization.

As already stated, some Western governments and some Gulf States like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are not really interested in a stable Syria. Thus, some of them are not interested in a real ceasefire and the decrease of the violence and bloodshed within Syria. Not to mention that the support with money, ammo and weapons for armed radicals in Syria by foreign powers confirms this.

Although, the ceasefire is implemented since some time, some foreign governments still support the weapons smuggling to Syria. Even some so-called democratically states. This is just to condemn and sure no part of a real peace plan, but these governments violate the six-point plan by Kofi Annan willfully.

The goal remains: the overthrow of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government to pave the path to Iran and to break the so-called “Axis of Evil”. Also, the implementation of a puppet government in Syria is a very interesting step for Western governments. Syria, a client state like Jordan and Egypt? Hopefully never.

The UN observer mission, which is also welcomed by the Syrian government in Damascus, runs too slow and seems to miss some support by the West. This could confirm the one-sided intentions of some Western governments, which they still try to hide in public. At least, for the Western civilians.

After all, since this week about 70 observers are in Syria. Some of which are in the Syrian cities of Homs, Dara’a (Daraa) and Hama. Another part of these observers is based in Idleb (Idlib). As the conflict parties have stated, the violence decreased in the areas where the UN observers are. So far only 150 UN observers were asked to be available for the mission in Syria. It is not really clear, when the further UN observers will travel to Syria.

What is clear is that the economic situation in Syria is getting worse. This is also confirmed by UN officials in Damascus and even friends in some parts of Syria confirmed this. The sanctions of the West always harm the population first, a fact that is known by Western politicians, of course. But who really cares about the Syrian population? Sometimes it seems nobody does it.

The humanitarian phrases by Western governments and client organizations are used for propaganda purposes and to further take a step into Syria. Not to mention the option of a military intervention, this could be easily made possible by so-called „humanitarian zones“.

And this is a huge reason, why some known governments and organizations demand these humanitarian zones. The sanctions, which were imposed against Syria, drive the country into an economic hardship, which is especially increasing the suffering of ordinary citizens. Syria is also particularly hard hit by the absence of tourists.

There are some tourists in Syria, but these occasional tourists are not significant. We can confirm that some German & French tourists are in Syria at the moment – because they are friends of us. These friends tell another story than their Western mainstream media.

The prices are all increased in Syria. But that does not mean that people should trust all the Western reports about the huge humanitarian crisis in Syria. These articles are published for propaganda purposes and to get the support of Western civilians for the possible next steps. This behavior of mass media is already known. Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and so on. These articles by so-called Western journalists are to read with caution. For example, food is still there (except in some of the disputed areas).

The main problems are the rising prices and the rising of unemployment at the same time, which are fueled by the sanctions of the West. The West continues to work on the fall of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian government. Also the known politicians in the United States always express these regards with their hypocritical phrases. Perhaps also under pressure by AIPAC.

Whenever it is possible, the UN observer mission is called into question and some U.S. politicians always use their platforms to announce that the UN observer mission to Syria will be stopped before the official deadline. In the U.S. there is a debate between the advocates of a military intervention in Syria and those who would prefer to rather stay away of such a war.

But the fact is that they will no longer negotiate with the Syrian President al-Assad and the Syrian government in the capital Damascus. So, nothing really new. The financial support by the United States for Syrian external opposition figures and opposition “movements” in Syria has already started under the administration of George Bush, what is already confirmed by Cables from WikiLeaks.

Although the majority of Syrians are still behind their President al-Assad and even a lot of them still believe in the improvement of the situation in Syria, there are the questions how long the Syrian authorities will be able to fight against all the hypocritical Western sanctions and how long it is able to remain.

In addition, the West and some Gulf States like Saudi Arabia and Qatar support the armed gangs, which is mostly traded as “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and even still celebrated by some so-called journalists in the West, despite their enormous human rights violations. That Western news only rarely publishes information about the human rights violations of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) does not mean these violations are just rarely and just “mistakes”. Both, funds and weapons, are again and again delivered to the members of this radical “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) – just as it has happened in Libya.

Russia Today (RT) reported in the last days, that a part of the so-called Syrian opposition (external) has made a short visit to Kosovo on their way back from the United States. In Kosovo, these opposition members have met with representatives of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army).

The KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) is an organization that has long been understood as a terrorist organization in the West, because it has some contacts to al-Qaeda (who or what it always is). Then, the KLA was suddenly recognized as a “liberation organization” by the West, although the drugs and arms trafficking have not stopped by this “organization”.

It is questionable whether the external opposition members were really interested to learn from the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) how to better fight against the Syrian government and the Syrian army and how to keep the occupied territories within Syria.

But the visit had a purpose, of course. One can definitely say that this meeting between Syrian “opposition” members and the “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA) had a purpose. It seems that these opposition members want some help from the group which has already succeeded in Kosovo with blaming all violence on the other side and thus to initiate an intervention. In its outcome, Kosovo has declared itself unilaterally independent and so far, this independent Kosovo is already recognized by 88 countries.

If one just read the names of the states which have already recognized this Kosovo, it quickly draws parallels to the governments which want to overthrow the Syrian President and to fight against the Syrian government. Also, parallels to the supporters of the so-called “Friends of Syria”, which are enemies of Syria and enemies of the Syrian people. If you have such friends you do not need enemies.

It seems logically that these dubious opposition members certainly have taken PR advice from the people of the “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA), also some still report that they met to discuss military strategies – for example, how to overthrow the Syrian President by force. But the PR advice seems more logically.

To prevent mistakes in future, the representatives of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) were sure a nice help for the external Syrian “opposition” members. Mistakes like the few reports about the human rights violations of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) in Syria. For example, the report of the client organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) and the report by the Vatican.

These reports have hurt the image of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) as freedom fighters and no question, they want to avoid this in future and also use more staged and faked clips, too. For this, the KLA was sure a nice help.

Such information should alarm democratically people around the planet. All are clear indications that another war crime by NATO, the United Nations and willfully client states is still planned. People around this beautiful world have to get up and to raise their voices against imperialist war crimes, false democracy and the destabilization of other sovereign states. Libya was and is bad enough.


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