Israel / Palestine: Open Letter by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski to the German President

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Sideviews
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Mrs. Evelyn Hecht-Galinski has asked the new German President Mr. Joachim Gauck to speak out for peace and freedom of the people of Palestine at his upcoming state visit to Israel. Clear and strong words of truth, for freedom, justice and peace, cannot be achieved by concealment of injustice.

This tells us the story of two dictatorships on German soil. The Truth is the duty of Germany, but where is the truth in Germany? (Source below)

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski is the daughter of the former chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Heinz Galinski.

Open Letter by Mrs. Evelyn Hecht-Galinski to the German President Mr. Joachim Gauck, who will soon visit Israel:

Dear Mr. President Gauck,

Your upcoming state visit to Israel in late May led me to the point to write to you. I ask you most sincerely for this visit, which will also lead you to the occupied territories, to use this visit (to Israel) to advocate for the human dignity in Israel and Palestine.

The same high standards that you apply towards Ukraine should apply equally for Israel, which still occupies Palestine, against all applicable legislations. Of course, Ukraine is, like many other states which are “close to” us, a country that can be criticized, and does not correspond our democratic characteristics, but also Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, China and Russia are not – to name a few.

On your trip to Israel and to the occupied Palestinian Territories (Gaza?), you should exhort your conversation partners to not call themselves everywhere and every time the “only democratic state in the Middle East”, but to finally put this (phrase) into action (implement it).

Dear Mr. President Gauck, are you able to agree with your many speeches about freedom and justice, to address this issue everywhere, but not in Israel?

Freedom, justice and human dignity is denied to the Palestinian people from the beginning – since the founding of Israel. Can you name another country in the world that calls itself a democracy, but as a country without a constitution and firm boundaries from the beginning, i.e. since inception, expels and dispossesses a another population (populace) and all under the eyes of the world?

Just as President of the Federal Republic of Germany, you should recognize it as a special obligation to remember not only about the Holocaust and the debt to the six million Jewish victims, but also of the other victims of the Holocaust and thus to commemorate their common past and to finally also demand justice and  freedom for the Palestinians!

When you are at Yad Vashem, the memorial of the victims of the Holocaust, you should also have in mind that you are able to look directly “Vis a Vis” to Deir Yassin, to the ground of the massacre, which was perpetrated by the Israeli terrorists in this village, and by which the Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, has begun.

Be a courageous president and call for liberty and justice for the Palestinians, even in Israel!

Just as German, we should profess together in solidarity against the injustices, which are committed against the Palestinians.  Currently about 5000 Palestinians are inside Israeli prisons – including women, children and even elected Members of the Parliament (!),, and for fourteen days, nearly 2,000 inmates in Nafha, Ashkelon, Gilboa and other prisons in Israel are on a hunger strike; among them four prisoners in grave danger!

Because of this, Israel needs pressure, especially from the German side, to end these practices.

Show a powerful symbol for freedom and justice and take the head of the Charité, Prof. Einhäupl, together with an emergency team, to these prisoners in Israel! Why only into the Ukraine, to a prominent oligarch, just because she has the better relations with Germany? That certainly does not correspond with your understanding of freedom and justice.

Most of these Palestinian prisoners are kept in a so-called “administrative detention”. Thus, Israel allows itself by this “administrative detentions”, to detain the Palestinians virtually indefinitely and without preferment of charges / indictments.

Many of them – especially those from the Gaza Strip – are not allowed to receive visits and have not seen their families for years.

Just as I thought, by my understanding of your talk about freedom and justice, this cannot match to your conscience and your office.

You as an evangelical theologian and former East German civil rights, and with so many offices, which always have nice sounding names, such as “Against Forgetting – For Democracy”, “European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia”, or the building named after you, the “Gauck authority”. They call you a Reminder and a kind of an all-German authority.

At this point you can put a sign as an instance, when even “normal” politicians are (always) failing in this regard and have double standards when it comes to the Jewish state.

You should urgently inform Israel, that there only can be a “democratic” state of Israel with our support, for all its citizens, whether Jews, Christians, Muslims!

Also, it would be a nice gesture if you have the brave poem of the Nobel Laureate Guenter Grass proudly in your luggage, while you ignore the submissive voices, that want to “grow grass over it”, because of cowardice.

At your upcoming visit to Israel, your voice will be heard until the entire Arab world and also in Washington, if you stand up for freedom for the Palestinian people – similar to the Israeli prime minister before the congressman in Washington: “Your applause is even heard in the eternal undivided Jerusalem.”

Your speech in Israel is then heard to the eternally reunited Berlin and also heard in Tel Aviv, if you stand up for the freedom for the imprisoned, humiliated, occupied Palestinian people.

Yours sincerely,

Evelyn Hecht-Galinski


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